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The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists By Gideon Defoe,

  • Title: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists
  • Author: Gideon Defoe
  • ISBN: 9780375423215
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Not since Moby Dick No, not since Treasure Island Actually, not since Jonah and the Whale has there been a sea saga to rival The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists, featuring the greatest sea faring hero of all time, the immortal Pirate Captain, who, although he lives for months at a time at sea, somehow manages to keep his beard silky and in good condition.WorNot since Moby Dick No, not since Treasure Island Actually, not since Jonah and the Whale has there been a sea saga to rival The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists, featuring the greatest sea faring hero of all time, the immortal Pirate Captain, who, although he lives for months at a time at sea, somehow manages to keep his beard silky and in good condition.Worried that his pirates are growing bored with a life of winking at pretty native ladies and trying to stick enough jellyfish together to make a bouncy castle, the Pirate Captain decides it s high time to spearhead an adventure While searching for some major pirate booty, he mistakenly attacks the young Charles Darwin s Beagle and then leads his ragtag crew from the exotic Galapagos Islands to the fog filled streets of Victorian London There they encounter grisly murder, vanishing ladies, radioactive elephants, and the Holy Ghost himself And that s not even the half of it.
    The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists Not since Moby Dick No not since Treasure Island Actually not since Jonah and the Whale has there been a sea saga to rival The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists featuring the greatest sea far

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    1. It may be a parody of a type of kids adventure novel I never actually read, but that didn t stop it being one of the most hilarious things I ve read this year and unquestionably the funniest in book form For anyone happening to notice this post later, yes, okay, it is only late February Also made me feel like a kid again because I read it in two hours without its being any effort Unfortunately, style does make a tremendous difference to reading speed for me, and solemn little literary novellas o [...]

    2. That s enough of that, my beauties he roared Let s set a course at this point the Pirate Captain paused in what he hoped would be a dramatic and exciting fashion for adventure The crew just gave him a bit of a collective blank look The Pirate Captain sighed All right he said with a pout, south Oh, but it IS adventure the pirates blunder into as they help Charles Darwin and his Man panzee get accepted by Victorian high society and everything.Here s the hilarious account of their nautical hijinks [...]

    3. Words To Consider Before Embarking on A Piratical Adventure With Scientists LubberPirateHamStarboardSloopGalleyIf you feel you are not yet ready to become entangled with these and other similar words you may want to spend a week in your local library s section on Pirates for Dummies before picking this book up.Aaarghh That scurby knave, Gideon Defoe, is some sort of comedy genius, his debut novel reads like a Frankenstein s monster type creation that is part Lemony Snicket, part Douglas Adams, p [...]

    4. The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists follows the story of the Pirate captain and his unorthodox crew On their adventures they meet Charles Darwin and his highly trained and sophisticated man panzee Mister Bobo Darwin has been banished from London by a rival scientist and manages to convince the Pirate captain to help defeat his enemies.While this book and the rest of the series is not aimed at children, it comes as a real surprise that the stop animation movie adaption was I ve not seen t [...]

    5. Two weeks ago, I went to my nearest cinema to watch The Pirates In An Adventure with Scientists It was a fun little film, and it s classic Aardman entertainment, but it s nothing great In fact, as far as Aardman films go, it s maybe a little notch above Flushed Away But it isn t bad, it just isn t Chicken Run or classic Wallace Gromit.Miniature movie review aside, what did I think of the original book It was absolutely hilarious, and contains so much over the top silliness that it should be a cr [...]

    6. and is that a treasure map tattooed on your belly no it s the periodic table for two days i ve been trying to read a book i ve started two and not even got past 30 pages i picked up a few other books and put them back down hugely frustrating i went for a pirate book because of course that makes sensearently it is supposed to be a very funny read and maybe i just have a lame sense of humour, because i did not laugh once but it s what i need right now it is silly on the verge of stupid at times i [...]

    7. The Pirates is a book for adults mostly written in the style of a middle grade book with footnotes detailing recipes for a good mai tai and descriptions of pirate shanties about mermaids that put out There is a little bit of a plot The remarkable a talking monkey is mundane The mundane ham is remarkable People die Especially the pirates with names, like Marcus and Stan It is gory Defoe s relentless silliness can be overbearing if taken in one sitting This is an excellent chapter or two and put t [...]

    8. The best part about this lovely little book about Pirates, and scientists, and nonsense, is that it does what so little humor books, or tv shows, or anything in pop culture dares to do it is completely designed to make fun of itself.The whole book reads like a beautiful, witty little joke, and yet the characters are fun, the plot is followable, and the writing is wonderful Defoe s book was written for a girl who was not successfully wooed by the pirate adventure That bit of information, whether [...]

    9. This is a fun, silly read I stumbled across this book by chance and was attracted to it by the title being in grad school in science and all After reading the back cover of the book I bought it.It s complete nonsense and super fun don t worry, there is a story s about pirates in an adventure with scientists It is exactly my type of humor It s pretty short so it s a nice weekend read or even just a one day read.

    10. It is quite funny, and also rather sexist The flyleaf mentions that Defoe wrote the book to try to win over a woman, who spurned him A minor strain of bitter sexism runs through the book, which is otherwise a fun romp I m disappointed, as it would otherwise be a stellar recommendation.Not for kids.

    11. Hrm Well the story is cute and sometimes clever But I kept stumbling over a lot of moments where a woman being murdered is a punchline, or women are treated only as dateable targets Those jokes never seem to be clever or layered enough to be a critique of anything, and really just feel like a big thread of plain old misogyny throughout.

    12. I know it s supposed to be humor, and I m a very hard sell for humor It takes a lot to get me to laughing and this one didn t do it for me Take my comments with a grain of salt, though A lot of folks seemed to find it funny, but then I didn t care for Douglas Adams either.

