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If I Stay Collection By Gayle Forman,

  • Title: If I Stay Collection
  • Author: Gayle Forman
  • ISBN: 9780147515025
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. You Don t Share Me, You Own Me I m not sure that I could ever write a review to do this series justice I saw the movie trailer pop up on tv this morning for the first time, and it looks amazing Unfortunately, my real life friend I gave the book to didn t appreciate the ugly cry It s not my fault, I wanted her to see the movie with me Please Mia, he implores Don t make me write a song.The second book was my personal favorite, it s impossible not to fall in love with Adam I thought the musical lyr [...]

    2. A must read no matter what your age If I Stay is a powerful young adult novel by Gayle Forman, which asks the question what would you do if it was up to you as to whether you live or die The novel starts with seventeen year old Mia and her family celebrating an unexpected snow day at home in her Oregon hometown Mia, her father and her much younger brother all are out of school for the day, which prompts her mother to also take the day off They decide to spend the day visiting friends and Mia s g [...]

    3. Why are the ratings so high for this book there is nothing that compels me to rate it anything above 2 stars First of all, her perfect, musically inclined family with their liberal ways and free spirits are hardly the nuclear family structure we see today, the relationship she has with Adam was facing this all or nothing next step, and while the story line and memories were nice to read and share, there is not much of a plot culmination at the end In fact, when I read the last paragraph and went [...]

    4. A few days ago, I bought this collection in the Christmas department in the store, and I can t emphasize enough how this series was flying off the shelves I think the girls were feeling what I felt watching If I Stay in the cinema two months ago I fell in love with the movie deeply, so I had to get the books, and see what would happen to Mia and Adam I also put both separate books on my shelves because I don t like to mix things up Once I m done with both, you will find my reviews separated on e [...]

    5. A teenager named Mia goes through a journey of accepting loss from a tragic event, and recounting many things before the tragedy occurred, while in a coma, memories of family, falling in love, her auditionShe learns to heal over time so she can appreciate what she still has, all the while getting lost in her music.

    6. If I stay was written by Gayle Forman This book is about a girl named Nora who is in a tragic car accident with her family Nora loves to play the cello, and her boyfriend is a heavy medal rock singer Her mom, dad, and little brother Teddy are killed in the car accident Nora is in a coma, but is in a ghostly like form Nora can move about the hospital, she can see her family members, but cannot feel anything Nora wants to die because she doesn t know how she would live without her family The only [...]

    7. Toen ik met wacht op mij begon, had ik verwacht dat het interessant zou zijn, gewoon interessant Maar de laatste 100 150 bladzijdes waren zo goed Ik ben boos geweest op Mia en Adem omdat ze uitelkaar waren en toen ze weer bij elkaar kwamen niks oplosten en elkaar gewoon lieten gaan Maar Thank God, Mia kwant toch terug en alles kwam goed YAAAAAY 3 maar wacht op mij had wel een vrij traag begin, wat wel jammer was Maar voor de rest SUPER GOEIE BOEKEN 3

    8. If I stay 5 5 Wow this book was good Never slow despite all the flashback scenes that I usually find boring in books I thought it was so well done and people who have been through this would appreciate the way Gayle Forman wrote this tragedy.Where She Went 5 5 I LOVED THIS BOOK Reading from Adam s perspective was so interesting and I was hooked the whole time Watch my video review youtube watch v guwUb

    9. Tear jerker I was planning to read this before watching the film but it was all worth it I cried several times because of how the events were narrated The story was heartbreaking but hopeful at the same time I ll let you go if you stay really moving Can t wait to watch the film

    10. If I Stay is a book about a girl named Mia and a tragic accident All of Mia s family is musical but in a punk rock way She is different though because she plays classical cello Mia and her family were on thier way to visit some friends when a truck came barreling over and crashed into them Mia s parents died instantly but her brother and herself made it to the hospital After they had crashed she had found that she was in a kind of ghost form and could walk wherever she wanted but was unable to w [...]

    11. Meine kombinierte Rezension also sowohl zu Band 1 als auch zu Band 2 Vorsicht, es sind Spoiler f r den ersten Teil enthalten semaiv.wordpress 2014 08 1

    12. Absolutely great duo Hard not to fall in love with Adam, dare I say impossible Yes If you ask me, I m not satisfied I want I cant get enough and wish there was a third and fourth book to continue on to My heart would be oh so happy.

    13. I lived the style of this book and the way Gayle brought Mia to life You go so deeply into this book you can t get out.

    14. If I stay is about a girl named Mia who is a chello player and has a dream going in the Julliard college.During a bad storm day while her and her family were driving they get into a horrible accident and Mia goes through a coma and doesn t know what s going on She finds herself battling to survive and wake up from her coma or to die and everyone s visiting her including her friends and her boyfriend Adam who she fell in love with during the time before her whole accident.He was a rock star who a [...]

