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Steering by Starlight: Find Your Right Life, No Matter What! By Martha N. Beck,

  • Title: Steering by Starlight: Find Your Right Life, No Matter What!
  • Author: Martha N. Beck
  • ISBN: 9781594866135
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover
  • great book
    Steering by Starlight Find Your Right Life No Matter What great book

    One thought on “Steering by Starlight: Find Your Right Life, No Matter What!”

    1. I have to warn you, said the woman who recommended this person to me It s a little woo woo I should not have liked this book It s mystical and tries to be funny and there aren t nearly enough footnotes and I loved it.The ideas, the stories, the writing style Excellent In addition to being a joy to read, the book changed how I think which is perhaps the highest praise I can give.

    2. I m not much for self help It s not my passion because of this, I rarely buy into it If the girl on the cover really knows what it takes to be a millionaire, why isn t she one And if that guy is truly happy, why does he hide behind the face of an action figure Wait, that isn t plastic, that is his face All kidding aside, it s just not my thing Enter Martha Beck.Martha Beck has come with high recommendations for years Her angle, paraphrased You probably aren t doing what you want to do in life wh [...]

    3. I love Martha Beck Besides being an enviably wise woman, she s very funny If I could hire a life coach, I d want her Though some of the material in this book is not really new, she presents it in her own fresh way Like many, she advocates visualization meditations and she is indebted to the work of Byron Katie and others, but her explanations and illustrations with her own clients, as well as her own life, and her humorous and unique perspective make the examination of one s psyche less daunting [...]

    4. Martha s voice snagged me as I skimmed through an Oprah magazine in a waiting room several months ago Her humor, intellect and sensible approach to life permeate her writing I was hooked I borrowed this title from my library system and worked through the journaling with a large dollop of skepticism But again and again her matter of fact, simple not easy methods for moving toward my north star made sense Her passing observation about the empty elevator rang so true it brought me up short I laughe [...]

    5. The premise is good, but she lost me Towards the middle I wanted to be done with the book, then towards the end it is all about her So, I still don t know what to do with my life

    6. This is, up to now, my favorite of Martha s books She trained me as a life coach, and I think she is brilliant and hilarious I have read almost all of her books I am reading her latest, Wild New World, right now, and I like it even better than this one Full of practical wisdom and steps to take to master your thoughts and change your life.

    7. Wow.Just wow.This is by far one of the most helpful coaching books I have read Sociologist Martha Beck, with her characteristic good humor, provides insight and advice on how to get to your life purpose She clearly explains the importance of the work, and how to recognize when you re on the right path I laughed, I cried, I recognized myself in the pages Suffice it to say that I found this book so profound that I wrote a thank you note to Dr Beck when I finished it I will be using these tools fo [...]

    8. I like her quick wit, her being real, her charming sense of humor, her nuggets of wisdom Frankly she has done for me much than any of the books, theological books I might add, that I am planning on getting rid of soon I love reading her and I can read her again and again with great relish and enjoyment I can relate a lot to her in many ways.

    9. I listened to this book on my conmute and I liked it a lot It has a very structured approach to working through your ego and connecting to your Higher Self in a very workable format at least for my brain The metaphor of the Stargazer is very symbolic and helps to keep the focus on the Higher Self The second chapter on the Reptilian Brain brought a lot of light into my primal fearsIt is definitely a book to work through , not a book to just read the information without the exercises would be just [...]

    10. I skimmed this one as a comparison for my own work interest She is coach of then a decade She works from a very scientific method mode if the five senses are not involved neither is she Starting here she moves into talking about things like abundance, manifestation, intuition with out using any of these words So it is informative and wordy at times due to not wanting to use any spiritual key words to thus sound business like Her methods and techniques are very good for opening awareness and un [...]

    11. One of the best self help books I have ever read Martha Beck is such an amazing writer and life coach She does not disappoint with this gem Lots of practical advice on how to steer your life by starlight If you move toward freedom by saying and doing what is most honest for you, the result may be a beautiful, magnificent life of petting the dog, waiting tables, getting your teeth cleaned This can be mind bogglingly wonderful ordinariness, which our culture tends to see as disappointing, is consi [...]

    12. I like Martha Beck s articles a lot because they combine personal notes with practical advice This book does the same However, the advice was a little too far out there for my taste The first few chapters are great, but in chapter five readers are supposed to analyze their dreams not the daytimes ones Then there is a chapter with Beck s version of the secret and a later chapter describes the miracles readers can expect I am sure all of this will be very inspirational for some, but not for me.

    13. I wasn t able to finish this book I think it is an interesting book, but I have too much self help on my hands right now and can t focus on the exercises the way I would like to I am not a self help book reading kind of person, so in some ways I can t believe I even attempted to read it I think that there are some excellent exercises They seem to be easy, but when I tried them, they were harder than I thought.

