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Killer By Sam Crescent,

  • Title: Killer
  • Author: Sam Crescent
  • ISBN: 9781771307949
  • Page: 417
  • Format: ebook
  • Kelsey is married, and Killer needs to get away from her before he does something he might regret Losing himself in a drunken night is not the answer, especially when he can t stop loving her just because she s off limits He confronts Kels to get all the details.Her world is crashing around her Everywhere she turns, she feels trapped Panicking, Kelsey takes matters intKelsey is married, and Killer needs to get away from her before he does something he might regret Losing himself in a drunken night is not the answer, especially when he can t stop loving her just because she s off limits He confronts Kels to get all the details.Her world is crashing around her Everywhere she turns, she feels trapped Panicking, Kelsey takes matters into her own hands She would have succeeded, but Killer saves her, acting quickly.Never before in all of his life has Killer been scared, and he s even taken lives with his very hands But seeing Kelsey s on the brink of death, he knows he has to do something to protect her from the man who calls himself her husband.It s a race against time for Killer to protect his woman, as her husband is not all he seems to be He s got enemies who are looking for any way to hurt him Will The Skulls be there for Killer, or will he face his enemies alone in order to protect the woman he loves
    Killer Kelsey is married and Killer needs to get away from her before he does something he might regret Losing himself in a drunken night is not the answer especially when he can t stop loving her just bec

    One thought on “Killer”

    1. Not safe Hero slept with OW heroine is married to OM on paper onlyI don t know but If you love someone you would t just sleep with random stranger the same day being very intimate with that person and doing all the things you did with the person you love Would you not feel a bit disgusted for touching another woman s body For me though, it would take some time to get over someone and even allowed being intimate with another person Yes, the heroine omitted some important facts to the Hero, but fo [...]

    2. This book was part of the Skulls series written by Sam Crescent It is Book 5, and it is about one of my favorite MC members Killer Killer has had a major attraction to Kelsey in the last few books, in fact he pretty much thinks of her as his woman already A shock is thrown his way when he finds out Kelsey is in fact marriedKiller is devastated and extremely ticked off, and he very quickly goes out and does some things will grow to regret.In the meantime, Kelsey is furious with herself for not te [...]

    3. I was anxiously awaiting Killer s book and Sam Crescent delivered a great follow up in her MC Skulls series.This is Kelsey s and Killer s story.At the end of Tiny, we get a shocking turn of event from Kelsey s past, her husband ,Micheal makes an appearance and Killer is stunned to say the least So,I am wondering, how in the hell is the author going to pull this offwell,pull it off she did.After this turn of event,Killer is broken hearted,how could the woman he loves,be married to another man.He [...]

    4. For an author who has published many novels you would expect a lot better Timeframe does match at times Bad grammar Short.Paid over 6 aus dollars Save your money and time.Returned this for a refund.

    5. I felt something lacking in Killer and Kelsey s relationship Maybe I missed Killer actually courting her it s been awhile since I read Tiny so I can t remember how they hooked up Tate seems pretty involved in their relationship, considering her and Kelsey are bffs.Killer doesn t seem to like Tate no idea why She doesn t take anyone s crapola,and won t let Killer hurt her friend Kelsey has some tstl moments though Why not tell Killer about her parents or Michael Did she really think no one in the [...]

    6. GOOD STORYIt was revealed at the end of the last book that Kelsey was married and had been for ten years Killer was devastated, and while I did see where he was coming from, I also recall if memory serves Kelsey telling him in previous books that they could never be together, so strictly speaking they weren t in a relationship, it was hoping on Killer s part So she hadn t really betrayed him in quite the way that it was portrayed in this book IMO.But this is a fast moving story with plenty of t [...]

    7. Seriously loved Killer and Kelseys story Wish the author had expanded a bit on Kelseys getting over the emotional scars from her mother, that s not something you can just sweep under the rug, but loved everything else about the story and the characters.I usually don t find a series with this many books where I can rate them all this high but I think it s because each one, though using the same characters and similar sexual appetites, have all different storylines and situations They aren t cook [...]

    8. Not bad Less action packed then the rest of the series This one focuses on the protagonists and their drama and less on external conflicts To be expected since the series on going arc was resolved in Tiny I liked Killer and Kelsey even though Kelsey reminded me of Angel who I m not a fan of I m looking forward to Zero s book.

    9. It s getting to a point where all SC characters seem to be the same I ve started wondering if she could write a book where the Heroine wasn t a virgin and didn t have image issues and the Hero wasn t a caveman, who acts like a gangster but behaves like a whinnying ass.

    10. Oh my hell Loved it Killer and Kelsey s story was awesome I am so glad they were able to fixed that little Michael problem I am a little annoyed by Zero but I know that his story is soon Can t wait

    11. Rubbish Another cheater, another stupid female accepting his cheating even feeling she deserves it Are you kidding me This whole series is an embarrassment to women.

    12. Sam Crescent remains my guilty pleasure and this book did not disappoint Favorite of this MC series so far

    13. Killer is book five in the skulls series and is Killer and Kelsey s story Since Murphy and Tate s story we got to see a build of chemistry between Kelsey and Killer Throughout the previous books we got little glimpses of them I enjoyed this book, devoured it in one sitting and was left happy with the ending.I liked Kelsey but I was slightly annoyed at her for keeping secrets from Killer My heart hurt for Kelsey, I just wanted her to be happy The chemistry between her and Killer was clear to see [...]

    14. Rating 4 Stars More from The Skulls This time it is Killer Skulls member, can and has killed before, totally in love in Kelsey and Kelsey s Innocent, dental nurse, BFF to Tate story that is being told In our last book, Tiny, the shocker was that Kelsey was married when her rich husband, Michael, shows up at Kelsey s apartment No one knew that Kelsey had a husband, including Killer, and he is devastated Michael came back to claim his wife and Killer and The Skulls were not having any of it This s [...]

