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Komppania K By William March Janne Tarmio,

  • Title: Komppania K
  • Author: William March Janne Tarmio
  • ISBN: 9789526778471
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vuonna 1933 ilmestynyt Komppani K on kulttimainetta pitk n nauttinut klassikko, yksi kaikkien aikojen v kevimmist ja koskettavimmista sotakuvauksista 113 lyhyest katkelmasta ja pienoistarinasta rakentuu moniulotteinen mosaiikki, h t huuto el m n puolesta Nyt ensimm ist maailmansotaa yhdysvaltalaissotilaiden kokemuksen kautta l hestyv n teokseen on vihdoin mahdollistVuonna 1933 ilmestynyt Komppani K on kulttimainetta pitk n nauttinut klassikko, yksi kaikkien aikojen v kevimmist ja koskettavimmista sotakuvauksista 113 lyhyest katkelmasta ja pienoistarinasta rakentuu moniulotteinen mosaiikki, h t huuto el m n puolesta Nyt ensimm ist maailmansotaa yhdysvaltalaissotilaiden kokemuksen kautta l hestyv n teokseen on vihdoin mahdollista tutustua my s suomen kielell.
    Komppania K Vuonna ilmestynyt Komppani K on kulttimainetta pitk n nauttinut klassikko yksi kaikkien aikojen v kevimmist ja koskettavimmista sotakuvauksista lyhyest katkelmasta ja pienoistarinasta rakent

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    1. Company K,William March s non fiction Novel of World War IWhen Truman Capote claimed to have created a new literary form, the non fiction novel,In Cold Blood in 1966, he was about thirty three years behind the times William March beat him to the punch in 1933 with his novel Company K Recently, I reviewed Patrica Anthony s lost classic, Flanders, the story of a young American, Travis Lee Stanhope and his experience as a young man who volunteered to fight with the British prior to America s enteri [...]

    2. William Edward Campbell served with the Marine Corps during WWI in Company K of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment, 4th Brigade, within the 2nd Division Drawing from his personal experiences he wrote this powerful fictitious novel using the pen name William March From the beginning of the war to the return home the author portrays how one mans life was dramatically changed under the philosophy of you don t come out the way you went in.

    3. Resultar a mucho m s sencillo escribir sobre un libro lineal Por ejemplo se conocen, se quieren, surgen conflictos y finalmente se casan O por ejemplo Un adolescente no encuentra su lugar en el mundo hasta que una serie de avatares solventan la situaci n Ser a m s sencillo, sin lugar a dudas, escribir sobre algo as Sin embargo, la lectura hubiese resultado menos enriquecedora, menos satisfactoria Compa a K es una obra poli drica sobre la guerra Un prisma con un descomunal n mero de caras Cada ca [...]

    4. A masterful work by March, this novel is a rich and powerful description of much of WWI March speaks from experience to create entries by various characters, many of these entries being short, but nonetheless complete stories describing multiple aspects of the war Although the entries are often brief, March effectively submerses the reader into the world each soldier lived in, describing with such detail the experiences of each soldier that one can almost feel the uniform on himself and hear the [...]

    5. One of my favorite books, one that has accompanied me on every cross country move, a piece of WWI literature that deserves far recognition than it gets Written by an decorated veteran of the Great War, Company K offers an semi fictionalized account of the unit s experiences, from deployment to decades after the war ends Each member of the group tells his own story in the first person, and each has a very different perspective, from deserters to cold blooded murderers, philosophers to politician [...]

    6. One of the best books I have ever read A revelatory and soul jarring comment on the folly of war as we know it The writing is exceptional and the style is totally fresh to me at least Read this book 5 stars.

    7. In high school, the book that got me labeled a communist by my friend s dad Should be read with Slaughterhouse Five to ward off ignorance, arrogance, and tendencies of warmongering.

    8. Spesso parlo con diffidenza dei consigli del critico letterario A D Orrico in realt penso che il suo peccato originale sia stato aver enfaticamente salutato Faletti come il pi grande scrittore italiano Lo so che l autore recentemente scomparso, ma non credo che rivedr i miei pre giudizi per questo Da allora D Orrico, per quanto mi riguarda, ha perso un po di credibilit , ma bisogna dire che qualche volta ci azzecca va Questo Compagnia K era infatti da lui consigliato dalle colonne del settimanal [...]

