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Sannah and the Pilgrim By Sue Parritt,

  • Title: Sannah and the Pilgrim
  • Author: Sue Parritt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Sannah the Storyteller, a descendant of environmental refugees from drowned Pacific islands, finds a White stranger on her domestep, she presumes he s a political prisoner on the run seeking safe passage to egalitarian Aotearoa However, Kaire s unusual appearance, bizarre behaviour, and insistence he s a pilgrim suggest otherwise Appalled by apartheid Australia, KaiWhen Sannah the Storyteller, a descendant of environmental refugees from drowned Pacific islands, finds a White stranger on her domestep, she presumes he s a political prisoner on the run seeking safe passage to egalitarian Aotearoa However, Kaire s unusual appearance, bizarre behaviour, and insistence he s a pilgrim suggest otherwise Appalled by apartheid Australia, Kaire uses his White privileges to procure vital information for Sannah and her group of activists regarding new desert prisons that are to be built to house all political prisoners The group plans sabotage but needs help, and Kaire is a willing accomplice But when Sannah turns Truthteller and threatens to reveal the country s true history, even Kaire s White privilege and advanced technology cannot save Sannah and her daughter from retribution.
    Sannah and the Pilgrim When Sannah the Storyteller a descendant of environmental refugees from drowned Pacific islands finds a White stranger on her domestep she presumes he s a political prisoner on the run seeking safe

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    1. I really enjoyed reading this It was easy to get a feel of the characters, it begins with a mystery which really hooks you in and then you can t stop reading it until the end.Sue Parritt has boldly taken on several environmental and multicultural issues to weave an excellent story Set in remote apartheid Australia in the 25th century, Sannah and the Pilgrim is an excellent mode by which to discuss the issues and tensions that trouble us now As a cautionary tale, and a reflection on these times, [...]

    2. Imagine a world where racist, white supremacists are completely in charge and in position to act on their ugliest fantasies of keeping the brown skins in their proper places In Sue Parritt s new book, Sannah and the Pilgrim, Australia, several hundred years into the future is such a place When climate change rendered their neighbouring islands uninhabitable, the brown skinned peoples of these islands sought sanctuary in the vast empty spaces of the big continent For their own protection they wer [...]

    3. Sannah and the Pilgrim is firmly in the emerging category of climate change fiction Parritt has taken issues which should concern us all, global warming and the plight of refugees, and skilfully woven them into a novel set 400 years into Australia s future Her vision of Australia is a disturbing one, yet like all good fiction it makes the reader stop to consider the likelihood of such events and question the current state of government attitudes and policy.Parritt s dystopian Australia has had a [...]

    4. Review published in the September 9th 2014 edition of the Gold Coast Bulletin I don t think I ve ever read a book which is set in the future but contains elements of the past, until now.Sannah and the Pilgrim tells the story of Sannah the Storyteller, who is a descendent of environmental refugees from drowned Pacific islands Set several hundred years in the future, Australia is now a place full of racial tension However, when Sannah helps a white stranger who she believes is a political prisoner [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book for free through First Reads Let me be clear I didn t like this story at all It s uncomfortable, upsetting, and disturbing.So why 5 stars Because it made me think about how things are now and about how they could be in the future.Sue Parritt s writing is faultless The characters are a mix of personality types we can see in our everyday lives some self less, some brutal, some hiding their true colours.Sprinkled in among the gut wrenching and upsetting moments are fr [...]

    6. For truth is like the ocean, sometimes it laps our shores, sometimes it storms our defences, nightly it ebbs and flows, but no human being can ever curb its motion page 262 Sannah and the Pilgrim is a dystopian futuristic story depicting a segregated society following the impact of climate change It s a fascinating story, especially with the subject matter being so relevant to our world today However, the novel is a compelling read in itself as the truth is gradually revealed and as we come to c [...]

