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The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book By Fannie Merritt Farmer Wilma Lord Perkins,

  • Title: The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book
  • Author: Fannie Merritt Farmer Wilma Lord Perkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fannie Merritt Farmer The Boston Cooking School Cook Book Ninth Edition Completely Revised by Wilma Lord Perkins
    The Boston Cooking School Cook Book Fannie Merritt Farmer The Boston Cooking School Cook Book Ninth Edition Completely Revised by Wilma Lord Perkins

    One thought on “The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book”

    1. So much better than The Joy of Cooking I have a 1965 edition fully stained, coverless, held together with duct tape, and passed down to me from my mother who also learned to cook from this book and eventually went on to become a chef I love the recipe structure and overall layout of the book And all bases are covered is your chicken not fully plucked Here s how to finish that task.

    2. Great book to have in your library I don t know that I will ever see a first edition of the 1896 Fannie Farmer cookbook, but this book is the exact replication of that edition I read cookbooks like novels and these kinds of old cookbooks is no exception I can t wait to dig in no pun intended Another great find at Half Price Books in Dublin, CA.

    3. This is a facsimile of the original 1896 printing of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook by Fannie Merritt Farmer It also, amusingly enough, is a facsimile of the original owner s amendments and comments, so that one occasionally finds amounts annotated in a neat, round hand, or Molasses Cookies labelled good and Soft Molasses Cookies labelled not good The facsimile advertisements at the back of the book are a hoot.The recipes are good, but take some getting used to Soda, for example, means bakin [...]

    4. Found my 1906 version, previously owned by a Mrs Blanche Rooney according to the inscription , in a dusty little antique shop in S N summer of 2011 Loved this book, partly because it was well used and even had a small valentine in it as well as a week of dishes straight from the book I loved the history of the book and it really made me step back and take note of cooking and its history Well worth a flip through.

    5. Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book would be a lot interesting and exciting if it were not Kindle sized The book is much smaller than a cookbook of it s heft ought tot be The binding makes it hard to keep open and the small size makes it hard to even browse It is surprising how international the recipes are I would love this book if it was in a format that was reader friendly.

    6. My copy is one handed down from my great aunt Dorothy After reading commentary from Julia Child and others about how Americans viewed food in the early 20th century, this is certainly eye opening with all the hallmarks of poor construction Someone would need a thorough education about the details of cooking procedure, timing, ingredient handling and so on to even know where to start.

    7. I ve had this classic cookbook in my kitchen for years, but honestly haven t used it that much It s well organized, but the format doesn t allow the pages to lie flat have to prop it open It s a good source though when you can t find what you re looking for elsewhere.

    8. This has been our family s basic cookbook for years and the older version was given to me by my mother when I got married I am not as familiar with the newer version but it is a good standard cookbook with very good baking recipes.

    9. My great grandma gave this to me, it s a wealth of information There is a lot of lard in the recipes, but they are easily updated to today s methods and ingredients And there is ton s of very modern nutrition info

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