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The Invisible War: What Every Believer Needs to Know about Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare By Chip Ingram,

  • Title: The Invisible War: What Every Believer Needs to Know about Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare
  • Author: Chip Ingram
  • ISBN: 9780801012884
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Examines what believers need to know about Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare This book helps Christians understand what the Bible says about these threats and shows them how they can safeguard themselves and their families through prayer.
    The Invisible War What Every Believer Needs to Know about Satan Demons and Spiritual Warfare Examines what believers need to know about Satan demons and spiritual warfare This book helps Christians understand what the Bible says about these threats and shows them how they can safeguard them

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    1. Reviewed by Herb I presented a workshop on Spiritual Warfare this year and read a handful of books on the subject, some academic and others practical, but this is the book I am recommending among them all It is short, concise, with an easy format and helpful scriptural basis Don t be scared away by the title it is not a book filled with demon stories, but rather a look at the biblical balance of the flesh, the world, and the Devil I particular found practical Ingram s focus on our battle with t [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book concerning the spiritual warfare of the Christian Ingram divides the book up into four major parts Spiritual Warfare 101 What every believer needs to know Spiritual Warfare 201 How to prepare yourself for Spiritual Battle Spiritual Warfare 301 How to do battle with the enemy and win Spiritual Warfare 401 Deliverance from demonic influence He uses much Scripture to defend what he is teaching At the end of each chapter, he has a section on Personal Application What about [...]

    3. Wow This book really got me to thinking about the realities of spiritual warfare and being cognizant of it in our lives It is certainly easy to accept spiritual warfare in the Bible and to sayok, it may have happened back when Christ was aroundbut, to think about it in today s terms with current culturally accepted practices is very sobering I also appreciated the perspective Chip brought on putting on the armor of God I always thought that it was used too much as a checklist and he explains c [...]

    4. This a well balanced book on spiritual warfare that gave me a lot of insight to the Invisible War We do not fight for victory, but from victory Application Be aware of the enemy s influence in my life and othersPrayer consistently, intensely, and strategically Memorize James 4 71 John 4 41 John 5 4 5Revelation 12 11

    5. An excellent, balanced, biblical view of the subject of demonic activity and the Christian s responsibility to recognize and to stand and wage war against these very real forces Satan and his forces are formidable, but are not to be feared Jesus has already won the victory and we battle from this victory, not for it.

    6. Ingram does a fantastic job of really diving into what it means and looks like to wield the armor of God in relation to spiritual warfare I really think there s a solid amount of practical knowledge in this book that many Christians need to know and use for themselves and God s kingdom Very much worth reading.

    7. Ready reference for believers wanting guidance on spiritual warfare Logical layout with summaries giving key Scripture references before major sections Many practical examples and strategies for winning the war.

    8. This book was helpful and provided a lot of useful, biblical information about spiritual warfare I was turned off a bit in the final section of the book because of too many references to people dressed in black Goth clothing who were also into the occult or influenced by demons, and by one story about missionaries that was presented as fact it was published in a reputable magazine, the writer says , but that has no identifying details and can t be backed up with Internet research The Goth demons [...]

    9. This by far has to be one of the best Christian books I have ever read Without going into great detail, I am going through a challenging time that is still ongoing I have sought counsel from people that are mature in Christ I have repeatedly been told to stand firm on God s promises I could grasp this concept intellectually but I never knew how to apply this spiritually This Book with the help of Scripture taught me how.

    10. A very eye opening book about spiritual warfare I really enjoyed the insight in this book and that it was written in a way that I could choose to read it all the way through or break it down I chose to use it as a devotional and read it in sections There are questions at the end of each chapter to make you think and analyze yourself and outlines to make you understand key points It explained the armor of God in a way I have not really heard before comparing it to a soldier and breaking it down i [...]

    11. The whole book is chalk full of practical how to ways to stay in the Lord and fight spiritual battles when they arise This book was mentioned in another book, For the Joy Set Before Us by Erica Fye and I am so glad I got it Chip Ingram has extensive experience with spiritual warfare and is a wealth of knowledge It was eye opening, giving real life examples of spiritual warfare going on in the U.S and overseas It also gives reasons why most Western Christians don t seem to experience much in the [...]

