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One Step Away By Sydney Bristow,

  • Title: One Step Away
  • Author: Sydney Bristow
  • ISBN: 9781465815941
  • Page: 303
  • Format: ebook
  • This book has been revised and re worked, and is re released in this updated second edition.Alexander Lawford is certain that his best friend is his soul mate Only problem is that Marisa Moretti just doesn t see him as boyfriend material And when she gets together with her on off boyfriend, a man who is convinced that he will marry Marisa, extreme measures are called f This book has been revised and re worked, and is re released in this updated second edition.Alexander Lawford is certain that his best friend is his soul mate Only problem is that Marisa Moretti just doesn t see him as boyfriend material And when she gets together with her on off boyfriend, a man who is convinced that he will marry Marisa, extreme measures are called for.So Alexander meets up with a good buddy, a bad boy women can t resist, and learns to use his razor sharp sense of humor, big heart, and good looks to show Marisa what she s missing But will it be enough to captivate a woman who s positive that her destiny lies with another man
    One Step Away This book has been revised and re worked and is re released in this updated second edition Alexander Lawford is certain that his best friend is his soul mate Only problem is that Marisa Moretti just

    One thought on “One Step Away”

    1. Alex and Marisa have been best friends and coworkers for 2 years Marisa counts on Alex to be there for her at a moment notice and Alex has done it at his own personal expense Why you ask Because he wants than a friendship and he will do anything, be anywhere, and give everything to spend time with her He essential turned into a doormat to make her happy, make her life easier, and to keep a smile on her face.Marisa claims doesn t want to mess up her most valuable friendship Nor does Marisa feel [...]

    2. Received a copy of the title from author in exchange for an honest review.This was one of those books that I had a little bit of a hard time with mostly because it s not set up like your typical romance Boy meets girl, they fall for one another, something happens and they fall apart, one of them realizes the mistake they made and boom, they re back together.Even in terms of friends to lovers, this didn t quite fit the bill There are a lot of side players that aren t necessarily key but they stil [...]

    3. I am all about best friends falling in love books but this one was a bit weird Okay so Marisa and Alexander have been best friends for 2 years and in the two years Alex has been in love with Marisa but she doesn t feel the same After Alex tells her he loves her their relationship becomes a little strained and Alex kind of reinvents himself to get Marisa to fall for him Alex came off as a little creepy in the way he wanted to be her I mean if someone doesn t feel the same you move on but not Alex [...]

    4. Loved itPoor Alex I wanted to strangle Marisa for making him jump through hoops for her Now granted he did it for himself too but the impetus was her rejection which sucks I m glad he finally became willing to open up and got together with Marisa though because he wanted her so much Great story

    5. 2.5 5 This book had a few cute moments I enjoyed the librarian career part , but it was overly predictable and a bit too much for me I think Damon and Kelsey s story might be a bit interesting, and that s the next in the series but I m not in any rush to pick it up.

    6. The author solicited me to try his new romance since I liked and reviewed a similar type of novel Instead of taking a free copy, I purchased this book because I loved the idea of a male writing contemporary romance Of course, most likely many of my favorite romance authors may be male without me being any wiser What I found in the first few chapters is that this is a book for New Adults with many pop culture references this leaves me standing out in the cold and will leave the author there as we [...]

    7. thebookisonmytableI was given a copy in exchange of a honest review.Marisa and Alexander are best friends Alex loves her but Marisa friendzoned him.After 2 years of waiting in the sidelines Alex finally opens his heart to Marisa only to be rejected and cause a rift between them.Alexander goes to Damon, another friend to ask for help with how to conquer Marisa.Damon helps him a lot, he s a romance author and he is really insightful about women behavior.Somethings Damon said stroke a chord inside [...]

    8. Alexander and Marisa have been best friends for a couple of years He saves her when needed and she helps him be the best man any woman would want However, Alexander thinks she is his soulmate and she doesn t feel the same way After chasing away another one of her ex boyfriends, Alexander reveals his true feelings for her after becoming frustrated that he has all the traits she is looking for in a man She can t return his feelings because she doesn t want to lose him as a friend After Marisa begi [...]

    9. Alexander Lawford is a kind hearted, sensitive gentleman He s handsome, honest, and dependable he has a great sense of humor and is respectful of everyone He also has a good job and makes decent money unds like the perfect man right Marisa Moretti works at the library and is best friends with Alexander and his sister Kelsey She doesn t make friends easily, which makes her value the ones she has even Alexander has kept a secret for quite some time he s crazy about Marisa but is too afraid to tel [...]

    10. FALLING FOR YOU is a romance novel a little outside the norm The main character, Alexander Alex Lawford, pines for his best friend Marisa He thinks she s the perfect girl for him and he s tired of being relegated to the friend zone So after her fifth breakup in two years, he s had enough of having to come to her rescue and tells her how he feels Needless to say, this doesn t go well and now Alex needs to find a way to make Marisa see him in a new light Taking lessons from a good friend, Alex is [...]

    11. One step closer is about a man that is hopelessly in love with his best friend Immediately in the first chapter of the story it is obvious how much Alexander loves Marisa He is almost a love sick puppy A lot goes on in the first chapter, which I loved It really made me engrossed the minute I started reading When I got to the second chapter, I realised that it s split narrative.The massive thing that I love about the book is that it is wrote from the males perspective as well, often with romance [...]

    12. This book is about two best friends who work together and do just about everything together When it comes out Alexander is madly in love with Marisa and he knows he want no one else in his life, Marisa how ever feels that they are better off as friends, and the story goes on from there I had a hard time getting into the story at all The first half of the book I felt was a lot of back story and whining and not a lot of dialog When you reach the half way point a lot dialog but at this point it fe [...]

    13. I received a copy of this review in exchange for my hones review You will love Sydney Bristow s work She is a great author and uses great story lines and characters in her work You will love reading about Marisa and Alexander They have been friends for a long time and have been good friends all this time But one of them wants something to become of the relationship Will it work Will Marisa give Alex a chance You will want to read all of this series

    14. Alex has a very difficult time convincing his friend Marisa to become his love He has loved her for a long time but she put him in the friend category from the start This book was focused on their individual problems which hindered their HEA I found this book to be frustrating with action scenes interrupted with their backstories and the inability of Marisa to come to terms with her upbringing A copy of this book was provided to me for my honest review.

    15. I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.It started kind of slow, so it was harder for me to fully engage and I found myself force reading it at first Slowly I found myself being sucked into the story and binge read the rest in one sitting I agree with the other comments this was not your typical love story, it had some twists in there and left me wanting to jump right into the next books in the series.Happy Reading enjoy

    16. I found it to be so sweet the lengths Alexander went to in order to convince Marissa of his devotion and sincerity He went old school romantic on her Need not such may than that I am a sucker for a sensitive man.

    17. I just could not get into the book I kept skipping sections, just I could find one interesting part I was just not a fan.

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