    13. This is a book aboutPIRATES Defoe is both creative and funny Blame it on Disney but I pictured Johnny Depp as the captain Simply a fun read.

    14. The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists is such a delightfully fun adventure The whimsy and wacky fun really recharged my reading batteries It s the kind of book that could appeal to almost all ages and everyone could find a little bit of something that they d love about this book There s a lot of piratical adventures, jokes, various preparations of ham and, as the title suggests, a lot of stuff about science The Pirates have gone far too long without an adventure and are resorting to in fig [...]

    15. I m not ashamed to say I only read this book because I so enjoyed the movie They are, however, two largely different stories The movie follows Pirate Captain and his crew of nameless pirate mates on an adventure wherein Darwin is largely a bad guy and the principal villain is Queen Victoria, with a story revolving around a dodo named Polly the book has Pirate Captain and an only occasionally similar crew of nameless pirate mates on an adventure helping Darwin find his missing brother, and the pr [...]

    16. This book had a lot of style I really enjoyed the writing style for about the first 5 pages After that it was just too much style and not enough substance to the story There was some nice comedy in there, but it was overshadowed by too much general silliness, like the way too long conversation about the proper way to cook ham.This book just didn t work for me Perhaps if the general silliness had been spaced out a bit , the author gone a bit lighter with the style, and the plot advanced quicker p [...]

    17. If you have four and a half minutes, and you feel like a good chuckle because your doctor said it is good for you which it is then pick up this book This is the book that inspired the kids movie, though the book is for adults since it includes promiscuous mermaids and nudity from the locals on the nearby island So utterly charming, I want to shove my wenchly bosom into the author s face and try to convince him to be my matey.

    18. Silly, but funny Aimed at older middle school kids who like goofy books, and adults like me Think Monty Python meets Robert Louis Stevenson, with 90% Python I enjoyed it and it took about 20 minutes to read I spent most of the 20 minutes laughing at loud, or reading excerpts to my husband Now I know they didn t have Starburst candy in Victorian days, and if that sort of thing bothers you Don t read it

    19. Fun This is such a fun book It s enormously silly, which, coming from me, is a big compliment It s not a kids book, even though it has that sort of feel about it I had a lot of fun reading this and I think it s one of those where people will either love it or hate it It s wonderfully juvenile humour, but grown up in tone I picked this up for fifty cents at an op shop because the title caught my eye I read the first few pages and was laughing in the shop so I decided to take it home with me and [...]

    20. There s certainly many things you can call The Pirates but one adjective that sticks out indelibly is unique Gideon Defoe conceives a plot that definitely feels like he got a typical, generic pirate adventure novel, Lemony Snicket, The Vile Victorians and a dirty joke book and bundled them together into a pretty weird blender and just mixed it all up Whatever you re thinking probably doesn t even cut it But I ve seen the movie , you might say, so have I, but that doesn t cut it either for one, t [...]

    21. This book is just a lot of fun It s so silly I suppose it is supposed to take place in Victorian England but really to me it s anachronism I sampled this on my kindle first before purchasing it And this line, causing me to laugh out loud and read it to my husband, made me buy it They also respected him because it was said he was wedded to the sea A lot of pirates claimed that they were wedded to the sea, but usually, this was an excuse because they couldn t get a girlfriend or they were gay pira [...]

    22. I don t really know where to start writing a review for Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists When I was sent a review copy I have to admit that the cover didn t really catch my attention, in fact I doubt I d have picked it up if I hadn t realised that the book is the inspiration for the new Aardman animation As soon as I saw the movie trailer I knew that I had to read the book and I m really glad that I did.What other book are you going to find that includes pirates, Charles Darwin, the eleph [...]

    23. The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists is the first in a series of four books by Gideon Defoe, which I read having seen the Aardman adaptation released earlier this year I was very glad that I did go on to read the book which inspired the film, because otherwise I would have had no idea about how different the storyline of the film was, compare to the original text I did enjoy the film but had a few problems with the plot evil Queen Victoria whereas in Defoe s book, the arch enemy of Darwin [...]

    24. I ve wanted to read The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists ever since it came out about a decade ago, and so, when I found it for a buck on sale, I tried it out It doesn t get light and quick than this novelI read it in a day without seeming to spend any time on it But it was a lot of fun for all its lightness.The premise is that the Pirate Captain who s ridiculous but is revered by his crew decides that his crew seems to be bored, and so they go off pirating Unfortunately, they happen to [...]

    25. An extremely quick and ridiculous read in the best of ways Although it is the inspiration for The Pirates Band of Misfits which premiered in April, there are very few ties between the two namely, referring to pirates simply by their most distinguishable characteristics, pirates disguising themsleves as scientists, and a waistcoat wearing, decorum driven man panzee who communicates through holding up word flashcards in rapid succession Defoe s light hearted narrative is intersperced with subtley [...]

    26. Relentlessly unfunny I see a lot of people liked this book which is why I got it, and I had such high high hopes, because I see there s a bunch of them, but count me out Dad jokes, dad jokes everywhere This is typical for the humor So there s two pirate boats sailing towards each other, said the short pirate with the thick black spectacles, and one of the boats is carrying all this blue paint And the other pirate boat is carrying all this red paint They crash, and you know what happened What hap [...]

    27. Ah, pirate comedy In Gideon Defoe s novel, his pirate crew debates the best part of pirating grog or cutlasses , delights in anachronisms like Post It notes and dental floss, and accidentally attacks Charles Darwin s ship, the Beagle The Pirate Captain yes, that s his name decides to spare Darwin s life in exchange for a boat ride back to London Darwin put the pirates up at the swank Royal Society and passes them off as scientists Soon the pirates are the toast of the town and are up to their ey [...]

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