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Secrets of the Cicada Summer By Andrea Beaty,

  • Title: Secrets of the Cicada Summer
  • Author: Andrea Beaty
  • ISBN: 9780810994720
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From a debut novelist, a heroine who will make you laugh, and will break your heart.Eleven year old Lily has a passion for Nancy Drew stories and a secret she is keeping from those she loves When summer brings lying, stealing, sneaky Tinny Bridges to town, Lily must be on her guard with this perceptive newcomer, or risk having her secret revealed But Tinny won t leave LiFrom a debut novelist, a heroine who will make you laugh, and will break your heart.Eleven year old Lily has a passion for Nancy Drew stories and a secret she is keeping from those she loves When summer brings lying, stealing, sneaky Tinny Bridges to town, Lily must be on her guard with this perceptive newcomer, or risk having her secret revealed But Tinny won t leave Lily alone She takes candy from the general store and blames Lily She tries to steal Lily s friends and even her father s affection Then Tinny goes missing, and only watchful, mystery loving Lily has any idea what happened to her But for Lily, finding Tinny means confronting her hidden past Funny, poignant, and peopled with memorable characters, this first novel announces a writer of great warmth and talent.
    Secrets of the Cicada Summer From a debut novelist a heroine who will make you laugh and will break your heart Eleven year old Lily has a passion for Nancy Drew stories and a secret she is keeping from those she loves When summ

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    1. Lily has experienced a lot of loss in her young life as a result, she no longer speaks Her only solace is in the public library s collection of Nancy Drew books Little does Lily suspect that before the summer s over, she ll be solving her own mystery and possibly making a new friend.Tinny arrives with the summer and the cicadas Like Lily, she s a poor, motherless wretch who s related to the owner of the general store Everyone thinks they should be great pals, but Tinny is awful She steals thing [...]

    2. Lily finds herself in the middle of her very own Nancy Drew like mystery in the small sleepy Illinois town she lives in When Tinny arrives, Lily immediately dislikes her Lily hasn t spoken in two years and everyone thinks she is brain damaged, but Tinny discovers that Lily can read when they first meet Tinny begins taking over places where Lily felt comfortable, where she was safe and invisible Tinny is far from invisible and seems to revel in making Lily feel very uncomfortable But Tinny has a [...]

    3. Cicada Summer is a lovely first time novel from Andrea Beaty, who is better known for her picture books Lily doesn t speak and she doesn t look people in the eye People in town whisper brain damage but that isn t it Lily doesn t want to talk or have people pay attention to her She has made herself invisible because of something bad that happened One day a mysterious girl named Tinny comes from Chicago She sees Lily and begins trying to learn her secrets But Tinny has lots of secrets of her own a [...]

    4. This was a good, easy read, which I would recommend for ages 8 and above Great to read with a parent, and lots to talk about.

    5. Lily has been keeping a secret for years, one that she can never tell, one that has kept her completely mute for years Until Tinny comes to town and Lily s world is turned inside out Tinny is also 12 but she s from the big city, not a tiny town, and she was brought up to steal and lie She worms her way into the affections of everyone Lily cares about but when she disappears, Lily is the only one who understands why and where It was a sweet novel but too much is left undiscussed, particularly the [...]

    6. I loved this book Great read for middle schoolers looking for a fun read This would be a great read for someone who loves mystery, but also likes a good laugh The main characters of this book are Lily and Tinny Lily and Tinny both have secrets that keep the book going and make you not want to put the book down They also have a hard time becoming friends and getting along As the story progresses lots of things unfold You do not want to miss out

    7. This is a young adult book with a first person female narrator After her brother dies, she stops speaking and people in the town mistakenly think she is brain damaged.but really, she just likes to solve mysteries If you have a thirteen year old female in your life, this would be a good gift.

    8. Read this charming book aloud with Grant The only thing that would have made it better would have been to actually read it in summer, instead of the dead of Chicago winter I miss the cicadas.My favorite thing about reading aloud with Grant is seeing his reactions to plot twists in these older MG books He is genuinely shocked and thrilled with each turn of the story.