    9. Es de agradecer que la editorial Libros del silencio 2009 2013 publicara Compa a K, que William March escribi en 1933 S , ha llovido desde entonces, pero m s vale tarde que nunca El g nero b lico no me apasiona y los libros antibelicistas tampoco, pero Compa a K sorprende, se disfruta y alimenta.El autor, William March 1893 1954 , estuvo en el ej rcito americano durante la Primera Guerra Mundial batallando en Francia contra los alemanes y de su paso por el ej rcito casi 20 a os despu s de haber [...]

    10. This novel is one of the unpatriotic novels about the First World War Along with All Quiet on the Western Front , Three Soldiers and A Farewell to Arms , this novel broke through the barrier of war novels that served to glorify the side of a war on which its author had once fought While I really enjoyed All Quiet and Farewell , Company K was a bit too abstract for me Company K is the story of an American Marine infantry company on during the First World War It traces the experiences of the membe [...]

    11. Company K is one of the intense novels written about World War One a bleak and direct narrative entirely void of sentiment or hope In it, members of the army unit describe their experiences before, during and after the Great War A hundred young men hardly any of them having any experience on the battlefield start their training filled with enthusiasm and bravery But from the prologue, years after the war in which a conversation regarding the evil of murder is discussed, we know most of these me [...]

    12. It s Remembrance Day here in Canada, a day set aside each year to show respect for veterans who served in the great wars Politicians stand in front of war memorials and yap about young men making the ultimate sacrifice against the forces of evil It s all very shallow, sappy and sacrosanct But what was the Great War, anyhow How, in these empty, symbolic gestures, has the real war been lost WWI was a stupid, pointless war fought by a dying aristocracy Millions of men snuffed out with mechanical ba [...]

    13. Vuonna 1933 ilmestynyt teos on melkeinp pikemmin kertomuskokoelma kuin romaani Kirjan 113 katkelmaa liittyv t kuitenkin toisiinsa ja kuvaavat ensimm isen maailmansodan kulkua melko kronologisessakin kehyksess yhdysvaltalaiskomppanian n k kulmasta Tuloksena on rakenteeltaan kiinnostava ja modernilla tavalla yhten inen teos, joka pohjautuu kirjailijan omiin kokemuksiin Juuri moni ninen rakenne mahdollistaa hienosti tekstin s vyvaihtelut Toiset tapahtumat asettuvat koomiseen ja toiset hyvin traagis [...]

    14. travers de courts t moignages imaginaires mais document s des soldats am ricains de la Compagnie K l auteur donne une vision polyphonique de la guerre Des tranch es, des tirs de barrages, de la violence subie, des refus, des traumatismes, on suit la compagnie jusqu en Argonne puis vers la paix L apr s aux tats Unis est rempli de fant mes, de spectres, de blessures et de quelques retrouvailles Un roman qui confine au travail d orf vre.

    15. A little known semi fictional account of an American soldier from Mobile in WWI A Ed unique story structure with 50or individual vignettes that wheel around in time and intersect in fascinating ways But most of all a brutal indictment of war Amazing how many anti war works came out of Americans who went to France to fight the war to end all wars Probably why the book is so little known

    16. Really good WWI book A series of 113 very short two or three pages stories that interconnect Surprised I d never heard of this one before its definitely up there with the other classic WWI books.

    17. A Band of Brothers for the First World War, and a relatively rare glimpse into the experience of American Marines in the trenches, Company K is a vital and intense novel Told through the eyes of 113 different soldiers in short chapters and comprised largely of experiences that the author witnessed himself during his time serving in France, Company K is an experience that is not easily forgotten.Once described as an anthology of dismay by Christopher Morley, I would venture that the short cries t [...]

    18. If the fate of todays veterans concerns you the last 100 pages of Co K are a must read March has the credentials to talk about what really happens to people involved in a war His descriptions of pre enlistment, training, combat, and, most important to me the aftermath are spot on Those of us who have served can see those we served with in these pages We can also see those who did well after their service and those who have not done well The post war part is truly moving and I see some of myself [...]

