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  • Title: And Then I Met Margaret
  • Author: Rob White
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From humble beginnings, Rob White went on to become very successful in the real estate and restaurant business At the same time that he began enjoying material wealth, he experienced a deepening feeling of inner emptiness So he sought out world class gurus to help him understand better how to live a full, rich life However, he eventually discovered that the most helpfulFrom humble beginnings, Rob White went on to become very successful in the real estate and restaurant business At the same time that he began enjoying material wealth, he experienced a deepening feeling of inner emptiness So he sought out world class gurus to help him understand better how to live a full, rich life However, he eventually discovered that the most helpful gurus aren t necessarily bestselling self help authors, world famous keynote speakers, or famous workshop leaders they re unassuming gurus that everyone encounters on their journey through life These everyday teachers awakened Rob to powerful insights and life lessons that are superb starting points for a new life This book recaps twenty one of Rob s awakening moments in inspirational, warm, and entertaining stories You ll read about a grade school student who, with one simple question, helped Rob gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of life You ll meet a Maasai mother who demonstrated that we re much than we dare to imagine And you ll meet a former peanut vendor who turned medical wisdom on its head by simply deciding that he wasn t going to die And Then I Met Margaret demonstrates that life is always supporting you by sending the right and perfect person to help you learn what you next need to know in order to grow Rob wrote this book to alert you to the many unexpected teachers who can help shatter the myths that keep you from you experiencing life to the fullest and achieving your dreams and goals After reading And Then I Met Margaret, you ll never see the world the same way You may even recognize an unexpected guru or two as you travel the journey of your life.
    And Then I Met Margaret From humble beginnings Rob White went on to become very successful in the real estate and restaurant business At the same time that he began enjoying material wealth he experienced a deepening feeli

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    1. If you ask me what genre is this book, I would say this book is a combination of inspirational and memoir This book contains 21 chapters which ranging from about his life as a kid which is expected to work in a factory mill in future, as a high school graduate choosing the college route, as a school teacher, until about his life as a real estate developer and restaurateur What I have learnt the most from this book is to view life from the lens of endless transformational opportunities to reinven [...]

    2. I found And Then I Met Margaret to be an entertaining anthology about the author s life, and the tone was nicely consistent, which was a big plus I didn t give it five stars because it just didn t wow me, and some of the stories fell short of being decidedly profound Overall, this is the best nonfiction anthology I ve picked up, and it s a sweet read if you re looking for something uplifting but not heavy.

    3. This was a unique book rather like Aesop s fable, we accompany the author from boyhood to a successful adulthood The book is composed of a series of short stories from the author s perspective that start with the myths the author believed about the way the world works and the people on the way who turned his worldview on its head The protagonist and author, Bob White comes off as very resourceful with the advice he receives and makes a point of paying it foreword.The author starts by talking abo [...]

    4. And then I met Margaret is a collection of short stories where the author details how ordinary gurus changed his life.The author takes you on a journey via his short stories of life lessons he has learned He begins the book by citing the self help gurus he has met and the valuable information they shared with him The rest of the stories begin with a myth he once believed about life, and end with what he deems the actual truth about it The stories range from his early years and follow his career [...]

    5. This is the full text of my review at forumsinebookclub vie Reading the introduction to Rob White s And Then I Met Margaret, with its litany of internationally famous self help gurus, like Ramm Dass, Deepak Chopra, and Werner Erhard, I steeled myself for something equivalent to Robert T Kiyosaki s Rich Dad, Poor Dad guides on how to flip real estate to become rich I anticipated, chapter after chapter, we would read of insights gleaned from that roster of fame, but left disappointed as most were [...]

    6. Among the billions of people living alongside us in this world, I believe there s no questioning the fact that we re going to meet some amazing and inspirational teachers in our life s journey And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White chronicles the instances in a man s life where he experiences inspiring learning opportunities and the people who taught him Beginning with tales of his childhood and ending with recent moments, White does a masterful job at discussing his deep thoughts with the world [...]

    7. Wow Are you tired of struggling in life Do you wonder if you have made the correct choices Then read this book, And Then I Met Margaret, by Rob White This is a nonfiction, self help book The author s goal is to use real life examples of mistakes to teach people how to improve their lives In this book, the author shares personal stories of his own failures and accomplishments Each chapter presents a lesson on life and discusses how to overcome any diversity blocking your path The author does not [...]

    8. And Then I Met Margaret is a self help and motivational book by Rob White It follows Rob s life starting from his childhood in a small town to being a successful real estate entrepreneur and restaurateur Rob recounts his personal encounters with people and situations and the ways in which he learnt to better navigate through life.The book follows the idea that we come across many unacknowledged teachers in daily life whose impact on our lives is manifold We may all have come across such people, [...]

    9. This book took me a lot longer to finish than it should have, given that each chapter is fairly short, but I just couldn t get into it This book has generated a lot of online discussion, with some people loving it and some hating it Unfortunately, I fall into the latter camp.This book is made up of many short vignettes describing life lessons learned by the author Each chapter begins with a statement that he believed to be true, such as Learn to fit in play it safe it s right and proper and Only [...]

    10. Rob White is a millionaire who was struggling to find satisfaction in his life As a very wealthy man he initially told himself he would be happy after buying one sports car or one house but eventually he realised these material possessions weren t making him happy This led Rob to start his quest for self fulfilment He started out by seeking many famous self help authors and speakers only to find the best life gurus were normal people you would met during your day to day life you just need to k [...]

    11. And Then I Met Margaret is a non fiction self help book written by author Rob White It was published in 2014 Rob is also a motivational coach and philosopher Rob spends his time inspiring and helping others achieve success If you enjoy spiritual path stories with a focus on life lessons and tips for success, then you ll enjoy And Then I Met Margaret.And Then I Met Margaret opens with some inspirational words that lead into the first story Following the first are a series of stories accompanied w [...]

