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Reject Me By Jennifer Foor,

  • Title: Reject Me
  • Author: Jennifer Foor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 260
  • Format: None
  • Peyton Hutchinson and Jamey Billings were an unlikely couple from the start.They d been together for a while, half of it in secret, but she s ready to get serious and take things to the next level She moves in with Jamey, forcing him to label what they are to each other, and he s not pleased about it During all of the drama Peyton realizes that Jamey thinks clearing hisPeyton Hutchinson and Jamey Billings were an unlikely couple from the start.They d been together for a while, half of it in secret, but she s ready to get serious and take things to the next level She moves in with Jamey, forcing him to label what they are to each other, and he s not pleased about it During all of the drama Peyton realizes that Jamey thinks clearing his head with other women is just the thing he needs While she s been at home waiting for him, he was out in the same parking lot he took her to, cheating She turns to her brother, the known ex cheater, for advice and does as he suggests She rejects Jamey, ending the relationship and making it clear that she never wants to see him again.A broken hearted Jamey finally realizes what he s lost and decides that he won t give up until he gets Peyton back.Will she forgive him or find someone else that will appreciate her
    Reject Me Peyton Hutchinson and Jamey Billings were an unlikely couple from the start They d been together for a while half of it in secret but she s ready to get serious and take things to the next level She

    One thought on “Reject Me”

    1. FAVORITE ONE OF THE THE SERIES so far Oh man did my heart hurt Jamey was a total douche I hated him right awaybut then loved himhhhhh then hated him again LolI felt for Peyton and how her feelings for him were making her weak to be keep going back to him.Through out this book I didn t know what to expect Jenn to do Was she going to throw another guy in the mix or was she going to let Jamey and Peyton get their HEA.My my my how I love the angst The cheating the lies and the hurtful words hurt so [...]

    2. Reject me is book 5 In the Kin Series.Have the tissue on hand Peyton and Jamey s story is going to pull your heart every which way Reject me is a story of love, loss, healing and self discovery Two people who love each other so much that at the same time it hurts to be around them With or without each other it hurts, so much they need the other to breathe, feel comfort and protected The heart wants to stay and the head and family are saying stay away.What do you do when you feel like you have be [...]

    3. Peyton and Jamey s story was definitely a little different for me Peyton and Jamey were so immature at times in this book, it was a bit much for me personally Peyton let Jamey use her and Jamey took full advantage Peyton s family manages to get her to stop their destructive behavior and Jamey eventually has to decide if he wants a relationship with her Peyton goes back and forth with her feelings and what she wants to do, so there was a lot of back and forth between these characters Jamey does f [...]

    4. I loved how Jamey was trying to change his ways but at times I thought he was going about it the wrong way, I jumped off the bed and grabbed ahold of her before she could leave the room Just wait a minute I get that we re effed up, but ain t this what you want Tell me it didn t feel good to be back in my bed again, baby You know I m right, don t ya I loved how Peyton finally voiced her opinion and stuck up for herself, because you slept with them Don t you get it You ve destroyed me time and tim [...]

    5. I don t know how this book got so many high reviews seriously, the MC actions were childish and immature, I couldn t see the connection between them, what drew me in was the plot and the reviews but what a disappointment I d been rolling my eyes in each confrontation It s sad because the plot had potential.

    6. At this point I m getting a little tired of these repeating plotlines Girl likes boy, boy and girl get seperated, boy girl try again then some shit happens that drives them apart agony, sadness hurting and crying, forgiveness then boy girl try again.I think I liked this one the least, but then after Remember me my expectations were set a little higher.

    7. Close to a 4 star book but a lot of missed words in sentences Obviously no proof reader but I did enjoy the story.

    8. Jennifer Foor has this knack for taking characters that you have questions about or actually hating them and turning them into characters you cheer for She did it again in this book I DID NOT like Jamey at all during the first part of this book I kept wondering why Peyton didn t just leave his butt I know that she really loves him and will do anything for him, but enough is enough Jamey and Peyton have been an item for a while They have an on again and off again relationship He lies to her, chea [...]

    9. I absolutely hated this book such a disappointment so let s discuss.jamey is a pig this story made women look stupid why is it okay for him to cheat on peyton 3 times and think its okay I get they weren t in a committed relationship in his eyes but she was literally living with him waiting in his bed for him to come home while he was screwing in his car behind the restaurant.oh and all of a sudden he realizes that he does love her and wants to be with her after she is already gone wow thank you [...]

