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La via dei re By Brandon Sanderson Gabriele Giorgi,

  • Title: La via dei re
  • Author: Brandon Sanderson Gabriele Giorgi
  • ISBN: 9788834718964
  • Page: 448
  • Format: ebook
  • Rimpiango i giorni precedenti all Ultima Desolazione L epoca prima che gli Araldi ci abbandonassero e i Cavalieri Radiosi si rivoltassero contro di noi Un tempo in cui c era ancora la magia nel mondo e l onore nel cuore degli uomini Il mondo divenne nostro e noi lo perdemmo Pare che nulla costituisca una sfida per le anime degli uomini quanto la vittoria stessa ForseRimpiango i giorni precedenti all Ultima Desolazione L epoca prima che gli Araldi ci abbandonassero e i Cavalieri Radiosi si rivoltassero contro di noi Un tempo in cui c era ancora la magia nel mondo e l onore nel cuore degli uomini Il mondo divenne nostro e noi lo perdemmo Pare che nulla costituisca una sfida per le anime degli uomini quanto la vittoria stessa Forse quella vittoria stata un illusione fin dall inizio I nostri nemici si resero conto che quanto pi duramente si battevano, tanto pi resistevamo Ci sono quattro persone che noi osserviamo Il primo un chirurgo, costretto a mettere da parte la guarigione per diventare un soldato nella guerra pi brutale del nostro tempo Il secondo un assassino, un omicida che piange mentre uccide La terza una bugiarda, una giovane donna che indossa il mantello di una studiosa sopra il cuore di una ladra L ultimo un alto principe, un condottiero i cui occhi si sono aperti sul passato mentre la sua sete di battaglia va scemando Il mondo pu cambiare L uso dei Flussi e degli Strati pu tornare la magia dei giorni antichi pu essere di nuovonostra Queste quattro persone ne sono la chiave Una di loro pu redimerci Un altra ci distrugger.
    La via dei re Rimpiango i giorni precedenti all Ultima Desolazione L epoca prima che gli Araldi ci abbandonassero e i Cavalieri Radiosi si rivoltassero contro di noi Un tempo in cui c era ancora la magia nel mondo

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    1. I m running out of superlatives.Seriously, after praising The Well of Ascension as a reader s dream book, I was worried What would I say if The Hero of Ages was better Even finding the perfect GIF for that book didn t solve the problem because soon enough, there ll be The Alloy of Law, and I still haven t read Elantris.And then this book came along.Now, I ll admit that I took my sweet time About six months, off and on, actually For a lot of that, I wasn t sure what I was getting into There were [...]

    2. I got to read an ARC of the book and I really enjoyed it Sanderson really knows how tell a story and create an interesting world.

    3. WOW Ok, so I actually cried during this book it was a stressful day, but I m usually not a weeper This book captures the epic grandiosity and scope that I remember as a kid reading Eddings and Feist and Jordan I didn t know what was going on all the time, but I was keenly aware of the great plot, the secrets, and the depth of world building and character in this book.Yes, it s REALLY long, and yes, it lags a bit from time to time under all the philosophy, but honestly I was just staggered by the [...]

    4. Buddy reading this epic book with these lighteyes Brightness CelesteBrightness AriaIncredible, impressive or fantastic, all these words are an understatement to the quality this book holds The Way of Kings is the beginning of a masterpiece series in epic fantasy It is now my life goal and a new addition to my bucket list to obtain and read the entire series of The Stormlight Archive, which will probably take at least another 20 years from now to complete.Before you started reading this book, let [...]

    5. 9 24 17 Rereading b c OATHBRINGER is daunted Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.5 starsI have a new favorite author His name is Brandon Sanderson This book made me curse like a sailer.If I had tried to read it in public, at the very least, I would have been banned from the property More likely, I d have either been locked up for 24 hour observation at the local mental health ward or at the local precinct for Disturbing the Peace, but only after having passed numerous drug tests, proving that I wasn t Dru [...]

    6. A three and a half star read What Sanderson s fans say, this is a classic What people who read my reviews say, you gave the same rating to that mess of a zombie book Let me splain.No, there is too much Let me sum up.Ignore comments about the length I ve read books that were as long hello, The Stand The Complete and Uncut Edition , and everyone has read series that were over a thousand pages What troubles me about The Way of Kings is that I felt like I was reading the fantasy equivalent of a walk [...]

    7. Buddy Read with Robin and the rest of BBB In the end, all men die How you lived will be far important to the Almighty than what you accomplished This was the best Brandon Sanderson book I ve read Since I ve started reviewing books, everyone constantly talks about Mistborn, which don t get me wrong, is an amazing series too, but this book blew the entire original trilogy out of the water I truly believe in my whole heart that The Stormlight Archive series is the series that everyone should be pu [...]

