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Rites of Spring (Break) By Diana Peterfreund,

  • Title: Rites of Spring (Break)
  • Author: Diana Peterfreund
  • ISBN: 9780385341936
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • From witty and endearing to impossible to put down, the critics have given elite marks to Diana Peterfreund s Secret Society Girl and Under the Rose Now, in a wildly captivating new novel, Amy Bugaboo Haskel and her fellow Rose Grave knights are trading cold, gray, hyperintellectual New Haven for an annual rite of spring well, early March in Florida.ForFrom witty and endearing to impossible to put down, the critics have given elite marks to Diana Peterfreund s Secret Society Girl and Under the Rose Now, in a wildly captivating new novel, Amy Bugaboo Haskel and her fellow Rose Grave knights are trading cold, gray, hyperintellectual New Haven for an annual rite of spring well, early March in Florida.For Amy, a week of RR on her secret society s private island should be all fun in the sun and an escape from an on campus feud with a rival society that s turned disturbingly personal But along with her SPF 30 and a bikini, Amy is bringing a suitcase full of issues to remote Cavador Key Graduation from Eli University looms, not to mention buckets of unfinished business with a former flame and most pressing of all the sudden, startling transformation of a mysterious Rose Grave patriarch from sheerly evil to utterly appealing Just when Amy thinks Spring Break can t get any less relaxing, a wacky accident puts everyone on edge And that s only the beginning, as Amy starts to suspect that someone has infiltrated the island With some major Rose Grave secrets to be exposed, and the potential fallout enough to take down one of America s most loathsome figureheads, what she can t know is that the party crasher is deadly serious about making sure Bugaboo doesn t get back to Eli alive
    Rites of Spring Break From witty and endearing to impossible to put down the critics have given elite marks to Diana Peterfreund s Secret Society Girl and Under the Rose Now in a wildly captivating new novel Amy Bugaboo

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    1. Re read September 2015Pajamie SHOWER SCENE Original ReviewMy favorite so far The romance in this is just wonderful

    2. I basically read this book like this Basically This is what this series has turned me into I can t believe there s only one book.

    3. Esse foi o meu favorito at o momento, mas achei que a Amy ficou um pouco estagnada como personagem Ela tem momentos em que fica na d vida sobre o que vai fazer da sua vida, mas o foco foi o mist rio dos acontecimentos e o romance que est se desenvolvendo com um dos outros personagens.Tamb m vou reclamar um pouco que os outros personagens tem ficado um pouco de plano de fundo Gostaria de ver mais deles e seus problemas.Super rapidinho de ler Amo isso em livros em s rie.

    4. My favorite of the series There is a scene, in the shower and that s all I m saying When you read the scene in the shower, you ll stop breathing for about 10 minutes More of those please

    5. I hereby confess I m dying because of this series.I DON T THINK I CAN BREATHE RIGHT NOW.I m smiling so hard,my mom just asked me if I m okay.And the thing isI m sooo not okay,This series ruined my life,I swear.DIANA I LOVE YOU I m not even going to say anything,let these gifs show you how I feel after finishing this one.Favourite quotes P Jamie I called.He waded back toward me I m starting to think my name is Pajamie Your name should be Pajerky You said it wasn t deep Pajerky He gave me a skepti [...]

    6. In this third installment Amy has a pretty dismal beginning to her last semester of collage She becomes the scapegoat in a society battle, and, importantly, she s dealing with some pretty heart wrenching confusion thanks to Brandon Luckily, she has the chance to escape all of that or so she hopes when the Diggers go to Cavador Key over Spring Break Where, of course, things don t exactly turn out as planned Nope not at all Although, in one case, in particular, they turn out much, much better Thi [...]

    7. I m still totally immersed in Amy s world, and this, the penultimate volume of the series, was soooo good After some past experiences with other authors I should be scared that vol 4 could be a disappointment, but I m not so far, Diana Peterfreund what a cool name, my etymology obsessed brain rejoices has absolutely delivered the goods To stay spoiler free, let me just say I m so crushing on P J.O d the romance thing is really nicely done without boring love triangles or stupid misunderstandings [...]

    8. Re read Spoilers abound I loved this one 4.5 stars for properly looking at the different facets of romance in a realistic college way, and for introducing the theme of violence and sexual assault in context and how it can get messy and complicated An extra half star for the amazing romance that I ve been waiting for it doesn t get old even after multiple readings, and it s one of the only bad boy romances I approve of ROS B is the book that made me completely fall in love with Diana Peterfreund [...]

    9. What can I say Third book.Great book.Also great, lovely, relatable Amy.Still love Diana Peterfreund s writing to the max.Read previous books reviews for fangirling on the same.Not brave enough to start the last volume in the series yet, I love this world so much and am not ready for the imminent farewell

    10. Reread September 2015SHOWER SCENE Just that part deserves 5 stars but overall still an awesome book and my fav in the series.

    11. I confess I think she s terrific.The she I refer to could be applied to both the author of Rites of Spring Break , the phenomenal Diana Peterfreund, and to her lead character, Amy Bugaboo Haskell In the third installment of the Ivy League Novels, RoS b continues to dish out the intrigue, the developing romance, and a side helping of humor to make a rather satisfying read.The first two novels in the series, Secret Society Girl and Under the Rose, were both masterfully written and plotted Diana s [...]

