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A Real Basket Case By Beth Groundwater,

  • Title: A Real Basket Case
  • Author: Beth Groundwater
  • ISBN: 9781597226745
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Feeling neglected by her workaholic husband, forty something gift basket maker Claire Hanover joins an aerobics class In a moment of weakness, Claire agrees to let charming aerobics instructor Enrique come to her house to give her a massage She realizes she has made a deadly mistake when Enrique is shot and killed in her bedroom and her husband Roger is arrested for theFeeling neglected by her workaholic husband, forty something gift basket maker Claire Hanover joins an aerobics class In a moment of weakness, Claire agrees to let charming aerobics instructor Enrique come to her house to give her a massage She realizes she has made a deadly mistake when Enrique is shot and killed in her bedroom and her husband Roger is arrested for the murder Determined to clear Roger s name and save her marriage, Claire sets out to find the real killer, encountering drug dealers, jealous ex girlfriends, and angry cops along the way.
    A Real Basket Case Feeling neglected by her workaholic husband forty something gift basket maker Claire Hanover joins an aerobics class In a moment of weakness Claire agrees to let charming aerobics instructor Enrique

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    1. Rating 3 of fiveThe Book Report Mrs Roger Hanover hasn t seen the love light in her husband s eyes in ten years Kids in college, money in bank, stupid expensive car she didn t want in garage of stupid expensive house she didn t want, andt much else, just a home based gift basket making business that she s run ragged by thank goodness, something to do Her best friend, divorc e Ellen, leads her into the path of temptation by introducing her to hawt yoga instructor Enrique That sets off a chain of [...]

    2. Real Basket Case is Beth Groundwater s debut novel In this Agatha nominated cozy mystery, Claire Hanover fights to prove her husband Roger is innocent of murdering Claire s fitness instructor, Enrique.Roger has been spending far hours with his job than with his wife, so when Claire s friend Ellen buys her a massage with Enrique, she reluctantly agrees However, when Enrique is shot in the midst of this massage and Ellen looks up to see Roger standing in the doorway with the murder weapon in his [...]

    3. This was a very good book Very fast paced and kept me guessing My mom recommended it to me based on the recommendation from a favorite author of ours Maggie Sefton I really enjoyed it.

    4. Thanks to Beth Groundwater, I won this really cozy mystery I enjoyed reading about Claire Hanover s fight for justice when her husband is accused of a crime she knows he could not commit Claire is an empty nester who runs her own basket making business in her spare time Her husband is so caught up in his job that he doesn t notice that Claire is feeling a bit neglected.Claire s friend Ellen convinces her that she needs a little fun and gets her to join an aerobics class Unbeknownst to Claire, El [...]

    5. This is the first book in the Claire Hanover series and I am looking forward to the rest of them In this book, Claire and her husband Roger are having difficulties Roger has become a workaholic trying to get ahead Claire is lonely her children are grown and gone and she wants her husband to cut back on work and rekindle the romance they had years ago When her friend Ellen invites her to attend aerobics classes with her, Claire agrees The instructor, Enrique, is a handsome gigolo who tries to lat [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading A Real Basket Case by Beth Groundwater It was a light, quick read that was laced with humor I also enjoyed the fact that I could identify with where Claire finds herself in her middle age with an empty nest and often at loose ends.I especially liked the twists and turns the story took Unlike many other reviewers, I hadn t guessed whodunit early in the story I truly appreciated the fact that a couple of the characters that I had truly disliked were making sincere efforts [...]

    7. This is a fun first novel The mystery fooled me to the end, actually led me exactly where the author wanted me to be There were a couple of almost TSTL moments that s too stupid to live but she pulled it off because the protagonist was so scared the whole I enjoyed this mystery and plan to read the next one when it comes out Recommended.

    8. I became aware of this book through Good reads and I enjoy cozy mysteries in between my other reads.I really liked the heroine in this book as well as somme of the minor characters The story started out with a bang and kept the pace up right to the end A very good debut novel and I hope that Beth s following books are as good.