    10. Rejection has to stop at some point, right I m never disappointed with a Jennifer Foor book I think this was my third in a row and I still have a few to go This one didn t have near as many tears as some, but the humor, frustration, and passion were all there And now a bit about the storyThis book focused on Peyton and Jamey He would say they were friends with benefits, but she wanted and he hadn t seen anyone else in the past year, but wouldn t commit The path to commitment was a long one and [...]

    11. this was not one of my favorite books, I did not like the continuous cheating from Jamey and that fact that everytime he apologized for being a douche that Peyton would just go back to him, but then when they were finally broken up for quite some time you could see the changes in Jamey and the pain in Peyton I liked how Jennifer Foor took the character of Jamey being a total idiot and threw so many obstacles in his path It helped the character of Jamey grow in my opinion when he officially lost [...]

    12. This is Peyton and Jamey s story You start off hating Jamey, he is a total ass What does Peyton see in him, beside the fact that he is gorgeous Peyton doesn t want to give up on Jamey but feels its the only way and she breaks it off with him one time, and two times, she keeps going back for heart ache But her heart Loves this Ass I love this series, the characters and the stories Jenn Foor characters are amazing and as you find out reading this book, she has you pulling for Jamey in the end I l [...]

    13. I think I m done with this series but honestly don t know how I made it to book 3 Like the last book, the characters in this book were incredibly immature and selfish Example from this book Jamey has to go to jail and Peyton is mad at him What does she tell him I hope you get raped in the a Wow, lovely The stilted dialog really bothered me sometimes the characters would say ain t , sometimes they wouldn t Unfortunately it really stood out and I couldn t overlook it The constant back and forth be [...]

    14. Hmmm Jennifer Foor sure knows how to bring out the worst in characters through her writing, then turn it around so you change your opinion of them That s certainly true in the 5th instalment of the Kin Series Losing the person that means the most to you, even when you don t know it.Sometimes it s the only way to make a person real use their feelings That s what it took for Jamey to see just how much Peyton meant to him You will cry for them both.If you like angst filled stories then this one won [...]

    15. Loved Jamey and Pey but i will say i have NEVER EVER wanted to throw my kindle across the room before as to when Shayne did that to Jamey twice Shayne made me soooooooo mad in his sisters book i get being the big brother and all that had to go on but sheeesh cut her some slack I totally didnt see the pregnancy coming at all but i loved it i loved that jamey was on board from day one and seemed to have never messed up with her again.

    16. Jamey is so stuck on himself that the thought of his girl Peyton not wanting him was unimaginable So when Peyton had finally had enough, Jamey thought it would be easy to move on Little did he know his deeply buried feelings were about to make headway full force The problem now is convincing Peyton and their families that his love is genuine.

    17. These two drove me freaking crazy, but I still loved the story After the emotional breakdown from the last book in the series, this one was angst I think the characters ages had something to do with it, but I just didn t connect with them as much My favorite part of the whole story was the bracelet what is that you ask, well you ll have to read it to see.

    18. OOOOoooh She did it again I absolutely love each and everything Jennifer writes She is one of my all time favorite authors I fall in love with every character she creates At first I wanted to punch Payton in the face and tell her to wake up and Jamey reminded me soooo much of Joey that I knew he wouldn t disappoint me I can t wait to read what she s cooking up for Parker

    19. Not my favorite of the series I didn t get the appeal of Jamey and Peyton s relationship but I did like the introduction of a new character, Wayne and his daughter Hopefully he gets his own HEA Glad to see Parker and I m very intrigued about how he s going to get back into our good graces again.

    20. This book was my least favorite of the series Peyton Jamey were too immature for words then to go and throw a baby into the mixeven though this book was a let down I am still looking forward to Parker s story hopefully it delivers.

    21. What an emotional roller coaster One second you love him and the next minute you re hating him It s amazing how they went through it Not giving anything away so just read it to find how and where they each ended up.

    22. It was a cute read, alot of college stuff drama That was what i needed to read at the time and I loved it.

    23. Another hit, although not as much hot sex as the others in the series Peyton is so sweet and glad that Jamey finally learnt his lesson and done right by Peyton Looking forward to Parker s story.

    24. Another great book by a great writer, I loved it and i m so glad that Jamey finally got his act together Now i can t wait to read about Parker5 Stars

    25. I laughed and cried and cried some Poor Peyton and her struggles with Jamey I feel like it had a great ending though.

    26. I absolutely love these two I knew they would end up together and happy All of the crap that came their way they beat it together.

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