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Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints By P.J. Brackston Paula Brackston,

  • Title: Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints
  • Author: P.J. Brackston Paula Brackston
  • ISBN: 9781605986722
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bavaria, 1776 When Albrecht Durer the Much Much Younger s Frog Prints go missing, he knows exactly where to turn for help Gretel yes, that Gretel , now 35 and still living with her gluttonous brother Hans, is the country s most famous private investigator, and she leaps at the opportunity to travel to cosmopolitan Nuremberg to take on the case But amid the hubbub of thBavaria, 1776 When Albrecht Durer the Much Much Younger s Frog Prints go missing, he knows exactly where to turn for help Gretel yes, that Gretel , now 35 and still living with her gluttonous brother Hans, is the country s most famous private investigator, and she leaps at the opportunity to travel to cosmopolitan Nuremberg to take on the case But amid the hubbub of the city s annual sausage festival, Gretel struggles to find any clues that point toward the elusive thief.Even with the aid of the chatty mice living under her bed, the absent prints remain stubbornly out of view, and Gretel is forced to get creative in her search for the truth.
    Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints Bavaria When Albrecht Durer the Much Much Younger s Frog Prints go missing he knows exactly where to turn for help Gretel yes that Gretel now and still living with her gluttonous brother

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    1. Gretel yes, that Gretel is all grown up and is now a detective She is contacted by messenger to find some stolen art When the messenger dies in her living room, she heads out of town to work the case and escape the prying eyes of the local police.I wanted to really like this book I usually enjoy fractured fairy tales , and I really liked the series by Jasper Fforde This one just pales in comparison I didn t care about Gretel of the old guy whose art was stolen I liked the characters of the hobgo [...]

    2. 4.5 stars This was such an odd, silly, fairy tale inspired cozy mystery And I have to admit that I had my doubts early on Gretel of Hansel and Gretel is now an adult and an acclaimed private investigator What was off putting at first for me was that Gretel does not come across as put together or competent Instead she is vain and gluttonous.g her best work while stuffing her face I think my own prejudices got in the way of liking her However, she grew on me There is real vulnerability under her v [...]

    3. 3.5 stars for the humor and whimsy in this mystery populated by magical, storybook characters Witty and engaging enough to make me want to read the next in the series.

    4. P.J Brackston s new Brother s Grimm Mystery series debut novel is a Cozy Noir, comical and fanciful tale starring some of our childhood fairytale heroes and heroines only all grown up Using humor plus a playful, sarcastic and witty narrative readers are treated to her one of a kind brilliant storytelling voice which brings to life this fantastical story that showcases her charming, offbeat and often whimsical characters and her fantastic fairytale fitting backdrops Her amazing imaginary world co [...]

    5. I picked this up thinking it would a nice whimsical read Unfortunately, it wasn t as whimsical as I hoped This isn t a bad little cozy mystery, but the narrative is clunky at times I get a bit tired of a few devices the author used than once If you want a light read in a slightly different setting than your usual cozy mystery this will be a good one I do doubt I will ready any others in this series.

    6. Was OK The mystery wasn t that bad really I mean I know I wasn t the target audience but the grown up versions of hansel and Gretel was kind of not much to like There is weird sex type stuff at one point I don t know mostly it was a weird book, but kind of fun.

    7. So, this was supposed to be funny, right OK, just checking I apparently have no sense of humor, or a different sort, because this brand of humor eludes me Or maybe it s not so much the fact that a character ignores a body lying at her feet and declines to let it interfere with her dinner, but the way she does it Hans it s a fairy tale takeoff, so where there s Gretel of course there s Hans is appalling, and Gretel is despicable in the most literal sense of the word It s as though the author happ [...]

    8. This was a fun read I stayed up way too late reading this book, but the next day I wasn t even tired because I just had so much joy reading the book.I wasn t sure how I would like it at first, but I just embraced this vision of Gretel and Hansel A zany adventure and a clever mystery I can t wait to read the next one

    9. Simply hilarious I would call this a light read, but not in a bad way The characters in this book are remarkably human flawed, vulnerable, and at times, foolish and you can t help but care about what happens to them I will look forward to the future books in this series.

    10. 3 1 2 A bit of a slow start, but ultimately very enjoyable and clever Really looking forward to the next one.

    11. Just what I needed for a read this week Very amusing Loved all the characters and look forward to reading of Gretel s adventures yes, that Gretel.

    12. I had greater expectations for this book that it could manage The setup and idea are so fun, but overall, it just didn t rock my candy house Sorry, Gretel yes, that Gretel

    13. The mystery itself isn t bad However, Gretel is vain, gluttonous, inane, and annoying, and the time spent in her head is quite unpleasant.