    12. This book is a concise guide to spiritual warfare Chip Ingram gives a well balanced and biblical approach to how we should arm and defend ourselves in spiritual battle His book is divided into 4 sections 101 What Every Believer Needs to Know, 201 How to Prepare Yourself for Spiritual Battle, 301 How to Do Battle with the Enemy and Win, and 401 Deliverance from Demonic Influence He has done battle himself many times and gives personal examples to further illustrate the concepts he is relating to [...]

    13. The author provides information regarding the war we are in whether we think we are or not Using biblical support, without sensationalism, he builds a firm foundation for what is happening in this war and why it is still important to fight despite the outcome already being decided, how we should protect ourselves and how we should prepare for battle It is a wake up call to the sleepy American Christian that thinks the war isn t here.

    14. Chip Ingram faithfully walks the line between not giving the invisible war enough credence and giving it to much His teaching is biblically solid, and it offers hope I think every believer needs good teaching on this subject, and this book is a great place to get it I highly recommend this to anyone who is tempted to ignore this part of biblical teaching and to anyone who suspects they may be caught in the middle of the invisible war I highly recommend this book

    15. Although I didn t finish this book, I gave it one star for the sheer amount of times I tried to read it and couldn t get into it I finally had enough, so I m using this review to warn you Don t bother with this book Even though I m sure that Chip Ingram is a good guy, this book was not engaging, and felt below elementary to me Sorry, Chip P.S I got rid of this book It is finally, after years, out of my home.

    16. This is one of the most biblical, practical, readable books about spiritual warfare I ve read I wish all my friends and church members would read this book to get a better understanding of the reality of the Kingdom of God that is fully present in Christ and that which will be fully realized when Christ returns.

    17. This is a very balanced view of spiritual warfare as it uses Paul s illustration of putting on the full armor of God to explain how our enemy, the devil, tries to attack, distract, accuse and abuse us Most important takeaway we stand and we fight from victory not for victory An excellent choice for a small group who wants to grow in their awareness of the battle.

    18. I LOVED this book It was so helpful in understanding spiritual warfare I have the DVD and workbook as well Chip is a very gifted teacher He s very down to earth but bold in his teaching He doesn t mince words and he backs everything up with Scripture If anyone is struggling with spiritual warfare, I highly suggest reading this book and doing the series.

    19. The cover looks a little crazy, but the book itself is a fantastic look at spiritual armor as outlined in Ephesians 6 and the tools that God has given us for standing firm in our faith It s a fantastic read, and I actually think that every Christian should know what spiritual armor is, how we put it on, and how we stand firm in trials and temptations This is a book I ll recommend for years.

    20. One of the best studies I ve ever done on the spiritual warfare we experience I love how Frank Peretti spurred my imagination about the presence of the spiritual world, but this book took that and built on it with some terrific facts and Scripture that has transformed my prayer life and motivated me on several levels.

    21. I discovered Chip Ingrams book through my church in Sunday school It gave me a perspective of the spiritual warfare that I have been facing in my life All of his experiences that seemed to snow ball from the beginning hit home for me and currently brought me closer to God It taught me about the armor to use against satans attacks.

    22. This was required reading for my EFCA GATEWAY Phase 2 students.This reads mostly as a sermon series that was edited for written publication.Ingram takes a balanced, middle of the road position regarding the reality of spiritual warfare.

    23. Listened to the audio book version It was a collection of sermons on this same subject, with the same title, so I assuming the same content Nothing exceptional here rendition of commonly known scripture.

    24. Chip Ingram writes a wonderful book that instructs the reader in the proper use of the armor of God More importantly, the author stresses that it is the God in the armor in whom one confides that protects and one s deep faith that allows facing evil without fear.

    25. ExcellentTo date the clearest rendering of this topic I have seen Never once did I feel reluctance to accept Mr Ingram s take on the scriptural validity of his point of view Fight on good sir, like David s mighty trio

    26. This was a good book, it was an eye opener to being ready to face anything in your Christian life It was informational and challenging I really enjoyed it, read it as part of our Sunday School class Sometime I will reread it slower to absorb information.

    27. This book gave me great insight and teaching about spiritual warfare It talks about what it is and how a Christian is to combat this warfare I recommend it to anyone who loves and follows Jesus.

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