    12. Every day is a new opportunity to learn something that you can apply to improve yourself as a person as well as your overall perspectives At the end of it all, what really wins is being real, being honest, and being humble Accompany Bob White as he encounters many people along his journey from a boy to a man, learning and sharing with others One thing I like about Bob s character is he s very resourceful with the advice he receives from others and does his best to pay it forward by helping other [...]

    13. Some of the greatest learning opportunities in my lifetime have been treasured gifts, sometimes coming from the most unexpected places.Rob White shares a collection of personal stories, starting in childhood, that shaped his life One story that touched my heart is the lesson he learned from Rose Kennedy when he was a student working at a lavish party If it is to be, it s up to me Each of us has the choice to defy the odds and reach for our dream But, you need to first have faith in yourself Mr W [...]

    14. Half memoir, half motivational text, And Then I Met Margaret is a fun, inspirational, and quick read.The book follows White s life, from childhood and adulthood, running down the lessons he s learned and passed on to others White has been a schoolteacher, a real estate developer, a restaurateur, and a motivational speaker, and he has also had many other unique experiences, especially through his travel These experiences make the book unique, but White also seems very down to earth and does not g [...]

    15. And then I Met Margaret a review by Rosemary KennyThis interesting rites of passage book is a slightly rambling one, as it s autobiographical in nature, rather than coming across as a business presentation The author leads the reader in a literate and well expounded inspirational journey, from his younger tomboyish phase of general mischief, including petty thievery shoplifting and on into the realising what Life s all about road to Damascus type revelations, that only hard work and application [...]

    16. A relatable self help bookI normally do not read self help,motivational books especially those based on true life experiences, however this particular book And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White changed my point of view.I gave this book 4 stars because it was honestly written with any elaborate exaggerations It was an honest exploration of his life and the many people that changed his original view of life from his childhood to an adult.It spoke to me because I read many a few of the motivational [...]

    17. And Then I Met Margaret is an inspirational read Author Rob White shares several life changing experiences that leaves the reader inspired and motivated Rob White came from humble beginnings and quickly began living a life of material wealth after becoming successful in the real estate and restaurant business This left him feeling empty, and in search of filling that void he sought out many world class gurus and self help books He soon realized that these were not the most helpful forms of inspi [...]

    18. Begin LivingAs Rob White began achieving success in the real estate and restaurant business, he also started feeling an inner emptiness That is when he sought out the best gurus to help him learn how to live a full, rich life However he found out that the most helpful gurus weren t the famous authors, seminar leaders and such but the unassuming teachers that each of encounter everyday on their journey through life With the powerful insights and life lessons that he learned Rob tells of his awake [...]

    19. And Then I Met Margaret follows one mans various encounters with the most unlikely people to experience and learn important life long lessons that he couldnt find even with the most qualified experts An inspirational tale that encourages us to take a step back and think about our life and who we are and where were going.Each chapter presents a different lesson and a different encounter that helps us gain a new perspective on life and things that happen to not only us but others as well.I really [...]

    20. And then I met Margaret by Rob White is the perfect book to read if you re looking to be motivated to go after your dreams This book is partly an autobiography and party a self help book Rob White talks about his encounters with his unexpected gurus and the lessons they taught him He shows how when he incorporated the lessons he d learnt and applied it to his life, things changed for the better And he does this without sounding overtly preachy The book has made me think about the people who have [...]

    21. This was a whole other genre for me I decided to try it because it was free and I m glad I did it was very good and interesting This was a heartwarming and hard at times to read story This was very well written and it was a very good story to read and understand what all he has been through I am glad I decided to review this one.

    22. Outstanding insights into human interactions and personal growth This book shares excellent wisdom about the authors journey toward life fulfillment Rob White uses candor and humor to illustrate his personal growth A great read that can inspire all of us to appreciate the wisdom each of our lives has to teach ourselves and others

    23. The Greatest Lesson learnt What s this got to do with my growth and development This is the question that should be asked throughout life s experiences I enjoyed this book very much I thought the layout was brilliant Nice, easy read with lots to learn and laugh about.

    24. Rob White wrote this great book about how to transform oneself while learning through one s teachers, those we encounter who help us reflect on ourselves and what we are doing inwardly and outwardly It was a great book as the last several years have been about learning in each moment There were some very applicable stories that allow one to go within and look at one s life and see what is there for me to learn from this and what are my next steps in a positive direction in life.The myths that we [...]

    25. Margaret Is Ten The title is very misleading The main character is a completely unlivable person This is a study of how not to write a self help book.

    26. Rob White s And Then I Met Margaret gave me complete hope in the future I say this because this book of stories was not only very easy to read but it was quite inspirational White starts the stories out in childhood and progresses through each stage of his life What I found most endearing was his ability to find lessons in some of the simplest creatures to the famous people White s life was by no means an easy one but the moral of his story was to never stop believing and never take the easy way [...]

    27. Can one have wealth and happiness at the same time What does it take to live a rich and fulfilling life Rob White started poor and worked hard to attain success in the real estate and restaurant business Now that he has everything he needs, one could think life would be happy for him, but that is an illusion He suffers from what some spiritual experts call aridity, a disturbing emptiness within He needs to discover the secret of happiness But where can he find the answer to the one question that [...]

    28. This book is a written log of events that happened to the author throughout his life, and how he turned them all into positive reactions It made me feel warm how he would pay it forward, and received ensuing good fortune because of it I don t know that I would have caught on to the lesson learned quite as fast as he did I especially enjoyed his memory of his aunt and what she brought to his life There were many quotes included in the book that I liked, but my favorite was Daydreaming is part of [...]

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