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Christmas Delights By Heather Hiestand,

  • Title: Christmas Delights
  • Author: Heather Hiestand
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The sweetest gift is the hardest to unwrap Lady Victoria Allen Hill never dreamed she d be a widow at twenty one let alone a virgin Her father insists that she attend a matchmaking house party in the snow covered seaside town of Pevensey in hopes she ll find a suitable husband But for Victoria, it s an opportunity to indulge in a passionate affair and the handsome inventThe sweetest gift is the hardest to unwrap Lady Victoria Allen Hill never dreamed she d be a widow at twenty one let alone a virgin Her father insists that she attend a matchmaking house party in the snow covered seaside town of Pevensey in hopes she ll find a suitable husband But for Victoria, it s an opportunity to indulge in a passionate affair and the handsome inventor she meets at the Christmas Eve masquerade ball may be just the man for the job Lewis Noble is the cousin of London s famed Redcake sisters, so it almost stands to reason that he s just as irresistible as one of their sugar iced pastries Lewis catches the eye of every woman at the party but Victoria is the only one who catches his He won t be tied down in her father s business, but watching other men court her amid a flurry of engagements ignites a jealousy he s never felt before A dose of honesty may be just the thing to mend their broken hearts for many holidays to come
    Christmas Delights The sweetest gift is the hardest to unwrap Lady Victoria Allen Hill never dreamed she d be a widow at twenty one let alone a virgin Her father insists that she attend a matchmaking house party in the

    One thought on “Christmas Delights”

    1. Review copy provided by NetGalley.I lost interest at page 15 I just couldn t concentrate on the story because it made no sense to me It jumped from scene to scene with no transition The heroine was a sex starved weirdo, her reasons made sense for two minutes but her actions Too many plot lines with little resolution NOPE, just nope.

    2. I have to say that I am really glad that women have say now than back then Even if it was the Victorian era Heather sure knows how to find her stories and make her previous characters just as real as the last time we met them Victoria was double cursed She married her first husband in an arranged marriage Then she loses him soon after Now she is a widow who has never slept with her husband and is still young enough to be under her father s thumb again She meets Lewis at a house party He is an i [...]

    3. I started reading this book Then I stopped Then I started again Then I thought maybe I d missed something, so I reread, but I hadn t This book was one of the strangest books I d ever read The pacing was throttled, the characters were annoying and unwieldy, I had difficulty following the plot, frankly, if I hadn t received a digital copy of this book in exchange for the low price of an honest review I probably never would have finished it If it didn t say Heather Hiestand was the author I would n [...]

    4. I was looking forward to the story of Lewis Noble, inventor and all around fun character, ever since Heather Hiestand introduced him in Marquess of Cake I loved this Of course, considering his many talents, I found it amazing that he still had an inferiority complex, but Heather reminded us that he s been adrift for a long time, and it took Victoria, a widowed virgin looking for a good time finally to give him a chance at harbor Victoria s situation reminded me that yeah, the outfits may have be [...]

    5. I got this book for an honest review from Netgalley First of all, Christmas Delights is 5 of the Redcakes series by Heather Hiestand I haven t read 1 to 4 but I didn t get the impression that it s a must because everybody is introduced thoroughly The book has 252 pages but felt like 500 to me especially after the first 50 percent The story is quite lovely Lady Victoria Allen Hill, 21, widow of a year, who was married only for a coupe of weeks to her already sick young husband, is to attend a Ch [...]

    6. I enjoy stories set during the holiday season, the festivities are fun and the stories are warm and entertaining, of course Christmas Delights tweaked my interest even because it has a historical setting Victoria, Lady Allen Hill is a widow, she married an older man who was sick on their wedding day and died soon after, leaving her a virgin bride She is traveling with her nine year old cousin Penelope to spend the holidays in Sussex and after several weather related mishaps they end up in the s [...]

    7. I love the Redcake series and I have been waiting not so patiently for Lewis story Lewis the brilliant inventor who finally gets his own story after being spurned in the very first book of the series I don t know what I was thinking when I grabbed this from NetGalley I thought it was just going to be a novella, boy was I wrong A wonderful tear jerking full length novel probably my favorite so far, o.k so maybe it s a tie with the last one Virginal widow, a house party for Twelve Nights, a duo of [...]