    19. Short, brutal, and heart breaking Company K is made up of over a hundred short narratives and vignettes, most of them two to three pages long, told in no particular order, about what happened to the soldiers of that company over the course of a year in the first World War, and in some cases about how the war follows them even back in the States It s not an easy read, and many of the stories are ones that make you put down the book for a moment to marvel at the cruelty of mankind, and the hopeles [...]

    20. Un texto plano, con historias cortas, todas en primera persona, sobre la estancia en la Gran Guerra de un grupo de soldados americanos La premisa es simple La guerra tambi n En el combate no tiene porque haber grandes oradores ni hombres de gran intelecto ni habilidades especiales En la guerra hay hombres contra hombres que son manejados c mo marionetas en el juego de la pol tica La guerra es horrible, es traum tica y, a veces, mortal Eso es lo que cuenta este libro y no deja t tere con cabeza M [...]

    21. This is an awesome read I was afraid the book might be too gruesome for me, but it wasn t I have a much better understanding of the war experience now that I ve read this novel It consists of a bunch of very short chapters Each one describes one particular incident, told from the point of view of a particular soldier Each chapter is narrated by a different soldier Sometimes, they are telling about the same incident, but from a different point of view The novel tells the complete story in that th [...]

    22. I had to read this book for my college honors history class, and let s just be clear, I did not enjoy this book I m not gonna lie in saying that I did like a few entries here and there, but the majority of it, like a good 80% of it, was just weird, and pointless I don t recommend it if you aren t into the whole diary written type of book I would give it a try if you are a history geek, since it was based off of WWI soldiers RATING TWO STARS it was okish.

    23. One of the most authentic perspectives of war and the lives of those who live it Fictional adventures and horrors told through members of Company K soberly reminds us that each of these stories came from a place few would ever be willing to go and that all have than a few dark grains of truth.

    24. Lecture poignante Un portrait de la guerre 14 18, par le t moignage de 113 soldats Une criture pr cise, visuellement forte, mouvante avec une parfaite dose d ironie Un grand roman plein d humanit

    25. A novel about WW1 It s a collection of interconnected short stories about the men of an American company in the French front Most stories are only 2 to 3 pages long Very realistic, very brutal, somewhat cynical and very anti war I liked this book a lot.

    26. Amerikkalainen kirjailija William March osallistui ensimm isen maailmansodan taisteluihin, ja tiett v sti h n kantoi monien muiden veteraanien tavoin loppuel m ns mukanaan l nsirintaman tapahtumista aiheutunutta traumaa Sotakokemuksiaan h n vuodatti romaaniin Komppania K Tarmio, 2014 , joka ilmestyi Yhdysvalloissavuonna 1933, mutta saatiin k nnetty suomeksi vasta t n vuonna, jolloin ensimm isen maailmansodan alkamisesta on tullut kuluneeksi sata vuotta Ja hyv ett k nnettiin, sill kirja on v hint [...]

    27. In his book We Never Talk About My Brother, Peter S Beagle mentioned that William Marsh s Company K was the best anti war book he had read So I picked it up on my next visit to the library.I m glad I did, but what a devastating book The story is told by each of the 113 members of the company, in chronological order from their boot camp days to their life in the trenches in WWI, to Armistice and their days home afterwords Each soldier s tale takes one to two pages, some covering the same incident [...]

    28. The best depiction of WWI horrors I ve read so far Here are a couple snippets I appreciated from the end of the book I have no theories and no remedies to offer All I know, surely, is that there should be a law, in the name of humanity, making mandatory the execution of every soldier who has served on the front and managed to escape death there The passage of such a law is impossible, of course For Christian people who pray in their churches for the destruction of their enemies, and glorify the [...]

    29. En su momento fue impactante y novedoso, tanto por la tem tica como por la estructura, y quiz s se mereciese las tres estrellas Pero el tiempo ha pasado por ella, la narraci n de los momentos m s macabros de la IGM ya no levanta m s que un estremcimiento que desaparece al pasar p gima Nos hemos endurecido , no lo creo, simplemente la narrativa de la guerra sin sentido se ha fijado en nuestra concepci n del mundo de la misma manera que a los europeos de la Gerra de los Cien A os les parec a natur [...]

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