    12. How I Came To Own This Book I randomly picked up two books at Barnes Noble last fall November in the series, and enjoyed them enough to order this third one.The Plot Amy Haskel and her fellow Diggers that s the spoiler for you if you haven t read the first two are off for a Spring Break vacation at the Rose Grave s private island Cavador Key Of course, nothing is quite that simple as Amy juggles a variety of love quandaries, as well as the usual and not so usual society dramas including a feud w [...]

    13. In this third installment of the Ivy League Novels, Our Girl Amy finds herself sludging through the gloom that is New Haven in late winter early spring, wondering who named her whipping girl in the latest intercollegiate secret society rumble Meanwhile, her ex friend with benefits makes a sudden reappearance in her life and the already nigh unto crippling confusion factor gets ratcheted up a dozen or so notches Fortunately, the annual Rose Grave spring break excursion to Cavador Key looms on the [...]

    14. I kind of love the Secret Society Girl series the other one being Under the Rose The story is about the first class of female taps in fictional Eli University a thinly veiled Yale s fictional secret society Rose Grave a thinly veiled Skull Bones I keep referring to the series as my trashy YA secret society books, but they re actually neither trashy nor YA I just can t quite explain why I like them so much, and I ve been getting no end of weird looks due to my plot descriptions and the unfortunat [...]

    15. I HAVE THINGS I WANT TO SAY ABOUT THIS BOOK SO REVIEW FORTHCOMING I m going to review the entire series at the end but as this one is a my favorite in the series so far, and b the one I think I have the most to talk about, I m going to do a review for this one by itself, and then an overall series review once I finish Tap Gown D

    16. Life is never quite for a Digger, especially Amy Haskel Amy, or Bugaboo, as her brothers call her is up to her usually antics, getting in trouble with guys and being the new target for the pranks of a rival secret society When spring break comes around, Amy is ecstatic to escape from Eli campus and go to a private island off the coast of Florida occupied only by fellow Diggers and their families However, life does not calm down in the slightest when she arrives on Cavador Key Instead it gets ex [...]

    17. This review is for the whole series.I ve never been a particularly social person My college years passed me by without my ever joining a club or entering a sorority, and I largely preferred it that way Thus, though I had heard nothing but positive reviews about Diana Peterfreund s Secret Society Girl series, I doubted it would be something I could relate to After finishing the first book, Secret Society Girl, I still had my doubts, as I had a hard time connecting with protagonist Amy Though Amy [...]

    18. What Amy Haskel thought would be her best and last year at prestigious Eli University has been crazier than she could have ever imagined After being tapped into the uber secret Rose Grave secret society she s dealt with 1 disgruntled patriarchs who think adding girls to the society will be it s downfall2 fellow society brothers who have no qualms about publishing society secrets breaking several oaths in the processSo Amy hasn t exactly had much breathing room or time to work on her thesis for t [...]

    19. i hereby confess it was better than i thought man, this was a great beach read and i am terribly sad to find out the fourth and last installment isn t coming out until 2009 these books are such fun and have actual literary merits that you don t have to feel quite so guilty back with amy bugaboo haskell and her D177 rose grave members, this time we have feuding between societies, secret islands, crazy caretakers, and the return of some favorite characters it s humorous, smart and funny, and you w [...]

    20. Ah, I SO KNEW IT After reading the second book, there must have been something going on between Jamie and Amy Awe, too cute When Jamie was there for Amy, waiting for her, outside of the library Haha No, Jamie doesn t like Amy He s freaking in love with her ASDKLJ, I was just grinning like a weirdo, and saying over and over in my head I so called it And the whole mystery in the novel HA, I so knew it Darren, you re a sketchy lil kid When he was hanging outside of the girls rooms, I sensed it was [...]

    21. ENG PORT BRI just loved it I love that author and, especially, I love this series In this book, again the character of Amy Bugaboo Haskel gets into trouble, is threatened with death and Begins to understand what is fall in love for real And exactly for whom, at first, we never would think as an option But the author has developed so well and that advances seemed very natural, without forcing the bar I loved it from start to finish, attached to each line, desperate to read Eu simplesmente AMEI A [...]

    22. I read these 3 books all in one go, and my impression is that the series is getting worse with each book The plot here seemed unlikely, the sources of conflict ever changing and seemed forced It is probably the most romantic of the books, the most focused on it and closer to any resolution And while the romance is interesting to me, this type of pairings is an archetype for good reason, some part of my brain still goes oh really in very sarcastic tones at that particular pair.

    23. This series gets better and better with each book I love how the author picks up where she left off without alot of missing time mean while building on each character Also included in this series is the first chapter to he next book which picks up in the eact instant this one stops Unfortunately it s been told that the next book is the last in this series I recommend starting with the first in the series and carrying on It is so worth it

    24. And then less than a day later, I finally rounded out what s been written so far Next up, graduation Seriously, though, while I usually see the social developments coming by a mile off, how do I miss the obvious answers to the mysteries Clearly my emotions in the relationship departments are blinding my mystery sensibilities Five stars, unable to put it down, but nevertheless will not swear that you, specifically will love these books No matter how awesome they are.

    25. All three of the current books in this series with the last due to come out next summer are totally girly, but hard to put down I started this last night, got up this morning, started reading and didn t stop until the book ended They are good reads, cute books, with a good plot They aren t going to become classics or anything, but they are fun.

    26. My absolute fave of the SSG series OMG, I love this book I could just squeeee with delight thinking about all the memorable and fabulous partsLifesavers, swimming lessons, and of course, outdoor showers By the time you read this book, you ll be addicted to the SSG series And a certain sarcastic and brooding someone.

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