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Installing Linux on a Dead Badger By Lucy A. Snyder,

  • Title: Installing Linux on a Dead Badger
  • Author: Lucy A. Snyder
  • ISBN: 9781894953474
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Installing Linux on a Dead Badger and other Oddities is a collection of Lucy Snyder s humorous essays, fiction and articles, some culled from places like Strange Horizons and Spacesuits and Six Guns and some brand new This collection of thirteen short stories, articles and essays from Lucy A Snyder will appeal to any fan of zombies, aliens or installation manuals.Installing Linux on a Dead Badger and other Oddities is a collection of Lucy Snyder s humorous essays, fiction and articles, some culled from places like Strange Horizons and Spacesuits and Six Guns and some brand new This collection of thirteen short stories, articles and essays from Lucy A Snyder will appeal to any fan of zombies, aliens or installation manuals Here s what said about Lucy, last time we checked Lucy A Snyder is an American science fiction, fantasy, humor, and nonfiction writer She grew up in San Angelo, Texas but moved to Bloomington, Indiana for graduate studies at Indiana University and currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Gary A Braunbeck Snyder served as an editor for HMS Beagle, an online bioscience publication produced by Elsevier She has also contributed technical articles to publications such as Electronic Products.
    Installing Linux on a Dead Badger Installing Linux on a Dead Badger and other Oddities is a collection of Lucy Snyder s humorous essays fiction and articles some culled from places like Strange Horizons and Spacesuits and Six Guns a

    One thought on “Installing Linux on a Dead Badger”

    1. I m a little confused why there is so much time spent going on about OS compatibility for the install tools I understand some newbies might want to put Linux on their dead badgers or weasels, stoats, and ferrets while running a GUI on Mac or Windows But seems to me even most casual hobbyists should have a Linux distro on a desktop before jumping forward with cybermancy.Other than that quibble, most of the stories in this slender book are pretty entertaining The riffs on cyber necromancy which in [...]

    2. This book is compulsory and compulsive reading for anybody who has ever been part of the IT crowd, or worked with IT people You don t need much knowledge of Linux or anything else for that matter, though as a zoologist albeit one with little experience with the Mustelidae , I am prepared to believe that one might, indeed, get Linux running on a dead badger.Then again, I once proposed to build a combined fluid logic computer and coffee maker for the Botany Department, so I may be biased.Anyhow Ge [...]

    3. This is a wonderfully funny and witty collection of short pieces Not only does it explain how to do what the title promises, but also offers delightful observations such as anyone who plans to become a vampire should have all of their silver dental work removed first It s a terrific zombie volume.

    4. i really like the idea, i don t really like the deatils of how it is explored, but i super like the fact THAT it is explored.

    5. If you ve ever encountered one of those geeks who insists upon installing Linux on everything from his new iPhone to a BetaMax he found at a thrift store, this title should elicit a laugh Unfortunately the actual book doesn t live up to the promise of the title.The title essay explains how to do the actual installation with a combination of technology and eldritch magic Conceptually, this is a great idea, but if you ve ever read a how to on installing Linux, you know how dreadfully boring they a [...]

    6. In this book, Snyder succeeds in making zombies both human and animal wickedly funny no matter how jaded you are by cries of Braaaaaaaaaaaains Either this book will make you laugh out loud at least once, or you should consider having yourself checked for signs of death.Snyder s work first came to my attention when the cover story, Installing Linux on a Dead Badger was submitted to SFF webzine Strange Horizons, where I was then an articles editor I can t take much credit for discovering her, thou [...]

    7. Although each of the short stories or essays in Installing Linux stands alone, you ll find a few common themes Most touch on technology Many have mythical creatures zombies, fairies, trolls, and such Some may have a dark side, but all are humorous, with many satirizing something or someone in the process.The title story gives directions for installing the Linux operating system on a badger When you re done you ll have a zombie badger that can be operated like a robot Doesn t that sound like fun [...]