    8. So, a buddy of mine has been trying to get me into Sanderson for some time figuratively speaking, I should notehe has not, as of yet, physically tried to jam me inside the poor man, for which, I m sure, Mr Sanderson is quite grateful At my friend s suggestion, I started with Mistborn, which and don t freak out on me here, Sandersonites I thought was solid, but didn t exactly salt my pickle is that a thing So, he proceeded to give me The Way of Kings as a gift his polite way of forcing me to read [...]

    9. Re read on Audible It was even better the second time around Shallan s story wasn t as boring this time around I m not sure if it was the audio or what, but I m glad I m still in love with Kaladin and I still love Dalinar Their parts are my favorites even though the whole book is awesome First Read Review MAGNIFICENT Where do I begin reviewing this book I loved it for starters I can t imagine how someone can have such a brilliant mind to think of an epic book like this, much less going to have 1 [...]

    10. Actual Rating 4.5 StarsSo finishing this novel was incredibly bittersweet.The Stormlight Archive is the last of Brandon Sanderson s High Fantasy works I have left to read before I am forced to confront The Great Waiting.However, I am glad I waited to read this series, as it seems like it s going to be one of Sanderson s largest most clarifying contributions to the Cosmere universe I had such a wonderful time reading this I ve seen a couple reviewers saying the book could ve been shorter 1,007 pa [...]

    11. When I was a kid, I was never able to get the best of those damned Magic Eye paintings I would stare and stare until my eyes watered, but to no avail.All I see is an OK fantasy novel.Well, looking at The Way of Kings and its glittering, 4.58 rating is bringing back some painful childhood memories that I ve tried really hard to repress Because like those stupid paintings, I just can t see what all the fuss is about To be clear, I didn t hate this book I thought it was sort of O.K But this is so o [...]

    12. Fourth time and it is still as awesome The Stormlight Archive is Brandon Sanderson s love letter to the epic fantasy genre His magnum opus From my perspective, he had lovingly and painstakingly crafted a masterpiece that was not just his greatest but one of the greatest of all time And thus, this is my love letter to The Stormlight Archive and I hope it can do some justice to this favourite series of mine There are many great fantasy books out there some have a compelling story to tell supplemen [...]

    13. Buddy read reread and 3rd read of this monster done The thing I love the most about Way of Kings is that even though it is my 3rd read of the book I catch so many new things, remember things I ve forgotten and still get just as caught up in the story Still a 5 star read all the way.Be prepared for many many updates.On Sale Today here 5 23 16BUDDY READ REREAD April 2015, BECAUSE WE CANSince a few new people have been infected with the Sandersonitis bug we are not a cult oOSarahOo P and I can t wa [...]

    14. SEPTEMBER 2017 UDATE JUST AS INCREDIBLE AS THE FIRST FEW TIMES I READ IT The highly anticipated 2017 BBB BR of the Stormlight Archives has finally arrived Grab your books and get lost with us in the sheer magnificence The best stories always stay with youAfter you have finished the last page and closed the book, the stories and their characters live on in the libraries of your mind Sometimes you are able to shelve them and move on quickly they are easily forgotten as you open another book and en [...]

    15. I ve been struck speechless I ve loved Sanderson s books in the past, but this one completely blew me away I really wish I could give The Way of Kings a sixth star It has supplanted The Name of the Wind as my favorite fantasy novel of all time Rothfuss is still high prince of my heart, but Sanderson reigns as king Kvothe is an amazing, beautifully written character, but he doesn t hold a Stormlighted sphere to Kaladin Also, how can I not esteem the sheer amount of writing we get from Sanderson R [...]

    16. Via The Obsessive Bookseller at nikihawkesHaving read and loved many of Sanderson s other works, I was interested in reading this one, but hadn t planned on picking it up any time soon However, as every Sanderson fan I came across told me with passion that Way of Kings was the best one yet , I finally couldn t stand it any and had to see what they were all raving about And you know what They were right Not only is Way of Kings one of Sanderson s best, but it is also one of the most rich and vibr [...]

    17. This book Wow I kinda don t even know what to write about this book The scope of it, the detail, everything is just so epic And then I think about the fact that there are a proposed nine books, and I just The EPICNESS As I was reading this, I admit to being unable to see how this story, already ginormous all on its lonesome, could expand to a whopping 10 book series and do it well Keep the pacing, the excitement, the world, the magic system, the awesomenes all consistent Oh me of little faith O [...]

    18. Brandon Sanderson s Roshar is a world with a rich history, mythologies, magic systems and an ecology which has been shaped by violent high storms this is massive world building at its best When you re reading Way of Kings Stormlight Archive 1 , you re never sure which details will be relevant later on Here s a clue even though it s a monster of a book 1,007 pages almost everything becomes relevant eventually Am I anxious to read the second book More like anxious for the third book In the past fe [...]

