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Gravestone By P.M. Carlson,

  • Title: Gravestone
  • Author: P.M. Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780671769758
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marty Hopkins, deputy sheriff for Nichols County, Indiana, is suddenly confronted with death threats, burning crosses, a kidnapping, charges of incest, racially motivated murders, and a possible Ku Klux Klan conflagration.
    Gravestone Marty Hopkins deputy sheriff for Nichols County Indiana is suddenly confronted with death threats burning crosses a kidnapping charges of incest racially motivated murders and a possible Ku Kl

    One thought on “Gravestone”

    1. In the beginning of the book, two cases are being investigated the current one appears to be a KKK killing of a Jewish musician who is married to a black jazz singer The cold case is a 12 year old girl who went missing mysteriously 7 years ago and will soon come into an inheritance, if she is found Our spunky female cop, Marty Hopkins, is jonesing to investigate the new murder case but is assigned instead to the cold case, both to appease the rich and politically powerful family involved and bec [...]

    2. This series presents mystery lovers with a lot to like a spunky protagonist sleuth, Southern culture with all of its prejudices, and a really good puzzle that echoes with all the Southern conventions an established old family, convoluted family relationships, iconoclastic young ones and the consequences of their actions, tense race relations, even a burning cross The author uses these conventions with skill and enough twists to make the puzzle engaging for even the most seasoned readers.

    3. A sheriff deputy Marty Hopkins mystery set in southern Indiana Twenty nine year old Hopkins is trying to establish herself on the force as a capable investigator The mystery is set today with references to Indiana s KKK past as the sheriff s department investigates a couple of murders with Klan links, a dying prominent judge who claims he is being killed, and his family s missing daughter who ran away seven years ago.It is an intersting read as the story unfolds along with Hopkins personal life. [...]

    4. This was a gritty story than her Maggie Ryan first novel, Audition For Murder amateur sleuth Here we are dealing with a police procedural, with very real and tense situations The characters are all well developed, and the writing is very smooth Don t read this if you can t handle descriptions of caves I was surprised that one of the characters I had come to trust was the one with the secret that could solve the mystery Nicely done P.M.

    5. I persisted and was rewarded by a nicely convoluted plot or two , an engaging heroine, and some interesting characters, plus a most interesting evolutionary biologist I know a lot about Indiana limestone now The pacing is a little slow but not glacial Good book.

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