    8. I read the original, shorter version of the titular essay on Everything2, and found it as funny as the title suggests it would be Unless you read the title and figure that can t possibly be what it s actually about I m not sure the fleshed out piece adds great value, getting a bit redundant, but Linux geeks will still love it The other eight or nine stories in the volume are storyish , with a nice thread of continuity in them e.g fake company names in the zombie centric areas, which is most of [...]

    9. A quick, cute, fun compilation of 12 stories and essays, some of which have appeared in various publications The first chapter reads as a technical manual, describing detailed instructions on obviously installing Linux on a dead badger, complete with troubleshooting tips and software recommendations The next few chapters are presented as current newspaper or magazine articles, each quite matter of factly reporting such topics as how todays successful businesses are effectively utilizing zombie e [...]

    10. While it starts from a clever premise the literal combination of computer science and necromancy the stories that riff on this premise are fairly shallow social satire, resting on obvious and entirely accurate, to be fair jokes about outsourcing and corporate greedat is, until two thirds of the way through Then it suddenly becomes a series of strange urban fantasy stories, only the first one of which has anything to do with the previous concept and takes it to a interesting level by showing you [...]

    11. Snyder is a brilliant satirist of IT culture and this collection of parody technical manuals, media articles, and short stories will make you giggle till you kernel panic The majority of the collected works form a loose narrative surrounding the titular piece about installing Linux on a dead badger This is built upon as the fictional world discovers the ability to command other undead life and eventually otherworldly forces as automation initiatives and information technology conduits which quic [...]

    12. This is a collection of stories, sort of interrelated, if sometimes only by weirdness It started and ended strong, but I thought some of the zombie stories in the middle kind of blurred together Then again, I ve kind of had it with zombies, especially the humorous kind The format varies from story to story a bunch of them are written as newspaper stories, but a few are just regular stories, and Installing Linux on a Dead Badger itself is written as instructions.The last story in the book, In the [...]

    13. This was fun the stories are written effectively and each does something interesting It s probably even better if you have an even stronger affection than I for zombies particularly , fairies, evil spirits, vampires, and other supernatural elements of horror and fantasy, all used here with wry humor as tools of satire as much as SF Fantasy.Similarly, it s probably better for fans of such things who know a lot about information technology Also programming and corporate HR, to some extent.But if [...]

    14. Themes of IT, Technology, zombies, reanimation, and HR keep the stories moving and I laughed out loud than once I m giving it a Four out of Five, because while I absolutely loved the material I wasn t thrilled with the narration.

    15. This is utterly, utterly hilarious Do not eat drink or otherwise consume anything whilst reading this book, otherwise you ll find yourself choking on, or spraying it all over your prized possessions It s a must read for every Linux geek out there, not to mention zombie lovers.

    16. Humorous, geeky zombie stories I was even entertained than I had hoped when I ran across the title Not what I initially expected, but very awesome nonetheless Super quick read, fyi it s a short little book.

    17. yesterday, I was chatting with a fellow reader on how lovely is to find fiction about your matter of expertise Installing Linux on a Dead badger is that, and is hilarious.Really loved this short bookAnd if cybermancy is not invented yet, someone should

    18. this is a fun collection of horrific stories and i love that author lucy a snyder found not only a different voice for each but a completely plausible reason for their being told for the need to have them told i smiled all the way through this book and would like now please

    19. The title tells you everything you need to know, apart from the reason to weaponize them against zombies.

    20. I was expecting from the hype It had some cute concepts, but I got of a laugh from the poem at the back of the book that she wrote in fourth grade.

    21. Maybe it s because I ve spent many years in IT, but this is easily one of the funniest collections of stories I ve ever read.

    22. One weird book, but enjoyable Lucy A Snyder is one of my favorite authors I like her humor, weird stories, and poetry.

    23. I think this is a good book for Network Administrators seeking other Network Administrators to spend quality time with.An interesting and quirky mix of technology, ghouls and satire.

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