    14. This is a delightfully fresh story that seemingly combines a popular children s story with a comedic murder a mystery Hansel and Gretal are all grown up He is a child like adult with an eating disorder She is an uppity private investigator with a taste for eccentric fashion The result is an absurdly comical story.The introduction to this series is a slow one A mysterious messenger dies in the foyer of our heroine No, they do not contact the authorities Instead, they calmly eat lunch and then mak [...]

    15. A now adult Gretel of Hansel and Gretel fame is now working as a detective Her latest case takes her to Nuremberg when she is hired to find two paints for Albrecht Durer the Much, Much Younger These paintings of frogs, done by his ancestor Albrecht Durer the Younger, have much sentimental value Can she crack the case The mystery started out slowly, and there were some things thrown in that never really added to the plot or sub plots Things did come to a logical and mostly satisfying conclusion, [...]

    16. This was an impulse book from the library The cover is fun and I do love books that reinvent old fairy tales see also Gregory Maguire and Jasper Fforde Also authors who use initials instead of full names And in some ways, this book was enjoyable Yes, the main character is Gretel of Hansel now just Hans and Gretel Yes, their friend is Wolfie of the Boy who Cried Wolf And yes there are talking mice and hobgoblins And also prostitutes But there was also a mystery that wasn t very engaging an old ma [...]

    17. Another winner for Paula Brackston After months of reading long and involved books, this story is like a breath of fresh air Fairy tale characters, hobgoblins and talking mice, murder, mischief and mayhem with a dose of humour, a hint of romance and some interesting plot situations make for a wonderful read I just love Gretel and her supporting characters, especially General Ferdinand I am looking forward to reading in this wonderful new series of books Thank you for a delightful read.

    18. A fun, fluffy read Gretel is a famous detective who loves stylish clothes, eating and reposing on her couch Her brother Hans enjoys cooking in the kitchen and is a simpleton Some famous frog paintings go missing and Gretel is hired, even though the messenger drops dead in her house and she s wanted for suspicion of murder We meet some off beat characters along with hobgoblins, talking mice and the world s biggest sausage Fun, light, entertainment for when life gets too serious.

    19. I was prepared to stop reading when the story characters became too something Gretel elbow in ribs , nudge nudge and Hans and Wolfie you know, the boy who cried.but, I found myself enjoying the quirky, somewhat unpleasant characters these formerly victimized children had become as mid range adults I even came to almost love the hob goblins I would like to have at least one myself.

    20. Even though this is an adult book, the title and synopsis led me to believe that the book would maybe be appropriate to booktalk with middle schoolersbut alas, the brothel light BDSM component makes it inappropriate Le sigh It was a cute, fun read, and would be great for vacation or a long plane ride

    21. This is what I was hoping for last year when I read Snow White Red Handed a solid cozy mystery set in an enchanting fairy tale world Gretel yes, that Gretel is a great heroine 35, voluptuous, obsessed with clothes, brilliant, and brave The mystery was well plotted and took several unexpected turns Could ve been 5 stars, but there were a few too many oafish, bumbling male characters.

    22. As with recent TV shows, books are lately into using fairy tales for new stories This book has Gretel as a private investigator and shares her house with her brother Hans The book never captured my attention and the odd terms and words Gretel used was too much for me.

    23. Sometimes a bit of mindless fun is relaxing but there was a part in this when it became not my idea of fun and I almost gave up, not sure if I shouldn t have done just that, ho hum.

    24. Odd mixture of historical mystery with just a touch of fairy tale magic OverallI enjoyed it Gretel is an unusual heroine Hans is a hoot This could be a fun series.

    25. If you are looking for a light hearted mystery, this may be your lucky day Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints is just that The book is about an adult Gretel From Hansel and Gretel , who is a private investigator Her services are commissioned in search of an expensive piece of art that goes missing Gretel will stop at nothing to complete her mission, often times finding herself in ridiculous situations that are both charming and hilarious The novel is full of clever references to the [...]

    26. I consider this Book 2 not 1 Funny, entertaining, and a nice story I enjoy listening to this book and Hans made me laugh times than I can count But Gretel had her fair share of humor added into the mix A good read but I will admit I kept thinking this was a second book Alas it is the first the the second book, Once upon a Crime, being a prequel I will listen to it next but almost wish it would have come first.

    27. I almost gave up on this book before I d reached the end of the first chapter The seemingly over explanatory style drove me up the wallbut I decided to give it my usual 50 page test I m so glad I did Brackston deftly weaves fairytale characters and concepts into her main whodunit storyline, making this a good suggestion for both fairytale and mystery aficionados.

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