    9. Once Sentence Review It s a slender, slight novel but there s something so enticingly memorable about every scene that even months after reading it I can recall every character and thematic element.

    10. Actual rating 3 and a half stars.Sometimes I wonder if I ll fade so much that I won t even be able to see myselfCRETS OF THE CICADA SUMMER is a quick, touching read about a girl named Lily who doesn t speak She is completely capable, but due to plot points that you find out later on, she chooses not to She hasn t spoken in two years.She lives in a small town where everyone knows each other and the darkest secrets are headliners When Tinny shows up, Lily, a lover of Nancy Drew mysteries, has no i [...]

    11. This light mystery may take us all back to the days of summer when we had time to eavesdrop on adult conversations, when we felt like young detectives, and when we experienced our first loss I like how the author leads us slowly toward knowing what the loss is and why Lily won t talk Lily loves books, specifically Nancy Drew mysteries LOVE , and feels that civic responsibility towards her family and the townspeople She has her own inner turmoil to solve though, and the journey of her story allow [...]

    12. Beautiful book The story is about a young girl after a traumatic loss Told through her She loves Nancy drew and the story has a mystery feel to it Very sweet, made me cry.

    13. Even though I really enjoyed Andrea s previous and hilarious middle grade book, The Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies, I was a bit hesitant to begin this when I first received it in the mail for review Thankfully, Secrets of the Cicada Summer proved to be one of my favorite middle grade books of the year so far thanks to Andrea s rich and lyrical writing and the mysterious, Nancy Drew like plot she provided right along with it.In Secrets of Cicada Summer, Lilly s expecting another quiet and smotherin [...]

    14. This book was originally published in 2008 as Cicada Summer In 2010, it was given a new title and cover and released a second time.Lily hasn t spoken in two years, since the death of her brother, Pete Everyone in town, including her father and Fern, the kind, elderly woman who works at the general store, believes that she is brain damaged, and she is careful to maintain this image When no one s looking, though, Lily is an avid reader of Nancy Drew mysteries, and a keen observer of what s going o [...]

    15. In short, this was a really good book This review is for the audio version I picked it up from the library on a whim as we have been listening to a lot of high fantasy stories in the car and this looked like a good change of pace.The book is short, easily finished in a few days of commuting, but the characters and setting are very engaging and the story prompted a lot of discussion between my son and I I like to pause books and talk to the kids about what they ve heard, ask questions about what [...]

    16. Lily is an invisible girl and a selective mute that was believed to be dumb after a shock from her brother s death, but really she s not Because people don t notice her, she becomes very good at spying and gathering information She knows everything, everyone in the town But when Tinny Bridges arrives and spots Lily s secret, Lily starts to put a close eye on her and everything slowly started to change This short little novel has two storylines the present and the past As the two storylines proce [...]

    17. Virginia Readers Choice elementary Realistic Fiction Published in 2008 for grades 4 8 Themes include Families, death, siblings, emotional issues, and mysteries Lily is 11 years old and has not spoken a word since her brother s death from carbon monoxide poisoning The town thinks she has brain damage from the accident She loves reading Nancy Drew novels and no one else knows that until Tinny comes to town Tinny will not leave Lily alone and she also begins to steal from the store and blames it on [...]

    18. Jessica Mitchell, 11Cicada Summer4 starsAt first I hated the main character In the beginning she said she didnt use her words or look anyone in the eyes because she didn t want anyone to know anything about her And I thought that was pretty pathetic, actually, i wanted to smack her in the face right then Because, um Ya know, it sounds very stuck upI hated the main character right then Didn t like Tinny at all, even at the end But, when I found out why the main character didn t use her words, I d [...]

