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Porter's Fortune By Wyborn Senna,

  • Title: Porter's Fortune
  • Author: Wyborn Senna
  • ISBN: 9781496074690
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • Many people come to Los Angeles seeking fame and fortune, but such is not the case for George Patrick Porter, who goes solely by his surname He merely wants to be among the dreamers and doers in a place far from Buffalo, where the weather, limited prospects, and bad memories have rendered him despondent Porter s brother Sam, a self centered interior designer and restauraMany people come to Los Angeles seeking fame and fortune, but such is not the case for George Patrick Porter, who goes solely by his surname He merely wants to be among the dreamers and doers in a place far from Buffalo, where the weather, limited prospects, and bad memories have rendered him despondent Porter s brother Sam, a self centered interior designer and restaurateur, feels conflicted over Porter s opportunity to make a fresh start because the brothers share secrets that best stay close to home Sam warns B movie actress Desirae Strand that Porter is bulimic, sleepwalks at night, and has a troubled past None of this matters to her or the cast and crew of Grae They make Porter a star and Sam begins to unravel A reporter puts the pieces together regarding past misdeeds implicating Sam in payoffs to a local detective and the coroner, and she lets Sam know she s on to him Unwilling to face prosecution and shame, Sam s increasing anger is transferred from his brother to Des He accuses Des of worming her way into his brother s life and thinks she is to blame for Porter pushing him away As the situation spirals out of control, a final showdown on the west coast leaves one standing, prepared to heal and face the future all the stronger.
    Porter s Fortune Many people come to Los Angeles seeking fame and fortune but such is not the case for George Patrick Porter who goes solely by his surname He merely wants to be among the dreamers and doers in a pla

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    1. Porter s Fortune by Wyborn Senna is a suspenseful, emotional story of two brothers from a dysfunctional family, struggling to escape their pasts as they set out on diverse paths George Patrick Porter readily vacates his retail job in New York when approached by actress Desirae Strand She offers him an opportunity to join her on a West Coast movie set where she is taking a leading role in another B level production A bisexual man suffering from bulimia, sleep disorders and a checkered past, Porte [...]

    2. An entertaining and well told story.I found it hard to put this book down With a large cast of characters, the story moves back and forth between the east and west coasts of America The plot focuses on the rivalry between two brothers, who share a number of dark secrets that they need to keep hidden I really enjoyed this book and became intrigued by the first brother, George Patrick Porter, or Porter as he is known throughout Porter is bi sexual and a complex character who has multiple problems, [...]

    3. A Tale of Two Coasts, a Tale of Two BrothersPorter s Fortune is a fast paced, page turning, story of rivalry and jealously, of self entitlement versus self effacement, of blind ambition versus the lack of expectations, of the need to control versus loyalty and affection, of two brothers who find themselves on opposites sides of the country, as different as they can be What is the reaction of the brother who expects success to be his own, when blind, dumb luck, stumbles the brother with no expect [...]

    4. Fast forward fortune a fun read.Full marks for the great detail on all things cuisine, fashion and interior design Senna s background in Tinseltown comes to the fore as well The pacing is fast, seemingly built as a quick read The plot tends to ping pong back and forth between the two main characters I would ve liked to have seen of the relationship between Porter and Sam as there s a lot going on here Interesting character perks Senna s voice comes through well in her writing a contemporary ava [...]

    5. This story, spanning two coasts, focuses on the rivalry of very different brothers as they go through life and jostle for recognition There s lots of emotion buried in here and dark secrets which I thought dripped out quite evenly as the plot unravels I will admit it did take me a while to lock into what was going on as the cast of characters is quite wide, and rendering is deep However, once you relax a bit and settle in, you get carried along nicely Senna certainly knows how to write, there s [...]

    6. Fortune obviously, is not always what it seems to be In this intriguing story written by Wyborne Senna, the plot is well laid out and keeps the reader going from coast to coast, deeper and deeper into the plot, with perhaps a few too many characters to keep track of But that s maybe the strong point in Porter s Fortune, because that keeps you focused and for that matter I enjoyed the e book version quite well.Give it a try, if you like contemporary style, a twisting plot and suspense.

    7. Sam Dean has always had high expectations for himself When he graduated from the French Culinary Institute, he went to design school After opening a successful restaurant, he opened his own design studio He s always been the smart one, the successful one, the handsome one He has an image to upholdd he will do everything in his power to do it.Porter has always lived in his brother s shadow His biggest dream is to move to California not necessarily for fame or fortune, but to get away from Buffalo [...]