    19. I began reading this book with a frown The Prelude lasts barely than 3 pages, and it assaulted me with Desolations , Dustbringers , Shardblades , Oathpact and Radiants , all of them thrown about without care or explanation The first chapter is no better meaningless words strewn carelessly Worse, the opening sccene is a first person narrative of a white clad assassin who engages in a dizzying confusing set of gravity manipulating acrobatics which involve arbitrary names of little use to the re [...]

    20. Life before death Strength before weakness Journey before destination Speak again the ancient oaths and return to men the Shards they once bore The Knights Radiant must stand again Bestok.everWowowowowowow Kaladin, Syl, Shallan Sveth 333PS Kaladin is my brooding sulking baby who needs 1 million kisses, a box of chocolates and a warm sweater made from love tears I would die right now for Kaladin Stormblessed then I would revive myself and wrap him in a tight blanket rock him to sleep, while strok [...]

    21. 4.65 A Buddy Read with my Fantasy Family BBB Because we love Sanderson Weakness can imitate strength if bound properly, just as cowardice can imitate heroism if given nowhere to flee Once again, my tendency to read Epic Fantasy has lead me to a conundrum how does one go about writing a satisfactory review of a book over 1000 pages long, bursting at the seams with characters and plot arcs I think it is almost impossible to do such creation a justice, and I know for sure I don t have the talent to [...]

    22. Sometimes the prize is not worth the costs The means by which we achieve victory are as important as the victory itself REACTION AFTER READING THE BOOKIt took me forever to finish this well, shorter than when I read The Final Empire , not because I didn t like it, or because I was having a hard time delving into it It s all me This is a real case of it was me not you scenario.I FREAKIN LOVED THIS BOOK I m going to echo what my good friend Petrik said about this book in his review, The Way of Kin [...]

    23. Life before death Strength before weakness Journey before Destination Speak again the ancient oaths and return to men the Shards they once bore The Knights Radiant must stand again It has been ages since the legendary Knights Radiant stood against the Voidbringers Now all that remains of them are the Shardplates and Shardblades they once wore The world of Roshar has descended into a place of murder and intrigue, and while assassins kill kings in the shadows of the night, war rages on the Shatter [...]

    24. Books like Way of Kings deserve their own special ratings 5 stars don t seem enough How the hell people who have read the first book aren t reading Words of Radiance at this very moment I want to wait but Kaladin and Szeth are all i could think of.I like big books and I can not lie with my fellow Sanderson worshiper AKA Mary Knights radiant chapters are like porn for my soul That soft, feminine face had a nobler, angular cast to it now, like a warrior from a forgotten time She stood there holdi [...]

    25. I simply loved every single book that I have read by Mr Sanderson and well I have read five books by him I was not ready to read this one because of its huge size but finally decided to read after being told by a friend that this is one of the BEST book in fantasy genre, a genre I absolutely love So I must read this and I am very happy that I actually read this.Being a Sanderson fan I know magic system in this book, like his every other, is going to be unique but I didn t know that it would surp [...]

    26. Reread Nov 2017 Yup, still five stars Even better this time, because I appreciated all the tiny developments and nuances that were sneaky buildups the first time For the first, oh, 60 70% of the book, this was a 3 star book I loved the characters, but there wasn t much of a plot and that bugged me I knew it was setup for the rest of the 10 book series, but I wanted .Well, the last 25% delivered The story went from good to great to OHMYGODDIDTHATJUSTHAPPEN awesome The characters went from great t [...]

    27. Mr Sanderson really needs to take a class on dialogue structuring and placement, also, he can t write a romantic scene to save his life.Nonetheless, this was epic fantasy at its most ambitious and perhaps a bit too ambitious because worldbuilding was on a massive scale Ecology, theology, mythology etcetera, which meant that info dumping was inevitable.Undoubtedly, Sanderson is extremely talented but as with most people with genius intellect, he made the mistake of showing us just how much HE kno [...]

    28. via GIPHY Life before Death.Strength before Weakness.Journey before Destination I want to start this review by describing the actual hardcover edition, there has been a lot of time and effort put into this book it is simply fantastic to look at on the inside as well as the outside, the diagrams and sketches throughout the book were beautiful to look over and quite frankly puts any other book I ve read in the last five or six years to shame But is the book as good as the art work Firstly I must s [...]

    29. How does one review a book like The Way of Kings There are authors that write, and then there are authors that create Brandon Sanderson has created a world where, for a time, the reader is transported into and lives til the turn of the final page Sure, I can liken this book unto authors such as Tolkien and Gemmell and still fall short of praise, but I will do my best in hopes that you will seek this book out and read it immediately It is a somewhat fractured review for there is no possible way I [...]

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