    9. Since I got this book from the library I thought something real interest about Mystery case I really enjoyed reading her book I am sure I will read of her books near future.

    10. I m almost finished with this really enjoyable book It s down to 5 suspects and I have no idea which one is guilty.

    11. The Real Basket Case By Beth Groundwater Reviewed By Fran LewisWhat would possess a supposedly happily married woman to cheat on her husband of 26 years What would possess her to listen to her best friend who tells her to have a fling with her aerobics instructor Well, it is simple When your husband of 26 years becomes immersed in his job and has little or no time for you, things that are not supposed to happen can and do In this masterfully written murder mystery, Beth Groundwater captures the [...]

    12. Claire Hanover s nest is empty, her kids are off on their own, and her husband is a workaholic She has started her own part time business creating gift baskets but it doesn t fill her time as much as she would like She feels neglected by her husband because she comes number two after his rise up the corporate ladder.She follows the advice of her best friend Ellen to join an aerobics class to get back into shape and meet people All the women in the class agree their instructor is dreamy and most [...]

    13. A Real Basket Case by Beth Groundwater is a really fun book, and just perfect to add to that gift basket for mother, sick friend, empty nester, or whoever else you feel needs a bit of spice to cheer them up Just be sure whoever reads it will be inspired to believe in themselves, in the future, and in the value of love and relationships.Beth s protagonist, Claire Hanover, is a middle aged mother of grown up children, valued confidante of friends whose marriages are breaking up, and loyal wife But [...]

    14. In this story, you are introduced to Claire Hanover Claire is a typical middle class, middle aged housewife Married to workaholic Roger, she finds herself lonely bored now that their children are out of the house She joins an exercise class with a couple of her friendstaught by the handsome Enrique He soon flatters her with his attention, and egged on by her well meaning friend, Ellen, she agrees to a home massage.Next thing you know, Enrique is dead, and Claire s husband Roger is charged with t [...]

    15. Beth Groundwater s debut novel A Real Basket Case quickly develops into everyone s worst nightmare of being falsly accused of a crime especially murder Claire, a housewife who feels neglected and at loose ends now that her nest is empty is tempted by a smooth talking aerobics instructor at her gym Her so called best friends goad her into accepting a coupon for a free massage in her own bedroom, but before she can even lay down her lover is shot and her husband is standing there holding the smoki [...]

    16. Beth Groundwater has a hit on her hands with the first in the Claire Hanover series She writes a fast paced, entertaining and suspenseful cozy Her characters are likeable and fun to read about I am so looking forward to readingthe second book in the series I have to agree with Maggie Sefton s blurb on the back of this book A real winner Don t miss it I am so glad that I requested Beth s books at my local public library, as it will be of benefit to the library, the readers,the writers and the pub [...]

    17. Claire Hanover, empty nester, feeling neglected by her workaholic husband, with a part time job making gift baskets, has way too much time on her hands Her best friend Ellen talks her into joining her aerobics class, taught by the hunky Enrique All the women in the class flirt with him, and its rud that he s had affairs with most of them Claire makes it clear she s married, but when Ellen pays for a massage by Enrique for Claire, she agrees to that He insists he has to do it at her house During [...]

    18. A Real Basket Case by Beth Groundwater is a fun cozy with a likable heroine an empty nester coping with bitter friends, a workaholic husband and a hobby cum business of basket weaving that doesn t quite fill her life When her gym workout instructor is murdered while giving her a massage in her home and her husband is chief suspect, Claire Hanover has to come to terms with herself, her marriage while tracking down a murderer The plot is clever and the characters and their relationships engaging C [...]

    19. This is Beth Groundwater s first published mystery and an Agatha Award nominee I became aware of it because Beth is a member of and suggested I read it.I suppose this novel fits into the mystery sub genre of cozies , not usually my favorite type of mystery but I have read a number of them I enjoyed this book there are some fun secondary characters the drug lord Leon, his employees Travis and Condoleza, detective Wilson, the cool Brenda However, it was rather evident from the start that the main [...]

