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Islands in the Net By Bruce Sterling Luis Royo,

  • Title: Islands in the Net
  • Author: Bruce Sterling Luis Royo
  • ISBN: 9780441374236
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the high tech twenty first century, a family of corporate associates descends into an underworld of data pirates and bootleg biogenetics to discover the identity of new order terrorists.
    Islands in the Net In the high tech twenty first century a family of corporate associates descends into an underworld of data pirates and bootleg biogenetics to discover the identity of new order terrorists

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    1. I grew up knowing that this was supposed to be a great cyberpunk novel right in the heart of the genre as it was a few years after Neuromancer, and I did eventually get around to reading his novel with William Gibson, The Difference Engine, which was pretty much a steampunk novel.Other than that, I kept berating myself that I d never gone back and read what should have been a staple of the genre.So what did I think He was well ahead of the curve when it came to predicting the future, pretty much [...]

    2. Visionary.Okay, we don t have personal watch phones We have personal phone watches instead Big deal The trajectory of this book, the whiff of cynicism, menace, strangeness, and internationalism it s basic arguments about the future of power, all of them are still relevant and still have the power to explain parts of the world You can hear Sterling s prose learning from the textural techniques of William Gibson, and benefitting from them, but the raw intellectual content of this book outstrips an [...]

    3. People seemed to miss the boat on this one Badly in need of a reissue, ditch the atrocious cover and update the text a little bit and this would be cutting edge or at least comfortably contemporary Like Brunner or Moorcock s Cornelius stories and peer co conspirator Gibson this takes a sci fi lens to contemporary culture and stretches into plausible shapes Sterling pretty much nails it yes he gets some wrong but not enough to discredit the rest , with Globalism, the rise of the third world in th [...]

    4. Reading Islands in the Net now, it may take a minute to figure out why it s a cyberpunk classic There is very little VR, and what is there is not described in detail Most of the book is off the grid but then again, much of Neuromancer is, too The heroine isn t a hack, programmer, or counterculture sympathizer, in fact, she s a corporate worker.But read further in and you ll see that it s about the essential cyberpunk issues Corporations consolidating power and those who don t get any The impact [...]

    5. Damn you Bruce Sterling You reminded me of the potential of the net, and how we have squandered it.For those of use who were on the internets in the late 1980s like Bruce, and me , this book perfectly captures the hopes that we had for the new technological future Well, Bruce was always a much cynical bastard than the rest of us, so we had the Utopian ideals, and he saw how human beings would fuck them up.Except, he didn t Bruce fell for the optimism, juust a little bit, in that he thought that [...]

    6. I was craving a science fiction read outside of my usual realm of authors I picked up Islands in the Net for a few reasons 1 It s an early cyberpunk novel I love me some cyberpunk 2 It s by Bruce Sterling and I have only been exposed to William Gibson primarily 3 It was 2.00 at my favorite local book storePicking this thing up, wow, holy crap You would think this book was written maybe a few years ago if it weren t for the dated frizzy tangle of 80 s hair on the front cover To think that this wa [...]

    7. I had this book on my Cyberpunk reading list for quite a while As I have started reading, it reminded me some of the ideas of the Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson with its Data havens and financial concepts As it went on I was hoping to see some first eye action as in Koko takes a vacation by Kieran Shea, but unfortunately our protagonist her peers wander through the plot and manage to barely tilt the balance in their favor by sheer luck rather than design I am not saying it does not fit the mai [...]

    8. Found this in a give away box in Massachusetts it kept me company during a light reading time Very prescient at times, very very dated in many other ways, but mostly enjoyably so.

    9. Isole nella rete, in originale Islands in the net , un romanzo di Bruce Sterling, chiave di volta nell evoluzione letteraria dell autore, senz altro una delle voci pi interessanti e probabilmente la pi impegnata emersa nella fantascienza dell ultimo quarto di secolo Ideologo cyberpunk, forse troppo schierato sul fronte di sinistra nei primi anni 80, Sterling sembra ritrattare molte delle sue tesi con questo romanzo, sfiorando in pi di un occasione una preoccupante deriva destroide Questo romanzo [...]

    10. This is a fun read if you were are a fan of late 80s classic cyberpunk This is one I wished I had read back when it first came out but was still fun and maintained some of the prescient vision that makes good near future sci fi The main character is a rising star in her corporation tasked with mediating a dispute between rival data havens When things go wrong she finds herself traveling the world as her corporation s representative As is true of all good science fiction, the various situations s [...]

    11. Me atrajo de l el hecho de que era una de las primeras novelas cyberpunk Sin embargo, como a tantas otras novelas de esa poca, les pasa que el tiempo no las ha tratado muy bien Dicho lo cual, el trasfondo de luchas entre corporaciones, grupos terroristas y estados m s o menos pir ticos es interesante y tiene a n cierta actualidad Eso s , quienes esperen un Neuromante o un Snow Crash, con v vidas descripciones de la realidad virtual y o Internet, van a quedar muy decepcionados, puesto que no es e [...]