    15. 3.5 StarsI wasn t expecting Killer to be the big sweet teddy bear type of guy, I mean his club name is Killer, but he wassweet that is He really did care and love Kelsey and I think that s why he was so hurt when he found out about her marriage and proceeded to storm off, get drunk and screw the night awaytypical guy reaction right Now, with that being said I really don t think that it was any body s fucking business if she was married or not She wasn t part of the club and she tried her best to [...]

    16. I really liked Killer and Kelsey They were so sweet together and brought out the best in one another But damn, I wish I could go back in time, whisper in Kelsey s ear and tell her to reveal all to Killer I wish I could put a halt to Killer thrusting into that bar skank I wish I could inject a dose of self confidence into Kelsey before she did harm to herself I wish I could understand why Michael didn t just divorce Kelsey after a year or so I wish, I wish, I wish I know, if wishes were fishes we [...]

    17. Paige4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewThe author did a great job drawing the reader into story of Killer and Kelsey It was a fast paced book that kept me interested in both the main characters as well as the other members of the Skulls MC.Killer is determined to be with Kelsey despite the fact that she is married While others may hold his early actions in the book against him, I viewed it as an outlet for his pain and anger He was always honest with her and himself early on He kne [...]

    18. Killer has been my favorite Skull from book 1 and I have been desperately waiting for his book I was praying Sam Crescent wouldn t let me down.Did she Not completely The story was unique in many aspects with some predictable elements too Both the H and h let me down at points and also made me love them view spoiler when Killer found another woman for a night, my heart broke, I honestly thought he d be different hide spoiler I was mostly happy with it I still have my overall pet peeves with Sam s [...]

    19. Killer is the fifth book in the Skulls series and concentrates on Killer and Kelsey we did get tasters of Killer and Kelsey in Tiny and i was looking forward to this book The beginning of this book was heart wrenching Kelsey s self esteem is so low and her past comes back to haunt her and she doesn t handle things well Killer is devastated when he finds out about Kelsey s marriage he just reacts in anger without asking Kelsey questions they both make some really bad choices.Killer realizes the c [...]

    20. Killer is delivered a heartbreaking blow when he discovers Kelsey is married and she never thought to tell him He loses himself in the bottle but he can t help but still love her even when she is off limits Killer confronts her to hear all the details But things gone from bad to worse Kelsey feels trapped, and looks for the only escape that she thinks she has Killer is besides himself, he saved Kelsey s life that was on the brink of death He will do whatever it takes to protect her even from her [...]

    21. Book 5 in the Skull s series.This is a very powerful book Putting aside all that is going on with the club, Kelsey is at a low point in her life How she views herself and what is going on in her life is so well written and thought out Killer loves Kelsey and would do anything to keep her safe, but when a man turns up calling her his wife, all Killer can see is the lie s she has been telling him.Not having seen her husband since they were married, Kelsey is shocked and hurt by what she has done t [...]

    22. Bloodly Fantasic SeriesHere s my ZON ReviewMan am I glad Sam Crescent is able to get them out as fast as she does course I already want Zero s Book She never let me down on Killer s Book it was Bloody Good everything I hoped it would be Kelsey s got a Secret Tip it s a Good in Yes Killer looses the Plot Hot ,Outrageously so.YumIntense Arrrrr Yes Some Sweet Moments Of Course.Killer Kelsey s Story is a Great One Awesome to read about the others as well So Go One Click Some Awesome This is One Grea [...]

    23. OKAY FIRST OFF i was so excited to read this book , ever since Murphy s book i have wanted to read killer s legit this was me biting my nails the entire time and did it ever satisfy my craving but was i ever shocked with kelseyanks god it all worked out thought, and how killer told her he loved her

    24. Finished this book because I bought the series before reading book one I figured this would be a quick, erotic, biker romance but it was not my taste It tries too hard to be funny and serious and other things Basically, it just tries to hard and fails even harder I don t like how the women are described, it makes me think that they are all morbidly obese because they weight and curves are constantly mentioned If you want women to feel better about themselves and curvier figures, then stop making [...]

    25. Okay questions for anyone reading this review am I the only one who really wants Killer s nick name to be changed to Giant hes way to sweet of a guy to be called killer I mean come on they just had a baby and when the kid gets older he will be asked who is your dad the kid will reply my dad is Killer lol I m sure whatever the author decides to do will be fantastic but Hes not really the same guy he was when he was with the other MC club hes a new man now is all if you love MC books this series i [...]

    26. As an avid reader of The Skulls series, I was anxiously waiting for Killer s story.While I haven t been a huge fan of Kelsey s character, having found her immature and whiny I must admit that as the story unfolds, Kelsey s reasons for her insecure nature become abundantly clear.Killer is an emotional and moving tale of an innocent taken advantage of, and a man prepared to lay his life on the line to love and protect her, and walk through hell doing so.Ms Crescent always insures that her readers [...]

    27. This was not my favorite story Up until this point I had like Killer but I really lost respect for him when he learns of Kelsey s secret He didn t even try to talk to her or anything All this time they were around each other hanging out he wasn t even trying to get to know her For someone that could read people he really failed here Well, on to the next one hoping it may get better So far some of the reviews I have seen for Zero is not really making me feel to excited about jumping into it.

    28. 5 big, fat stars I absolutely love this series and yes, the books are getting better and better I love the action, i love the characters and i love the romance This one is of course Killer and Kelsey s story and you really need to read it I hope there will be lots of books in this series and i need Zero s story asap i was intrigued by Michael and i really hope he is going to have his story maybe in a new linked series and i would love, love, love it if Alex gets a story

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