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Blood on the Moon By James Ellroy,

  • Title: Blood on the Moon
  • Author: James Ellroy
  • ISBN: 9781400095285
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins can t stand music, or any loud sounds He s got a beautiful wife, but he can t get enough of other women And instead of bedtime stories, he regales his daughters with bloody crime stories He s a thinking man s cop with a dark past and an obsessive drive to hunt down monsters who prey on the innocent Now, there s something haunting him HDetective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins can t stand music, or any loud sounds He s got a beautiful wife, but he can t get enough of other women And instead of bedtime stories, he regales his daughters with bloody crime stories He s a thinking man s cop with a dark past and an obsessive drive to hunt down monsters who prey on the innocent Now, there s something haunting him He sees a connection in a series of increasingly gruesome murders of women committed over a period of twenty years To solve the case, Hopkins will dump all the rules and risk his career to make the final link and get the killer.
    Blood on the Moon Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins can t stand music or any loud sounds He s got a beautiful wife but he can t get enough of other women And instead of bedtime stories he regales his daughters with b

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    1. Ellroy writes with intensity As I m sure everyone knows who is remotely interested in his writing, Ellroy has been obsessed with the death of his mother nee Hilliker whose murder was never solved The Black Dahlia, written after this book, was an unsatisfactory attempt at atonement, and the books I ve read of his continue to obsess with familial relationships That s especially true of Blood on the Moon, first in the Lloyd Hopkins police series Lloyd is that special cop who sees beyond the obvious [...]

    2. this is early ellroy, before he became stylistically himself, and as such is strangely awkward at times, even laughable in moments in dialogue and characterization but still, none of that really matters the man is just so forceful, so totally convincing, so full of energy and anger and forward momentum, the book is not only alive in your hand, but cutting you open and digging around inside your body and making you feel and see and remember and dream and think things, all kinds of things, all the [...]

    3. What amazed me most about this book is not how terrible it is there are plenty of terrible books out there but how high the reviews for it are I have never read a book I thought was so completely awful on every front that clearly so many other people have really enjoyed Go figure.I couldn t even enjoy this book on a guilty pleasure level The prose was just so terrible, the characters were not only flat but ridiculous, and the plot laughable This man killed a woman obviously the criminal is a hom [...]

    4. I started reading James Ellroy with his Los Angeles Quartet, beginning with The Black Dahlia and going forward Although there are still of his later books I haven t yet cracked, I always had this sneaking suspicion that his earlier works would be interesting And so, Blood on the Moon 1984 is the first volume of his Lloyd Hopkins trilogy Lloyd is an intense homicide detective with an incredible number of arrests Although happily married, he tends to develop relationships with women he meets in h [...]

    5. A dark and multi faceted crime noir that oozes Ellroy elaborate crimes and a deadly depiction of humanity lay the foundation for novel driven by sex and death Ellroy s characters really come to life in BLOOD ON THE MOON but none than the protagonist Det Sgt Lloyd Hopkins is not a nice man his moral compass is skewed, his sense of right and wrong often blur into one another yet he s got a bullish determination to protect the innocent particularly woman it s this tainted view point to the LA Noir [...]

    6. I ve read James Ellroy before and this book didn t reach the excellence of the others And what I call the yuck factor kicked in I can do without all the blood and guts description YUCK And to top it off, it was audio CD from the library which skipped That didn t help my enjoyment I ve got one Ellroy on my shelf and supposedly it s the best of his top novels I hope so.

    7. I normally love James Ellroy s style and the hard boiled noir novels he writes But Blood on the Moon just seems to be lacking the spark and excitement that I normally find in an Ellroy novel Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkin is a character written to be hated and he doesn t seem to be written well sure I get the concept of a protagonist been hated but Hopkin feels sloppy, like if found all the most annoying habits and jammed it into this character It is interesting to see how much Ellroy has impro [...]

    8. Duri, sporchi, cattivi, problematici aggettivi che accomunano tutti i protagonisti di questo libro, quelli che stanno dalla parte del bene cos come quelli che stanno dalla parte del male, al punto che il serial killer e il suo cacciatore hanno percorsi di vita e tipi fisici tale da poterli scambiare per fratelli, forza e motivazioni tali per cui nessuno dei due pu sopraffare l altro.Dovr intervenire una terza persona per eliminare il male e salvare il bene, anche se solo un filo in pi di innocen [...]

    9. I was only partially impressed by this book, one of Ellroy s earlier novels Sometimes the writing is awesome, some parts of this book show flashes of his future brilliance Mostly the plot is simplistic and illogical The protagonist, Homicide investigator Lloyd Hopkins, appears to solve cases by pulling the clues directly from his ass Even with these significant problems, Ellroy s ability as a writer of prose makes this a worthwhile read.

