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Dyer Consequences By Maggie Sefton,

  • Title: Dyer Consequences
  • Author: Maggie Sefton
  • ISBN: 9780425219331
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kelly Flynn is eager to renovate the alpaca ranch she s just bought, but someone else has different ideas for keeping her busy, which seem to include slashing tires, cracking windshields, and covering the walls of her cottage with red paint Then her local yarn shop, House of Lambspun, is trashed and a young woman is found dead in the basement, drowned in a tub of dye AsKelly Flynn is eager to renovate the alpaca ranch she s just bought, but someone else has different ideas for keeping her busy, which seem to include slashing tires, cracking windshields, and covering the walls of her cottage with red paint Then her local yarn shop, House of Lambspun, is trashed and a young woman is found dead in the basement, drowned in a tub of dye As disturbing incidents continue to pile up, Kelly knows she must try to pick up the stitches of these crimes before a killer strikes again But she can t fathom what anyone at Lambspun could have done to invite such dyer consequences.
    Dyer Consequences Kelly Flynn is eager to renovate the alpaca ranch she s just bought but someone else has different ideas for keeping her busy which seem to include slashing tires cracking windshields and covering

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    1. The mystery is basic and sloppy, and the knitting content isn t detailed or interesting enough to make up for it The heroine isn t even much of a sleuth in this one The character interactions are repetitive and mostly consist of teasing each other about the same things they teased each other for in the first four books.Mostly I m tired of reading the character names over and over Sefton s characters constantly use each other s names during dialogue, even when only two people are talking One used [...]

    2. I love knitting, so I suppose that s the only explanation I have for continuing to try to read this series It s so poorly written, that it s hard to understand why a good editor hasn t worked harder to fix it The main problem I have is the dialogue It s so unrealistic, that it makes it hard to really enjoy the story Sefton is constantly repeating the names of the people talking to one another in the dialogue I m sorry, but people just don t talk like that So, even if she had a half decent myster [...]

    3. This series has improved from the first book, which had some appealing elements, but was poorly written and contained 2 dimensional characters Dyer Consequences has a few plot twists, though it was, as with all Sefton s books, very easy to spot the murderer However, if you know someone who doesn t approve of sex, swearing or any other seamy real life elements in books and also enjoys knitting and descriptions of lovely Colorado scenery this book may be enjoyable for them Unfortunately, most of [...]

    4. Kelly Flynn and her friends are struggling to deal with acts of vandalism to their property when one of the customers of the House of Lambspun yarn shop is murdered, in Dyer Consequences, the fifth Knitting Mystery by Maggie Sefton.Kelly is an accountant who has recently arrived in Fort Connor in Colorado She has discovered the joys of knitting and spends a lot of time with her new friends in the yarn store next door What s , the House of Lambspun is attached to Kelly s favourite coffee shop Pet [...]

    5. Kelly is an accountant who loves to hang out at her local yarn shop She is in the middle of buying a ranch when she become the target of vandalism After one of the customer at the yarn shop is murdered, the vandalism increases, and Kelly realizes that someone is trying to prevent her from living on the ranch She d better work quick and figure out who is behind it all.I broke one of my own rules with this book I started in the middle of the series It sounded like a fun read, so I thought I would [...]

    6. This is the third Knitting Mystery book I ve read so far It s a cozy series, with a pleasant cast of characters and an idyllic setting an LYS with it s own line of yarn, attached to a really good local coffee shop bakery, in a small town in Wyoming, come on The books each include a recipe and a simple knitting pattern the sleuth is a beginner The mysteries are not too complicated the guilty party was high on my list of suspects, mainly for meta reasons, from early on , but approached in an unusu [...]

    7. Parts of the book might have been three star but there were so many instances of the protagonist being TSTL too stupid to live and way too many cookie cutter flat characters I know I ve read others in this series but not sure I liked them very much either Kelly is not a very patient person which comes up a the end when she decides the cops are going too slowly at least this book has my favored situation in a cozy, the amateur on good terms with the police And oh for those who don t like their co [...]

    8. The pun for the title caught my attention and I love knitting so I checked it out on a whim through the Overdrive That s when I realized I d actually already read the first book in the series I recalled not particularly loving it but I didn t hate it either so I settled in for some enjoyable fluff It was fluff alright, but certainly not enjoyable The characters were barely one dimensional and they had the most unrealistic cliche ridden ridiculous dialogue imaginable I had two suspects half way t [...]