    7. Great This book brings in so many important elements that amplify the important themes of our time climate change, the great economic divide between rich and poor, the entrenched racism, and also our wish for a better life, even if it is beyond the stars Holding it all together is the focus on compassion and love, which survive even in the ,ost hostile of surroundings Highly recommended for fans of sci fi Bonus it has an Australian New Zealand focus

    8. Sue Parritt s Sannah and the Pilgrim is the first title in her climate fiction trilogy It is followed by Pia and the Skyman and The Skylines Alliance Australia and Aotearoa the former New Zealand have been ravaged by drought The coastal plains have been inundated by rising sea levels The Whites of Australia, although impoverished by today s standards, hang on to power through apartheid They force the Browns , mostly refugees from drowned Pacific Islands, to labour on the little arable land that [...]

    9. Christine Larkin, CanberraI ve just read Sannah and the Pilgrim by Sue Parritt an amazing novel wow It s a dystopian vision of a future apartheid Australia where a clandestine group The Women s Line comprising descendants of environmental refugees from drowned Pacific islands, engage in seditious activities to undermine the oppressive government The arrival of an otherworld Pilgrim gives Sannah and her friends a chance to fast track their struggle Parritt s imagination and related background res [...]

    10. I m a bit late to the party with this one, the author has just published the sequel, Pia and the Skyman Disclosure Sannah and the Pilgrim, however, has been on my radar for a while, because I know the author In the days when I was an active member of the Mordialloc Writers Group led by writer Mairi Neil, I used to listen to Sue Parritt read excerpts from this novel at the monthly workshops It fascinated me, because in those years before its publication in 2014, Sannah and the Pilgrim was the fir [...]

    11. I ve just finished reading Sannah and the Pilgrim, my first journey into the sub genre of climate fiction I m not a reader of the fantasy genre, then again, I wouldn t call Sue Parritt s book fantasy Instead Parritt paints a stark post climate change dystopia that contains as much realism and social commentary relevant to us today, as it does details of an imaginary future world The message is clear, challenge the status quo or this is where we are heading And for that alone, I commend the autho [...]

    12. A dystopian, post globally warmed future in which climate refugees to Australia have been settled in racial zones, far from the privileged whites in the south The nations of the world have long since turned isolationist, and survival both nationally and locally means utter self reliance.I love the world the author has created here of the Brown Zone, and the Nocturnal Life Project, and the Tales, and the utility numbered villages, and the laws restricting population growth and diversity.It is a v [...]

    13. What a refreshing book So nice to see such a well considered mix of realistic as well as fantastic elements For a futuristic setting, it has some frighteningly believable premises The heart of the story doesn t shy from the sad possibility that humanity really might not manage to learn from our past, and yet the resilience and courage of the characters continually reminds us that even as individuals, we can still have a positive part to play Using Kaire s viewpoint as an outsider s perspective i [...]

    14. Bogen handler om et fremtidig Australien, hvor De Hvide har kontrollen i et Apartheid lignende system En hvid fremmed dukker op ved Sannahs hus og han er forf rdet over forholdene for De Brune og hj lper det ulmende opr r p vej, ved at udnytte sine Hvide privilegier Det var ikke lige mig Jeg synes ikke jeg kunne f le personerne og havde ingen sympati for dem Jeg synes k rligheds historien var akavet og det store overraskende plottwist, der kom midt i bogen, havde jeg g ttet efter det f rste kapi [...]

    15. Sannah and the Pilgram brings together a future full of severe environmental changes and a land divided by race The author weaves these two topics together with a dash of romance to create an interesting read The story is not long but once you start reading it sucks you in and keeps your interest until the last page The story did have a lot of seduction and erotic scenes which at times did take away from the story Overall I would rate it 4 5 and I can t wait until the next one comes out I receiv [...]

    16. An interesting scenario and quite a gripping story of a future Australia devastated by climate change, ruled by the white southern states, where the slave labour from refugees escaping inundation of their homes provides the food But I was quite turned off by the gratuitous sex scenes that dominated every second chapter Much better to have no sex than bad sex

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