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Tom Gates: (A tiny bit) Lucky By Liz Pichon,

  • Title: Tom Gates: (A tiny bit) Lucky
  • Author: Liz Pichon
  • ISBN: 9781407138879
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Papa veut qu on fabrique un cerf volant et qu on profite du grand air a ne me d rangeait pas de sortir dehors, si on avait un chien Mais a ne risque pas d arriver, parce que D lia est allergique aux chiens moi je suis allergique D lia En plus j avais pr vu de r p ter avec mes copains pour le concours de groupes.
    Tom Gates A tiny bit Lucky Papa veut qu on fabrique un cerf volant et qu on profite du grand air a ne me d rangeait pas de sortir dehors si on avait un chien Mais a ne risque pas d arriver parce que D lia est allergique aux c

    One thought on “Tom Gates: (A tiny bit) Lucky”

    1. I liked it like other Tom gates books This one was better than the last one because it was very exciting I loved the little spoiler in it.

    2. Tom Gates i vanlig form M h res som lydbok med Christoffer Staib som oppleser Historien i historien, som l rer Fullerman leser for Toms klasse, fungerer bare s nn passelig.

    3. I really enjoyed A Tiny Bit Lucky First of all it was a lot shorter than the other novels in the series for some reason but it took me ages to read P This adventure of Tom Gates really amused me Our Tom is back in action and having LOADS of fun Delia, his older sister, is still as grouchy as ever The story centres around the ENRICHMENT WEEK where all the students get to do something new or different instead of some of their lessons, for example making PIZZA Tom s new neighbour is also bugging th [...]

    4. I really like the Tom gates book series It s a great break after reading a Harry Potter book or something like that I have been facing a bully like Markus at school myself so i feel like I can relate to him I wish there was detail in each area of the book E.G they did something and then came back there should be detail I recommend this book for ages 8 12 yrs because it s a very simple book Overall I think Tom is very funny and his life is very realistic Thanks for reading my review

    5. This series is getting better and betterI love it.I enjoy the mini story in this book.d everything funny that happen to Tom GatesI wish Dogzombies can win any band competition next time They totally deserve it.

    6. This was a very good book.It was very funny because tom got caught by the inspector loads of times and the inspector was the judge of band battle.It was a mystery who won the band battle.I love the tom gates books.

    7. I thought this series was really good It was on the easy quick read side for me and was a bit young for me but i still enjoyed the series i would recommend this book to anyone in primary school or even some in ks3 It was hilarious and is a good read

    8. Super funny story and illustrations both Very fun to read as it has doodles almost everywhere and enriches imagination Children can also compare their lives with Tom Gates A brilliant series and an absolutely good read.

    9. A young flies a kite, etc.The stories format illustrations were all reasonable but it didn t really grab I m almost certainly not the target audience.Real rating 2.5

    10. Was very funny easy reading for kids I loved the doodling style.I used to read this book in bed before sleeping it really took off some pressure of the day

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