    12. If you read this book, say, right now, just bear in mind it was written 25 years ago Of course the actual world is not what Sterling described then but you gotta admit that what seemed pure fantasy in 1989 tends to be way credible now.Apart from that, this is a great book, with a real clever geopolitical plot as opposed to Gibson s techie social stories, of which I am a huge fan, mind you with an awesome strong female lead character If you wanna know what cyberpunk is, there are 2 books you got [...]

    13. The theme here is how island developing nations might choose to become homes for illegal and quasi legal information technologies and services, hence the title The story deals with a particular type of dystopia that accurately mirrors the real world of island nations like Nauru, home of long distance telephone scams, and Romanian PayPal scam artists operating out the the London suburbs A similar theme is developed in Neal Stephenson s Economicon.

    14. Has not aged as well as Gibson s work I m not certain what s jarring, Sterling s enthusiasm for both nanotech and fax machines, or Star Trek s matter energy conversion but inability to heal a spine.

    15. Schismatrix was really good, and I had this one sitting in my shelf for almost as long.If I was surprised Schismatrix was not very cyberpunk, I should have been even shocked this cornerstone of the genre is not cyberon a superficial level I have read cyberpunk is style over substance, and this is what this book offers Lots of style To the modern reader, the speed at which the net moves might look archaic Video recorders Prerecorded messages sent during the night at valley prices That does not [...]

    16. Sterling s Islands in the Net is a sociopolitical exploration of our near future It demonstrates clairvoyant predictions about 21st century politics and technology Global communications are conducted over The Net in a novel written before Tim Berners Lee even invented the World Wide Web Multinational corporations wield power than governments Financial institutions become data havens employing mad doctors, pirates and insurgent rebels Drones, autonomous cars, watchphones and videoglasses eerily [...]

    17. Very disappointing It takes the plot ages to develop and when it does, it is not that thrilling The characters are shallow as well as the writing of this author The first and last book I will ever read from him and it is sad, because I thought this book is a must to read on the entire cyberpunk genre Maybe if I had read it back on the 80 s, I would have thought differently He did managed to predict some technological advances, but they are still far from the actual reality of today s world wide [...]

    18. Honestly, I didn t really like this book I didn t mind the outdated technology or the writing style I just didn t feel any connection to the characters and the action didn t move me along It was kind of boring, so I gave up about 100 pages in Might have to come back.

    19. A weird amalgamation of sci fi, economics, political science, world building and plot It doesn t all come together quite right or quite wrong.

    20. 2nd read review After finding the book pretty pointless the first time through, I decided to read it again and see if, perhaps, I missed things distracted reading or what have you On reading it again, the book was better than I thought the first time, but still only barely good The world Sterling imagines imagined is interesting, but the story is in many ways pretty limited Those who compare this favorably to Neuromancer I dunno, try changing the dosage because Neuromancer was a far better book. [...]

    21. The accuracy of Sterling s predictions are amazing The detail of the dystopian countries is incredible But the characters stink and the plot if you can call it that is even worst Many cyberpunk novels have the same problem they can t tell a good story Also there is little rhyme or reason why the protagonist globe hops from location to location.

    22. As far as I can tell so far, the online Science Fiction Encyclopedia, launched in 2011, aims to be authoritative in the manner of traditional reference works broad in its perspective, knowledgeable in its scope of reference entries are apt to allude to many styles, trends, subcategories, and the like, whether it be historical literary forms such as the picaresque or SF oriented groupings such as the Ruined Earth and Steampunk approaches , concise but thorough in its summaries, and evaluative On [...]

    23. Bruce Sterling is usually ranked alongside William Gibson as pioneers of the cyberpunk genre But while Gibson focuses much on the high tech low life and street culture, Sterling attempts to tackle larger global issues Distraction is about politics, Heavy Weather is about climate change and weather, and Islands in the Net is about globalization, terrorism, and nuclear war Sterling s novels usually contain fantastic ideas, even beyond their futurism, but the plots and characters are always lackin [...]

    24. Sterling est un des grands du cyberpunk, et ce roman nous le prouve Alors que d autres nous propulsent all grement dans un futur post gouvernemental o les corpos font la loi, Sterling, lui, pr f re s int resser au basculement, et c est ce moment pr cis que se situe l intrigue des Mailles du r seau Dans un monde o les entreprises prennent de plus en plus d importance, Laura Webster est l une des associ es d une d mocratie conomique, la puissante multinationale Rizome Et en tant que membre influen [...]

    25. Laura Webster is the director of a hotel owned by a multinational corporation in Galveston, TX, where she lives with her husband, David, who works as an architect for the same multinational and salvages scrap from the ruins of the old city destroyed by a hurricane in the early 2000s Their comfortable life with their infant daughter is irrevocably interrupted when the company chooses their hotel as the venue for a high stakes meeting between data pirates from Grenada, Singapore, and Luxembourg, a [...]

    26. I finally got around to re reading this after than twenty years, and I m amazed by how much of it I had forgotten Certain parts of it had stuck with me very clearly the submarine, for example, and the beginning of the revolt in Singapore, and a few bits from the beginning, but there were whole sections I had deleted, and I somehow remembered it all happening in a big rush, while this reading was far leisurely which may just reflect how I read now vs how I read then As I had recalled, it is a s [...]

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