    20. Beth Groundwater is a new novelist and I ll be watching for her next book She has a nice writing style, good rhythm that flows nicely I was disappointed to think I predicted the ending by the fourth chapter I wasn t dead on but close enough to take the suspense out of it I also wish her characters were a little likeable Our main character Claire, was completely passive, lacked confidence and was apologetic about everything not someone I d care to know or hang around with She did toughen up a bi [...]

    21. A Real Basket Case is actually the second book that I have read by this author and in this series, and I have to say that I did really enjoy this one as much as I did the other one However this book s story is not exactly what I expected from a cozy with the murder victim is killed in the heroine s bedroom with her husband as murder suspect number one, but the story definitely works and grabs the reader s attention Claire is well developed in the book, and I liked seeing how she pulled it togeth [...]

    22. Really enjoyed this book Claire found herself in a Desperate Housewives like situation when she took advantage of a free massage from hunky fitness instructor Enrique soon he s slumped forward on top of Claire, in her bed, shot to death, with her husband Roger holding the gun Easy open and shut murder case Hardly in Claire s opinion Although the police seem to think they have their man, Claire knows Roger didn t do it and is determined to prove it Claire gets some advice and encouragement from D [...]

    23. Beth Groundwater introduces Claire Hanover, restless and underappreciated housewife, gift basket maker, and reluctant sleuth, in A Real Basket Case Hanover s gullibility drives her to make decisions that put her in danger and sometimes manages to save her Her devotion to her husband and her motivation of saving her marriage are entirely believable and engaging in Groundwater s capable hands Groundwater writes all her characters with dimensions that show frailty, generosity, and the basic humanne [...]

    24. What a good first book The plot is fast paced, the character intriguing and the murder very clever and unexpected Claire Hanover has a small gift basket business but for the most part feels lonely and unhappy Her husband is a workaholic with no time for her and her kids are grown and on their own Her divorced friend Ellen urges Claire to have an affair and things go very badly as she toys with the idea and meets with the personal trainer from the gym for a massage Mix in old friends, drugs and a [...]

    25. Glad I finally got to read this one Good story line Great twists Really enjoyed watching Claire take risks that she would never take normally in order to save her husband and her marriage Not sure how it is going to make sense for her to be involved in other investigations in the follow ups, but looking forward to reading To Hell in a Handbasket and the new one due out in November Brava Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes cozy mysteries.

    26. I have to admit, this book was hardcore than the cozy I thought it would be based on the series name Starts peacefully enough, with Claire bringing the trainer from the gym home with her to cash in on a massage from him Until, BAM , he is shot from the bedroom door and falls, dead, across her body Seconds later her husband Roger comes home, smoking gun literally in his hand Claire must investigate to find the real killer, because to the police this looks like an open and shut case, but Claire k [...]

    27. I was drawn to this book by its Colorado Springs setting It s a town I once lived in and would live still if I had a chance The book is a quick read and introduces a gutsy gift basket designer who finds herself in a situation that would make anyone a basket case The plot is compelling, has interesting twists and turns, and provided me with a much needed Colorado Springs fix Now to dive into the rest of the series.

    28. I thought this was quite a fun and light read Claire makes a lot of mistakes trying to help her husband and gets into some very bizarre and frightening situations but she is an endearing character It makes it even fun reading about a place where I live and know where Claire is A very fun read and I look forward to .

    29. I really enjoyed A Real Basket Case Claire is such an interesting character and I liked her from the start She s an empty nester been there she s loyal to her family and finds strengths she never knew she had in this first of a series by Beth Groundwater I can t wait to see what she does next A very well written mystery with quite a few surprises I highly recommend it.

    30. I really enjoyed this book The story telling kept going at a great pace and while I thought it was predictable at times, I loved that it was set in Colorado it referenced places I knew, which is always fun in a book Great easy read for any mystery lover

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