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Darkchylde By Randy Queen,

  • Title: Darkchylde
  • Author: Randy Queen
  • ISBN: 9781563895586
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Darkchylde The Descent collects the original miniseries and the Spawn interlude, WildStorm Homage Comics, 1998
    Darkchylde Darkchylde The Descent collects the original miniseries and the Spawn interlude WildStorm Homage Comics

    One thought on “Darkchylde”

    1. Darkchylde is what happens when good premise meets campy writing.Ariel is a 17 year old girl who has the power to transform into the creatures of her nightmares Some other guy or demon, I was never really sure wants to capture the monsters she brings into this world and keep them under his control to do his bidding This premise was enough to hook me However, the execution was run of the mill action fluff that kept me away from comics in my teens None of the characters ever become than their ste [...]

    2. Great concept, strange execution A lot of potential that was ruined by distracting artwork and busy layout.I know part of this can be attributed to the time frame, but the girl s proportions were bizarre She wasn t Elf supermodel like, she looked like a severely skinny Barbie doll with huge fake breasts Perry s proportions were also bizarre They are supposed to be seniors in high school but it looks like a seedy pornographic version of itself.The demons were fantastic, versatile, fun Text frame [...]

    3. Probably the worst I ve read thus The art is bad and confusing at times there are a lot of better options for those who are into the whole overly sexual minor kind of a thing , the writing is third grade level at best , the fonts used for the nightmares speech makes reading it almost impossible, and you know what s about to happen before the characters have the chance to foreshadow it There are a lot of ways to take a very stereotypical story with very stereotypical characters and make it intere [...]

    4. Ariel Chylde discovers she has a mean curse which allows her to shed her skin and become the many monsters from her nightmares This is a fun, spooky collection, and while this edition was originally released in 1999, it still has a certain manic energy and creative vitality missing from most modern comics Ariel is a resilient character who isn t waiting around for some guy to save her she s too busy saving herself and her town Okay, she almost burns it all down in the end, and I thought the clos [...]

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