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Doctor Dolittle's Caravan By Hugh Lofting,

  • Title: Doctor Dolittle's Caravan
  • Author: Hugh Lofting
  • ISBN: 9780440501176
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • John Dolittle takes his circus to London, where with the help of the canary Pippinella he stages a bird opera.
    Doctor Dolittle s Caravan John Dolittle takes his circus to London where with the help of the canary Pippinella he stages a bird opera

    One thought on “Doctor Dolittle's Caravan”

    1. Another in the classic Doctor Dolittle series It s as charming as all the rest, but early on there s a story of a cat who stalks and kills a parrot That story frightened my son a bit not so much that he doesn t want to continue, but enought that he insisted on sleeping in our bed last night.Although that may just have been an excuse D

    2. This was my favorite Dolittle book in the series as a kid, and re reading it as a grown up did not change my feelings about it one bit As a kid, I don t think I knew anything about opera that wasn t in a Bugs Bunny cartoon now that I know a little bit , Lofting s wit and parody is pretty clever His Canary Opera could be a real opera, complete with a tiny temperamental prima donna, mixed reviews, an Andrew Lloyd Webber esque set, modern music, royal fans Setting a fantasy is recognizable time per [...]

    3. The last really good one of the Doctor Dolittle series and all of them better than any of the movies made that I have seen This series have justifiably found a place in classics.Of course I found some of the casual sexism and classism irritating, I can t help that but even in these the book at times contradicts and questions its own assumptions for example as Pippinella explains female canaries can sing but are conditioned not to but she was always too feminist to stay quiet and as a result beco [...]

    4. Review Doctor Doolittle s CaravanDoctor Doolittle s Caravan is a very interesting story filled with many talking animals and many adventures John Doolittle helping the animals around him is only part of what makes it an extraordinarily interesting book.I am unsure as to how many books are in the set But, I do enjoy the stories overall.

    5. More fun adventures of the Doctor and his animal friends Originally written in 1924, I read this a month or so ago but I can t remember anything that jumped out at me as objectional Fans of the Freddy the Pig books by Walter R Brooks might enjoy these stories as well.

    6. Another bedtime success Reading two chapters a night, the 7 year old was riveted and asked to go read before bed.

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