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On Foot Through Africa By Ffyona Campbell,

  • Title: On Foot Through Africa
  • Author: Ffyona Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781857978131
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Ffyona Campbell vowed to walk around the world, she was only sixteen By far the hardest stage of this incredible journey was Africa which she completed in September 1993 This personal account of her achievement tells of her relationship with the women of the villages she passed through, how she learnt their traditions and skills how she was nearly murdered, almostWhen Ffyona Campbell vowed to walk around the world, she was only sixteen By far the hardest stage of this incredible journey was Africa which she completed in September 1993 This personal account of her achievement tells of her relationship with the women of the villages she passed through, how she learnt their traditions and skills how she was nearly murdered, almost raped, taken for a cannibal spirit, stoned and mobbed when they suspected she was a slave merchant And it tells how her anger turned to contentment as she found peace within herself and how each evening her campsite became a home when she fell in love with one of her drivers.
    On Foot Through Africa When Ffyona Campbell vowed to walk around the world she was only sixteen By far the hardest stage of this incredible journey was Africa which she completed in September This personal account of

    One thought on “On Foot Through Africa”

    1. Ffyona Campbell walked from Cape Town to Tangiers as part of an attempt to set a world record What motivated her to set this record in the first place is unclear I can only assume that, as this is her second book the first detailed her walk across Australia, part of the same attempt , details were included in the first.It s an odd way to see a continent Campbell herself admits to some of the limits Although I crossed this continent slowly slowly enough to smell its air and feel its undulations [...]

    2. I love this book and have reread it many times Even though FFyona herself is not that endearing in fact she can be quite irritating her determination is admirable This book helped me to understand about Africa on a socio politial level, from a truly on the ground perspective When I later discovered that FFyona had cheated in her American walk she doctored her kilometres because she was pregnant and tired I was a bit sad She had put so much in to all her other walks and they were achievements in [...]

    3. There s been a lot of criticism about this book on the net either that the author was a whiner and didn t want to take part in interviews, etc at the request of her sponsors or that she walked through Africa in an insulated bubble but about 200 pages into the book, I don t find that to be the case at all I was travelling through a tunnel, keeping reality beyond the firelight.I was walking to the beat of a different drum That was a passage that a previous reader had highlighted, maybe s he heard [...]

    4. I was disenchanted by Ffyona Campbell s admission shortly after I finished reading this book that she had cheated on her walk through America, taking lifts for about 1,000 miles of the walk I may not have realised then that Ffyona was in the early stages of pregnancy at the time, and not well Or maybe I did and did not understand the extreme physical and mental exhaustion that pregnancy can make you feel.Anyway, I then doubted the veracity of this book probably unfairly The book tells of a feat [...]

    5. A hard book to read Sometimes, as hard as the Walk itself I didn t know anything about Ffyona until somebody give me this book and told me it was ok I wouldn t have read otherwise.I did not relate to her quest I find it hard to do so, when you have a Land Rover with a variable crew, helping you along the way It was a major turn off, for me, during the length of the book.Why didn t she went alone Was it a logistical aspect of complying with the rules of a official record I ll never knowIn the end [...]

    6. On Foot Through Africa is a journal of part of Ffyona Campbell s round the world walk this book covers from South Africa to Morocco beginning with her struggle to get any sponsorship and ending with her triumphant run down to the sea.Ffyona s descriptions of the African countries that she passes though are awe inspiring, but some of the actions of the people she encounters are quite shocking Their attitudes, particularly to lone women, were alien and disappointing to me and I found the donnez mo [...]

    7. This was the first of Ffyona s books I read and I thought it was inspirational I could not understand why I had not come across her before It charts her tale of a walk across Africa, her relationship with her support crew and the people she meets along the way There s no doubt she s a determined and driven woman, and it is this side of her character that dominates most of the book However, I was especially drawn in by the rare moments where she showed her heart and softened a little Some readers [...]

    8. By the time I managed to read this book it was quite dated However, the experience of walking through Africa is honestly described with all the hardships of weather, disease and hostility.What is most interesting and disturbing for me was her experience in Morocco with sexual harassment The fact that this did not happen in all other Muslim countries in Africa is emphasized This ehoes my own experience as a woman growing up in Muslim Arab countries I feel safer among African men that I do among p [...]

    9. It grew on me The first few chapters were a struggle as Ffyona was not particularly endearing and I did not really want to hear about her difficulties in getting on with her drivers Two countries into Africa and she finally stops ranting and turns her attention to her fascinating surroundings And then I was hooked enough to keep going At times I lost track of who was who, and other times her anecdotes fizzled out too soon But the experience is unique and for that reason it is worth persevering.

    10. I read this a long while ago but still remember being drawn into the persistence of this challenge, but then occasionally jilted when you consider the entourage around her and then the complete irrelevance of her relationship with one of the group I do remember a near miss with one of the locals and a potential rape which adds weight to another review of this book I just saw that this is something to read about rather than do yourself.

    11. This is one of my all time favorite books I picked up a copy at Heathrow airport and read it during the entire flight to SFO I didn t even put it down waiting in line through customs It s a remarkable story about a woman who walks across the entire continent of Africa I found it intriguing that someone would even be inspired to do this, and it was interesting to read about all of her encounters along the way.

    12. This book was mildly interesting as far as memoirs go I enjoy reading travel stories, and this one was nice because I ve been to some of the countries she walked through and live on the border of another I don t really get the drive of someone to do something like Ffyona did, but admire her for sticking it out.

    13. Ffyona Campbell was one of the first long distance hikers This details just a section across Africa of her mammoth trek all the way around the world.If you love hiking, adventure and the outdoors it s well worth a read.

    14. Loved every bit of it It goes down to describe the reality on the ground and brings out a true picture of Africa and the fact that no matter what challenges the continent faces, there is still hope that one day things will be different because Africa is so much .

    15. Not the best walking book I ve ever read, but it has its moments Best lines Expeditions started as explorations, but the world has been explored What remains is exploration of self, the need to make a journey Native people understand this as part of life.

    16. The idea of walking 10,000 miles across Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo, just delights me It s something I would prefer to read of as opposed to actually walking.

    17. I was exhausted by the time I got to the endfelt I had taken every step with her Fantastic read Couldnt put it down.

    18. Too much on her health issues and trouble with so many different companions One book on her walk across Australia sufficient

    19. Walking on foot through Africa does not make you an instant good writer Still I had to finish it, so that must mean something.

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