    8. Samuel Dean Porter Jr who at the age of 18 shortened his name to Sam Dean, is a man with silk sensibilities who was born into a flannel family In order to be true to his high standards, he had to distance himself from his family, which included an abusive father, a distant mother, and a younger brother, George, who he alternated between taking care of and being intensely jealous of.When George, who prefers being called simply Porter , is hired by famous scream actress Desirae Strand to work in a [...]

    9. Reel Life, Real Life and the Bridge Between Haunting past misfortunes, being a nomad, getting sudden hitches with the lower strata of the glamour world and a slow significant rise to stardom Wyborn Senna has nailed the plot to my heart with her progress, climax and the fall A stupendous Fourier series of all the necessary tit bits of a rags to riches, real life drama, the author has perfectly stirred a sibling tension knotted into a romance.Every other progress in life feels good until the top T [...]

    10. A Tasty Hollywood Style Penthouse Pie Wyborn Senna knows how to thread the wool and unravel it whenever required with her new writing venture, Porter s Fortune First Impression is always said to be the Last Impression The author has beautifully woven around the plot starting with an impressive quote from Paracelsus The book starts with a pretty insignificant protagonist straying into unknown lands to forget his unfortunate past His short stay with his brother introduces him to the penthouse soci [...]

    11. Somewhere in the 3 1 2 4 range.Disclaimer I received a promotional copy through the First Reads program.Note It s 258 pages, not 268.It s a well paced, entertaining read The chapters alternate between Left Coast mostly Porter and the film crew in Santa Johanna and Right Coast mostly Sam and his inner circle in the Buffalo area , and this works Senna does a good job of keeping things moving, not wasting space with rambles There are enough plot twists to keep the reader engaged New characters are [...]

    12. I received a free download of this book from Story Cartel, thank you This book was an entertaining read At first, I thought I would not like the format of going back and forth between the left coast and right coast, but it was not distracting like I thought it would be It actually made the story interesting, as the reader could read two stories one for each brother simultaneously I also thought it was clever that the left coast headings were printed on the left side of the page, and the right co [...]

    13. I received this book in one of the 1st reads giveaway It sounded like a good book by the description The first few chapters are pretty good I feel that the author put in too many characters, I couldn t keep track of all the names and backgrounds It was well written I just feel that it could have been of a smooth story The last chapters kept me engaged and made me want to finish it This would really be a 3.5, not great, but not bad either I received the book for free through First Reads.

    14. What a relatable story of someone who is a dreamer Sometimes you feel totally despondent and lost in this world, and it is easy to read Porter s tale of someone who just wants to seek a place in this world However, we all know things are not so easy and this is why the book takes an unbelievable amount of twists and turns that make this book well worth reading and a page turner With fame and power comes a whole lot of trouble, and we see that is certainly the case of Porter and all the characte [...]

    15. I really liked the characters, the plot and the author s writing style While reading this story I was able to clearly see a mental movie in my imagination about Porter, Sam and Desirae and this movie was really interesting to watch I liked the following adventures of Porter on the way to becoming a movie star despite his brother Sam who did everything to not let him succeed I really enjoyed this story and can certainly recommend it.

    16. This story is about a young guy Porter who comes to Los Angeles from Buffalo with a desire to have opportunity to be among dreamers and doers By chance he meets a B Movie actress Desirae who helps him to get a role in a movie and to become famous Porter s brother Sam does everything to not let Porter succeed I became engaged in the story from the first page and really enjoyed the plot and unexpected twists Great book

    17. I really enjoyed this book It was a little slow going n the beginning, but had it moved along faster, it would have been very easy to become confused, by who was who, and who was what to who and who did what to who This sure had its fair share of bad guys and than enough mental illness going around , each character had at least one or two The ending was both happy and sad, buy at least Porter s dream came true.

    18. This author simply amazed me with this story I loved that this book cover many different subjects in a truly creative way The main character really brought me closer to the story, to the point that I didn t want to put the book down Very nicely written, definitely a five star book I would highly recommend it.

    19. This was my gem collection and I could not drop this book until finished The story bound me and gave me fun with designing some excellent characters like Porter, Sam and film crew The author described by drawing unique plot through lots of dramatic moments.I love this book and it was so much entertaining Highly appreciated to author

    20. I got this book in one of the giveaways I had a hard time getting into the book and was a little confused with what was going on at times I felt the plot was a little choppy and broken up but not bad overall.

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