    8. Originally posted at Bunny s ReviewFirst this is for Heather, slow down writing woman I can t keep up Really, please, pretty please with carrots, raisins and bananas on top For those that follow my blog they know that I am a sucker for historical romance I love the history incorporated into the story I love being transferred to a different time Being a grand lady with everything I want desire at my finger tips or a lowly serf happy to please a grand Earl or Duke.I love the story with a wife marr [...]

    9. I will try to avoid spoilers.Christmas Delights by Heather HiestandVictoria Allen Hill became a widow at twenty one when her husband died of an illness Her marriage was so brief that her virtue remained intact Now, after the expected period of mourning she was on her way to Pevensey to attend a house party with her nine year old cousin Penelope in tow Like any young child she loved stories So, along their way she made up a story that caught than Penelope s interest.During their travels they cam [...]

    10. My overwhelming first impression of the story was that it is shallow and gossipy All of the characters seem to be very two dimensional, and with such a huge cast it is difficult to keep track of who anyone is I found it impossible to connect with Victoria as she seems to have very little personality I can understand how her situation would make her feel quite trapped and frustrated, but I just can t get over how she presents herself as just incredibly obsessively sex and food starved At 20% into [...]

    11. An Awesome Book I loved reading Christmas Delights Redcakes , all about Victoria Allen Hill, Penelope Courtnay Lewis Noble who meet on the side of the road on the way to Pevensey Sur Mer Fort in Sussex England for the Christmas holidays to be held at the mansion for twelve nights thirteen days Lewis is an inventor and is also staying at the Fort with is apprentice Eddy at the request of the Baron to help finish building the submarine and then to laugh it Victoria is looking for a husband per her [...]

    12. This is book 5 in the Redcakes series.Lady Victoria Allen Hill never imagined that she would be a widow and a virgin Looking to have a passionate affair before her father makes her re marry, Victoria thinks that inventor Lewis Noble would be the perfect one to divest her of her unwanted status.Lewis knows that Victoria must marry again and he is not willing to bend to her father s dictate that the man she marries relocate and run his business But Victoria has caught his eye and he isn t about to [...]

    13. Victoria, a widowed virgin and Lewis, a Victorian geek, might not seem to be the most obvious duo to pair up But in this addition to Heather Hiestand s Redcakes series, they end up being ideal for each other when you add Christmas, a house party for the Twelve Nights of the holiday and some chemistry A fun holiday read.

    14. Novel received courtesy of giveaway Christmas Delights is part of The Redcakes series Even though I stepped into the middle of the series, I found the story interesting, the characters well developed and the ending satisfying Lewis Noble, inventor and thinker, meets Victoria at a house party during the Christmas season While we may think that Victorian house parties were full of prim and proper behavior, this house party was nothing like that Victoria s father is looking for a husband for her Sh [...]

    15. Despite my possession of an English Literature degree which typically suggests an infatuation with Jane Austen I ve never been the type to swoon over ladies and gents of a bygone era It s something about their fussy clothing and even fussier manners, I think, that turns me off After all, how can one truly get excited when there are approximately 19,000 layers of clothing that need to be removed by a maid before passionate embraces can commence Thankfully, Victorian era clothing proves no obstacl [...]

    16. Lady Victoria Allen Hill never dreamed she d be a widow at twenty one let alone a virgin Then there is Lewis Noble the cousin of London s famed Redcake sisters I want to read this series for my self just to see if its all true A house party seems the perfect place for the two to meet and make a little holiday magic.This was my first read from Hiestand She has given me a holiday read make me happy and to follow up on the Redcakes series.Thanks to NetGalley and the delightful Holiday Read.

    17. This book kept me on the edge of my seat because I didn t think Victoria was going to wind up with Lewis until the very end The author really kept the suspense going through the entire book I really appreciated the level of historical detail I wasn t going to be let down There was passion and romance.

    18. My favorite so far A house party that brings lots of fun and engagements Love that Lewis finds happiness with the once pudgy daughterked back stories of Penelope and submarineobably her best written since the first.

    19. This is part of a series and does not stand well alone The plot pacing is a little slow, but the characters make it worth finishing.

    20. Quite possibly the weirdest book I ve ever read Incredibly awkward and the pacing didn t make a whole lot of sense Characters were blah at best and the plot wasn t at all engaging.

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