    19. Grades 4 7Lily has been invisible for the past two years She doesn t talk, she won t look people in the eyes, and the townspeople think that she s brain damaged She s not, but she s content to have them think that and leave her alone She sits unresponsively in school, but when nobody is around, she loses herself in Nancy Drew mysteries Tinny, the new girl in town, unexpectedly stumbles across the fact that Lily can read, and makes it her mission to torment Lily with the knowledge But Tinny has s [...]

    20. Mystery type kids book If I m comparing to other Sunshine state books, it was really good, but compared to good books I ve read, it was just pretty good It was about this girl Lily and a new girl that comes to town named Tinny We find out thru flashbacks that Lily lost her older brother, so she doesn t talk any This line struck me, when asked if Tinny missed her father she said, she missed him a lot sometimes, but sometimes she didn t too much She figured it made her a bad person, but sometimes [...]

    21. I really liked the way the story unfolded, with sections about what s happening in the present and sections that are clearly her memories This method of pacing really helps us come to the truth of what happened in that serious accident two years prior and in a way that prepares the reader for the shock of the accident, with great timing for Lily s recovery I also enjoyed reading about Lily s favorite parts of her life because even though her life is far from perfect, the way she describes them m [...]

    22. Lily loves reading Nancy Drew books She loves them so much that she sneaks them out of the library to read them Why does she sneak them out Ever since an accident that took her voice, people have considered her brain damaged She has let them It is easier to handle the pain Things change when a young girl named Tinny comes to town and discovers Lily s secret She blames Lily when she steals from her great aunt Lily is not the only one hiding something Lily is sure Tinny is up to no good and just l [...]

    23. Twelve year old Lily hasn t talked in years Not to her father Not to her classmates Not even to Fern, the grandmotherly owner of the small town s general store Most people assume that she has brain damage, a resulting from the events of that night , an assumtion that Lily doesn t bother to correct In truth, she just wants to be invisible, vowing to silently keep guard over the dark and tragic secret of what really happened that night Lily s invisibility is challenged when Fern s grandniece Tinny [...]

    24. This is a well written, heart felt book, ultimately about the process of healing from trauma The narrative voice is excellent and the book has wonderful use of imagery My main complaint, after reading it with my son, is that some elements of the plot were too disturbing so that the ultimately hopeful messages got a bit lost in the drama I saw no reason why Lily s mother in addition to her brother had to be dead the Fern poor motherless child bit could have been reworked , and I thought making th [...]

    25. Lily is a selective mute, or less invisible to her 6th grade classmates and the rest of the people in small town Southern Illinois Her only routine human contact, anything interactive, is with her father and with Fern, the owner of the tiny grocery in town There s also Lily s older brother but there s some unstated mystery about him Then along comes Tinny, Fern s great niece, mean, sarcastic, thieving, and unfortunately just Lily s age When a bad guy comes looking for Tinny and Tinny disappears [...]

    26. Quick, great read Beaty does a wonderful job of intertwining the story with bits and pieces of reality to bring the reader into the action Twelve year old Lily does not speak Not because she can t, it s because she chooses not to Not since some terrible accident that everyone thinks has left her brain damaged Due to this opinion, she is left on her own, a silent witness to the world around her Without giving away the storyline, I would like to mention I particularly liked the father fingering hi [...]

    27. rated 3.5Lily has read every Nancy Drew book in the library She s great at spying clues and keeping secrets She has to be She has secrets of her own that no one can ever find out When summer brings lying, stealing Tinny Bridges to town, Lily must depend on her own wits to keep ahead of this sly newcomer Tinny takes candy from the general store and blames Lily She tries to steal Lily s friends and even her father s affection Worst of all, she seems to know Lily s secret When Tinny goes missing, o [...]

    28. I cried view spoiler Why do all the seemingly good characters have to die off hide spoiler I would type the part that made me try to hold in my tears, but you d have to read the whole book before you can understand This was not my favorite book Nevertheless, it deserves all 5 stars My only complaint is that the cover isn t a very good one for this book To make it dramatic, I d have a solid color with the leaves and cicadas on the edges, then nothing else Oh, and also, the author never gave a ve [...]

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