    10. It s impossible to objectively rate this one because I read Ellroy s later books where he had really mastered his prose and format and that kinda fucked this one up for me so I m just gonna write a giant ugly paragraph and not worry about it There s plenty of spots where the future Ellroy peeks out, and you would never call this rote or routine crime fiction stuff, but it really sticks close to the detective genre and its attendant tropesanted Ellroy does this shit really well but I still that h [...]

    11. Buena historia, sigue vigente a pesar de que han pasado unos 30 a os de que Ellroy la escribi No me acomod mucho a la narrativa, sin embargo A veces me hac a perder el hilo de la historia, supongo que es cuesti n de acostumbrarse.

    12. Me cost un poco de trabajo el principio, no se me hac a muy claro, vagaba mucho en tratar de entender al personaje, pasando esto el resto es p lvora pura, gran desenlace

    13. This is my third foray into the mad land of James Ellroy, following The Black Dahlia and L.A Confidential To paraphrase a review of Cop, the film adaptation of this book, anyone without a history of reading Ellroy would think this is a violent, sick, contrived pulp thriller, and that would certainly be an accurate description of its surfaces But unlike those two novels I mentioned earlier, what you see with Blood on the Moon is or less what you get It s very much early Ellroy, having not yet ma [...]

    14. Contrary to popular belief, great authors don t always start out great, but often take years, and several books, to perfect their craft A good case in point is James Ellroy, one of the best mystery novelists around today However, Blood on the Moon, one of his earliest works, is still a work in progress While it showcases some of Ellroy s narrative strengths and his odd moral outlook on life, it also has some flaws that detract, especially for modern day audiences.Blood on the Moon was written in [...]

    15. When James Ellroy wrote his third novel, he was a long way from developing the unique skills that makes his later fiction so compelling Blood on the Moon is interesting as the work of a fascinating writer in embryo it s not interesting or rewarding in its own right The trouble is in his characters, who don t behave, talk, or act in realistic ways In particular, the main female character seems like a lonely teenager s idea of an intelligent woman, her words especially her poems and journal entrie [...]

    16. This was just plain mediocre and occasionally bad, which I ve never said of an Ellroy book before He hadn t yet mastered dialogue beyond that spoken by tough guys when writing this book tho i remember CLANDESTINE, which precedes this, having two pretty solid women characters who were not one dimensional as the women in this one are so reading any non dude is a complete chore to read Also his prose style isn t anywhere near the impressionistic dark beauty it would become in the midst of the First [...]

    17. Granted that I don t read a lot of modern noir crime thrillers, but this is yet another thriller tale of a serial killer It is early James Ellroy he revels in visceral violence and convoluted plotting, and that is put to good use in his later books that combine crime with larger political elements, such as Perfidia and American Tabloid Here, his writing is forceful, but as other reviews have said some of the characters are laughably cliched such as the women s bookstore owner , and the plot is b [...]

    18. I am not big on wacko serial killers, but this is a tremendously easy read and introduction to them Ellroy is like an orchestra conductor, introducing people and passages Bringing one thing to the fore and then another It is an interesting effort as he traces them through their different evolutions, with the tempo keeping us moving toward the final crescendo The characters seem real and some are just downright scary The plot is exemplary and the tempo is fine tuned It is quite different from som [...]

    19. I enjoyed James Ellroy s Blood on the Moon It introduced a new detective who is interesting and the story is the kind of hard boiled mystery crime fiction I like to read Ellroy does a nice job of making the villain a vital, fleshed out character which can be something authors overlook in this kind of story The only criticism I have is that he rushed parts of the book that would have been interesting if he had taken his time Specifically, the event that drove Lloyd to be a police officer and his [...]

    20. Just too much mindless violenceI started this book based on a comment by Tom Hanks that he would like to portray Lloyd Hopkins I was repulsed by the mindless brutality of the first two chapters and put it down This is not for me.

    21. Early Ellroy, with a color by numbers plot, slightly enlivened by his now patented mix of sociopaths, sex and speed Doesn t hold a candle to his later work, but decent mental floss, if you re a fan.

    22. Pre superstar Ellroy His written prose is less evolved, trying to impress the reader but man, he can still tell a great story this early in his career Lloyd Hopkins is now my flawed buddy I turned down Jack Reacher to pursue this book to its climax which I would have thought impossible in a shoot out between The ex MP and a newbie dick Although a detective wunderkind, Lloyd is damaged and flawed non misogynistic loving women and macho in a square way a la 1980s with a too tight tie and a doting [...]

    23. An early James Ellroy novel but all the usually Ellroy elements are there In his early novels are based in modern 80 s L.A instead of a past although that does not manifest in any obvious changes from his other novels based in the 50 s and 60 s.This novel is different from his later L.A Quartet and short stories because besides being a police procedural from the cop s voice, it also gives the serial killer s POV I m not a fan of this type of serial killer POV storytelling It can rarely give the [...]

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