    14. This is an inspiring and truly helpful book full of insight, humour and new skills to help anyone navigate their way in this challenging journey of living every day It broadened my awareness and made me look at things in a new way, or rather in a way I d always known about but hadn t trusted enough.

    15. I got a lot out of Steering by Starlight It made me feel that my inner impulses are important, that I have them for a reason, and that the way to reach my potential is to follow my intuition instead of what others say I should do or what those negative voices in my head say I should do A very supportive book for those who are trying to move forward in their lives.

    16. While the author can often get carried away with her metaphors to the point of distraction, underneath are some really great messages She is also relatable and doesn t take herself so seriously, which helps with this sort of book.

    17. I listened to this book on tape It was really wonderful to hear Martha Beck read the book herself She is so smart in communicating how to make such important changes and to do such important work I will purchase the book for my own library.

    18. This book changed my life I come back to it again and again I use the concept of shackles on shackles off daily.

    19. You know that tingle of inspiration that warms you from the inside out when you read something AMAZING Get ready to feel it throughout this entire book.

    20. This is a self help book that will really get the reader into their own orbit.Smart, funny and engaging, MNB is never patronizing or self inflated.Simple, but not simplistic, and easily comprehensible even for a reader like me, unfamiliar with her work Having enjoyed this book, I am now eager to read the earlier volume as well as her two memoirs.

    21. If you are content in your work and relationships you don t need this book If you feel a need to push through with your shackles rising and a heavy heart, or feel hopelessly stuck or lost, Steering by Starlight holds the keys to setting yourself on the right path again, and staying on it.From the outset, Martha Beck Expecting Adam, Leaving the Saints warns this will be no ordinary process of seeking knowledge, setting goals, and analysing performance You will need to suspend disbelief, although [...]

    22. SUCH A GOOD BOOK I can t recommend it enough If I had picked up this book a couple years ago, I would have been incredibly skeptical of the whole notion of extreme coincidence but last year I was subjected to a week of increasingly unlikely coincidences for which there was no real explanation, but the repercussions of that week follow me very closely to the present moment It was the first time in my life that I ever felt like there was at least a 20% chance that I was dreaming despite the fact t [...]

    23. Ms Beck writes clearly and with a hilarious, sassy tone She certainly has credibility 3 Harvard degrees I love how she lets the reader in to the Harvard viewpoint unofficial motto If you re not smart, just kill yourself How she courageously shifted perspective for what she was supposed to be doing with her Harvard degrees very aware of how she was being perceived as a self help writer by her Harvard colleagues in their estimation, about six rungs loweran a pole dancer I enjoyed her own life expe [...]

    24. This book offers a toolbox of various techniques for looking at the world and specifically at your own corner of it and how you want to move forward I ve had her other book about the North Star on my shelf for a while and have never got past the first chapter, perhaps only the intro, which is about Dante and some tough patches in his life However, this book was a CD and I was on a road trip, so I persevered The format precluded the homework exercises part of the book, although I did stop the CD [...]

    25. I listened to this audio book, read by Martha herself, as I did my morning walk through the park Near the middle I also checked the actual book out of the library so I could access some of the exercises easier trying to find the audio track on the iPod was a chore.I ve just finished and I found it very inspiring and well written and well read I ve done most of the exercises, or am still completing some nothing ground shaking has happened yet but I can believe it will, and that is a good feeling [...]

    26. i read this book years ago and is the first that comes to mind when someone i care about is sufferingthe concepts inside are easy to grasp and relate to without being complexly written or over the heads of the normal readeras with any self help style of book you have to figure out what works for you and to try to avoid rejecting an idea simply because you hurt when reading somethingmetimes the pain is not suffering but validation that someone understands yougive it a read and see how it moves yo [...]

    27. For some reasonis was the only thing I could read on the stair master I couldn t read a good book, i couldn t read a bad book, I had to, and could only, read this And I read the whole thing Pretty sure it s the only self help book I ve ever read Maybe I can only read self help books while helping my self physically If you have this same problem with being incapable of reading self help books I strongly suggest using a stair master.

    28. I liked the recommendations in this book so much that I bought a copy for myself and returned the dog eared one to the library on time Beck writes some really valuable life advice in here, tainted only by her choice of what I ll term flowery language The title alone offers a good idea of the sort of terminology readers will encounter I d recommend this book to anyone who feels rudderless It certainly can t hurt.

    29. Fascinating A guide to your life A reminder of the interconnectedness of us all, with wonderful stories to demonstrate More geared to the mature folks who have gone deeper than find the right career or the right relationship The parentheses around our every day lives If you want to see how far this woman has come, read her earlier books.

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