    15. The very first book that I read And it won t be my last Reading this book encouraged me to read If I Stay is a drama book telling a story about a girl named Mia , that has a choice between dying and living Mia finds it hard to make that choice because she lost precious people in her life that can t be replaced but at the same time , there are still people that she cares about , and can t leave them behind What I liked the most about this book is the strict details I felt like the events were ha [...]

    16. It is my favorite book of the year so far I am dying to read the 2nd book were she went because i was not expecting to be so captured by this book And at the ending of the book she squezed adams hand that part really suprised me.

    17. this is the first book I read And I found it is really amazing that it encourages me to read books If I Stay is a book which is filled with details, which makes each part of it enjoyable Also with much drama for who likes it So Mia had an accident that put her life on the edge, she has to choose either if she wants to stay or not, and why She tells us almost everything that happened in her life, like her first musical instrument, first show, first funeral she went to, and much things This book [...]

    18. This was a novel about life,death, love,music and it was so beautiful.I loved all the characters but I think adam is perfect

    19. If I Stay by Gale Forman was an amazing book I have to say at first I couldn t get right into it Eventually I did because Gale Forman is a phenomenal writer The way she structures her book will make a series of events less difficult to understand Maia, the main character had a story Gale told her story through flashbacks, memories, and also what was happening currently Unlike other books she made the events clear so that the audience wasn t confused If I Stay were one of those books that once yo [...]

    20. In the novel If i stay by Gayle Forman I think the authors message is that choices are a huge impact on life The book takes place in a small town in Oregon and in Portland In the hospital that Mia is staying in, is big and plain There are people everywhere Some are patients, family members, doctors, nurses etc The story is told from the eyes of Mia, a brave, young girl Adam, is Mia s boyfriend He and Mia have one thing in common, their love for music Mia and her brother Teddy have the day off, b [...]

    21. I read this book to screen it for my girls I learned my lesson last time when I gave my oldest daughter Divergent to read Divergent had some pretty steamy scenes My girls are eleven and eight So, I now pre read some books In this case, I am glad I did In general this book has an intense premise the main character loses her family in a car wreck and then she is in an alternate between world determining whether she wants to join her family in death or live without them My oldest can handle that, b [...]

    22. Was it a tragic story of a family A love story between a high school couple Or is it both put into one but yet a simple story If I stay is written by Gayle Forman, and the genre is a mix between romance and fictional A few main characters in the story are Mia the cellist , her two parents,little brother teddy, and her boyfriend Adam Out of all the main characters of If I stay I feel like I connect with her mother, because she is very laid back and just see where life can take her next.While rea [...]

    23. If I Stay, by Gayle Forman was a sad yet happy book at times it was very depressing and at other times it was very exciting The author knew exactly what to write and how to draw in the reader farther and farther, she knew what to say at the right time using a lot of emotional appeals and descriptive words Adam is crying and somewhere inside of me I am crying, too, because I m feeling things at last I m feeling not just the physical pain, but all that I have lost, and it is profound and catastrop [...]

    24. I decided to read this book because I really enjoyed the movie and because my friends have all recommended the book, saying it is better than the movie My favourite character in the book is Mia Hall because she is strong and brave, having to deal with a car crash involving her family Throughout the book she is in a coma but is having an out of body experience Mia Hall is unique as she has the gift to play the cello but with that comes a price as her parents and Brother, Teddy are rock lovers Mia [...]

    25. THIS IS THE BEST CONTEMPORARY SERIES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AND I LOVE ADAM AND MIA AND THEY ARE SO CUTE AND THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER IF I COULD GIVE THIS BOOK 100 STARS I WOULDFirst book I FLEW through this book and I LOVE IT SO MUCH Adam and Mia have the most real relationship I have ever read And they are so perfect together and they are the best ever This book is so heart wrenching and you could feel the emotion SPOILERS Second Book WHY WHY IS THIS BOOK RUINING MY LIFE UGH UGH UGH I CAN [...]

    26. If I Stay was a really entertaining book It was depressing to read though The main character was named Mia Hall who loves her family, her best friend, her boyfriend, and playing the cello She is really close to her family Her dad, Denny, was once a somewhat famous rockstar His band wasn t known outside Portland, Organ, but he was pretty well known Once Mia s little brother, Teddy, was born her dad quit the band and became a school teacher Her mom, Kat, is a travel agent The story starts when the [...]

    27. I rated If I Stay 4 stars because it is one of those books that will stay with you for a long time The writing was great and Gayle Forman did a really job with the book The description of the book is long, but that is because there is a lot to tell and in the book there is a lot going on The best part about the book for me was that Mia thinks about her past to try to figure out whether she should live or die Say if you were on a car crash like Mia was, and your injuries are really severe Your ly [...]

    28. a story that gave me a different perspective on life what if you were the one dying and your whole family are gone would you decide to stay one person asked her to stay and that was her one true love the book shows how it is to cope when you have lost so much and somewhere ij between there was a gap in communicatione second book is about second chances and honesty and they managed to communicate and there was maturity on both sides I like how the author told the story about love, family, moving [...]

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