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Of Temptation (Vintage Puritan) By John Owen W.H. Goold,

  • Title: Of Temptation (Vintage Puritan)
  • Author: John Owen W.H. Goold
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The classic Christian work on temptation by one of the greatest puritan pastor theologians Includes a linked Table of Contents, the original Greek where used, and linked footnotes.
    Of Temptation Vintage Puritan The classic Christian work on temptation by one of the greatest puritan pastor theologians Includes a linked Table of Contents the original Greek where used and linked footnotes

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    1. Books on such topics today that deal with sin and temptation tend to take a sort of 12 Step approach to the issue If that is what you expect from this book, you will be heartily disappointed Owen rather, in sum, directs us to consider the beauty and glory of Christ as he is offered to us in the gospel, along with all that our Trinitarian God gives to us in the preserving of us against temptation We are to make use of all the means that God has given us in Christ, that we may stand in that great [...]

    2. Owen is probably my favorite Puritan and dead guy to read so I admit my bias, but his insight into the Word is unparalleled He sees things and makes connections that 99% of us struggle to This book is just another example of that Making the distinction of entering temptation as different than entering sin is a paradigm shift And then simplifying the fight and centering on the gospel was so helpful A very very worthwhile read.

    3. Owen s centuries old work on temptation abridged and adapted in this format for easier reading remains a potent look at its dangers and devices At the core, Owen claims, the issue of temptation is one of the heart unless we root out the lusts and desires deep within us, we will be unable to ultimately resist temptations in those areas This heart cleansing work can only be done by Christ but, mercifully, He has provided a willing Helper.

    4. another excellent book by John Owen convicting than his book on pastors also, I noted that his writing seemed like early 20th century well, try 1658 that is when he wrote this book excellent analogies good book enjoyable if you like longer, obsolete words these two books are the first I ve read by Owen, but will probably read others if he has written them recommended book

    5. I don t know how many times I ve returned to this book, but it is simply one of the most important and helpful books on Christian living that I ve read Owen not only addresses temptation itself he also explains the means God has provided against it, namely watchfulness and prayer Owen is hard hitting, but not discouraging This book is full of gospel infused hope Read it.

    6. A short, but well done overview of temptation, and how to avoid and combat it John Owen has the uncanny knack of always driving his points straight to the reader s heart, and he certainly does this here.

    7. Another great book by John Owen, with tons of practical application This particular edition is from Banner of Truth, and the editor has simplified the work without compromising the content Good work on how to avoid entering into temptation.

    8. Required reading for ChristiansShort enough to get through quickly profound enough to make you slow down and ponder its truths Very good read.

    9. Great book that really offers some great advice from Jesus on how to resist temptation Easy to red and easy to understand.

    10. This is my 2nd Owen book completed and I expect him to become easier to follow with time Excellent biblical study of what it means to enter into temptation Very helpful

    11. Well worth a read And rather than dealing with temptation as far as falling into sin, it deals with rather the aspect of entering into temptation

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