    9. Another reliable cozy in this pleasant series, a quick, easy book to read In this one, the textile aspect of the story focuses on hand dying yarn I ve dabbled with this and I think it is much harder than in was portrayed in the book.I have enjoyed others in the series for two reasons I thought he potential bad guy was identified too early in the book The other things I didn t like was that Kelly, the protagonist, does one of the too stupid to be believed things In the other books in the series, [...]

    10. This was the fifth book of a fun cozy mystery series I found it to be well written for its genre with well developed characters I love the family that the protagonist has found because of the Lambspun fiber shop with classes and needed items for spinning, knitting, crocheting, felting, and weaving And I love the protagonist Kelly and her CPA brain that loves to puzzle out numbers and murders I am such a huge fan of this series.

    11. This was another good book in the Knitting Mystery series Kelly has a project in mind for spring rehabbing an alpaca ranch But someone has different ideas for Kelly Her tires get slashed, her windshield is cracked and paint is thrown all over her property Kelly is really scared and wants the vandals stopped.

    12. Kelly s car,house and Lambspun are vandalised then someone is trying to scare her from the ranch, when her breaks on the car get cut and someone is murdered, will a broken foot stop her from solving the case.

    13. Fun book series to read After a while you feel like you know the people like family Now to read the restlol

    14. Kelly continues solving mysteries while learning to knit with all of her friends I am enjoying the series and look forward to 6 Good characters, a few twists and a bit of a surprise ending.

    15. Another good book in the series Kelly really gets herself in trouble this time, but with quick thinking, a helpful alpaca and her awesome posse, she pulls it out

    16. Dyer ConsequencesLove the pun in the title This one in the sequence has a lot of info about the process of dyeing, which I enjoyed reading Some of the characters from earlier books in the sequence are re introducedbut I can t say any without giving the plot away As usual, there is a knitting pattern and a recipe at the end.

    17. Meh There are some things I like and some things I don t like about this book While I selected this one specifically to be a light read and did not expect soaring prose nor incisive depth, I am still put off by the complete lack of substance The writing style is very simple so simple in fact that most of the main characters have names which do not stray beyond a syllable or two The dialogue is an exercise in demonstrating very clear communication, which while it is an efficient way for the write [...]

    18. Overall I thought this was an entertaining book I do read to be entertained these days so it did serve it s purpose However, the author left out much needed research A batten is not the prepared fiber for spinning, it is either a tool for Navajo weaving or a type of wooden shim used in construction or a weather saying, batten down the hatches Prepared fiber is a batt, a roving, top or rolag, when referring to a protein type fiber Also, a spindle in spinning wheel terms is for a type of walking w [...]

    19. I loved this series when it first started, but I did not love this installment The plot seemed a little unusual by the end I had a million and 4 ideas as to why the victim was killed and they were all very wrong But, in the end, I liked my possibilities than the what the author gave me There was one thing in the book that really got to me Kelly has a moment where she thinks she s figured out who is behind every thing and even thinks she might be falling into a trap, but she stubbornly ignores t [...]

    20. This is the 4th book out of this series I have read They are total fluff, but they have been just enjoyable enough for me to keep picking them up From the library I haven t bought any of them.This one, however, was kind of disappointing, because the main character, who while very nosy and stubborn, usually seems fairly intelligent, crossed the line into totally stupidity.I got so mad at her First of all she messes with important police evidence to satisfy her own curiosity, blatantly stating tha [...]

    21. Ive really enjoyed all of the books in this series so far, but this is my least favorite to date One of the things I have really appreciated about this series is that the protagonist doesn t do stupid things just to add the requisite climactic thrill to the book That was not the case in this book The only thing that saved it for me was that Kelly admitted she was being foolish by not listening to her inner voice when it gave her a warning Since most people, including myself, have had occasion to [...]

    22. This is so far, I haven t read them all my favourite book of this series.Kelly is FINALLY successful in buying a ranch house in the canyon As soon as she does, strange things start happening her tires get flattened, her house gets graffiti ed twice Of course, the first two people who tried to buy the exact same house backed out at the last minute, too, but Kelly doesn t think anything of that Nope, not our girl.Then the yarn shop caf which Kelly lives next door to gets broken into and vandalised [...]

    23. I don t know if I m becoming tolerant of this author s writing or if she s improving, but this was the most enjoyable book yet At each moment I was sure who the killer was, then I wasn t, then I was again A good mystery book keeps you guessing This one was complete with vandalism, mishaps and exciting near death experiences straight out of Nancy Drew This series is still a light read however, and isn t without its faults The murder in this book seemed like an unnecessary plot device considering [...]

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