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A Demon Made Me Do It By Penelope King,

  • Title: A Demon Made Me Do It
  • Author: Penelope King
  • ISBN: 9781465748232
  • Page: 226
  • Format: ebook
  • Half human, half demon Liora Greyson just wants to survive her final year of high school unscathed, her dark secret intact But the walls she s carefully constructed to keep people out crack wide open once she meets the sexy and mysterious Kieron Ambrose, and he lights her cold world on fire.But it turns out Kieron has a few dark secrets of his own Secrets that will eitheHalf human, half demon Liora Greyson just wants to survive her final year of high school unscathed, her dark secret intact But the walls she s carefully constructed to keep people out crack wide open once she meets the sexy and mysterious Kieron Ambrose, and he lights her cold world on fire.But it turns out Kieron has a few dark secrets of his own Secrets that will either save or destroy her.
    A Demon Made Me Do It Half human half demon Liora Greyson just wants to survive her final year of high school unscathed her dark secret intact But the walls she s carefully constructed to keep people out crack wide open

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    1. I received this book to review for the Read2Review program in the Paranormal Romance Fantasy Addicts group Thanks to the mods and the author for providing this book for us to read A Demon Made Me Do it was a book that I simply did not want to put down It captured my attention from start to finish.Liora is a true introvert who wants to keep to herself, live a normal life, and not be bothered Her body hosts a demon named Lucky who is the complete opposite of that Lucky wants to have fun, and aveng [...]

    2. A demon Made Me Do It was an engaging read that I found hard to put down The story starts with Liora During the day Liora is a high school senior, a loner with only one real friend During the night, while Liora is sleeping, Lucky comes out to play Lucky is a rough and tumble demon who lives for hunting and killing other demons, especially the ones who killed her best friends Liora and Lucky share a body but are two completely separate individuals Then Kieron shows up and falls for Liora or is it [...]

    3. I got this book to read and review from the Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Fanatics So here goes the book is based on an interesting topic and what makes it even better is that Liora s two personalities are two actually different people I think that s why I found it weird when both of them fall for the same guy Its like two girls sharing the same boyfriend Also, wouldn t we call a guy like Kieron a player, if he was dating two women who aren t even compatible Another classic example of instant [...]

    4. A Demon Made Me Do It by Penelope KingThis is one awesome read, Penelope King s writing style was so easy to read her words flowed off the pages and had me hooked from the very first chapter I found this novel very unique, you have two character s with different personalities who share one body The concept is different than a regular demon possession, the way the story is delivered you get to know the characters as individuals and see how opposite they both are Penelope King is a fantastic autho [...]

    5. WOW How do I even put into words how fantastic this book is I fell right into the story from the very first page and couldn t put it down It was an electric charge of emotions from the get go and never once did it fail to impress me The characters are all amazing, so well written and unique Normally there is at least one character who gets on my nerves, but it was impossible to dislike any of them.The story starts with Liora, an average teen with a supernatural secret She shares her body with a [...]

    6. She s Liora Greyson by day, Lucky the Demon by night When Liora was in her sapie human form, all she really just wanted was to be left alone She didn t want to draw attention to herself But then she met Kieron Ambrose and she suddenly saw herself in a new light Keiron and Liora both had dark secrets of their own And she didn t want Lucky to have anything to do with them.Despite sharing the same body, Liora hated the demon inside her Actually she hated all the demons because of what they did to h [...]

    7. This book is truly AMAZING It is a twist of good evil wrapped up in one Penelope Kings makes a believable world of demons and humans that I would love to live in I was hooked by page one and couldn t stop turning till the end This series is something new and original Liora Greyson is sort of an outkast at her school, She likes to keep to herself because her life is anything but normal, by night she shares a body with a demon slaying Hot babe named Lucky Why Because Lucky is out for blood for the [...]

    8. I received this as a part of the Read 2 Review program.Let me just say that this book has the it factor The story was one you want to fall into the pages reading I laughed, I sighed and I fell in love again This young adult paranormal romance novel has it all.This story is imaginative and well written It has the romance It has the action It has everything you need to be satisfied The love relationship shirts the edges of believability which seems to be the trend these days, but that is all I hav [...]

    9. This is not my usual preferred genre, but a great YA Paranormal Romance, nonetheless.I loved the concept of this book One person by day and the complete opposite by night, and neither of them knowing what is going on with the other Not to mention, each of them hating everything to do with the other A great representation of dealing with your own personal demons The separate chapters used for each persona kept things nice and neat, and allowed the chance to get to know and relate to Lucky and Lio [...]

    10. I really enjoyed the characters in this book Lucky and Liora were two completely different characters sharing the same body, and oh, boy, did they dislike one another Liora, the human half, just wanted to be a perfectly normal girl, while Lucky, the demon, wanted to kick butt and paint the town red The switch between the two halves was well done, an the conflict between them was also believable After all who wants to share I adored Bones, Lucky s and it turns out Liora s half hellhound, half inc [...]

    11. Thanks to Penelope King for providing this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review OverviewThis urban fantasy revolves around Liora Greyson, half human half demon She s trying to get through high school without her secret getting out, but being a half demon doesn t exactly make her Ms Popular The delicate balance between her two worlds are thrown off kilter once she meets the elusive Kieron Ambrose Can she let go of her past and accept her future, or will her pain and anger seal her fate [...]

    12. I try really hard to not rehash the entire story or give a bunch of spoilers when I review a book, but it may be hard not to this time I ll do my best, though I received this book to rebiew from the Shut Up Read group s Read It Reap event I have to say, I have been extremely fortunate in the books I ve been given to review through them so far There really haven t been any misses Anyway, about this bookI admit it halfway into the very first chapter I was convinced I was going to hate this book Li [...]

    13. I think the story was well written and easy to follow You got to know the characters well and understand their motives.The plot is of a girl that is a hybrid of a human and demon She witness the death of 2 of her human friends when she is 12 and it splits her soul in two During the day she is Liora, the outcast with one friend During the night she is Lucky, the smoking hot demion that is on the hunt for the two demons that killed her childhood playmates Keiron the new boy shows up and is interes [...]

    14. Oh My Goodness I am so ready to read the next one This was an awesome story In the beginning Lucky was a typical crier but also bad to the bone which I could not understand until later in the story Everything was explained and the pieces starting fit together Two great good looking males what can a girl want Kieron has it made, has his cake and he gets to eat it too Bones will never give up his claim and you can t help but like cute innocent Liora The plot is very unique and the characters are [...]

    15. Overall, I really enjoyed this book The concept of Liora Lucky as the MC was interesting Even though we see the plot unfold through two distinct points of view, the connection between the alter ego s is not missed I found the idea of a split soul fascinating, and I look forward to seeing how Ms King resolves this conflict I liked Liora, but I loved Lucky She was spunky yet Liora still had an effect on her that seemed to be positive Liora on the other hand didn t seem too interested in letting Lu [...]

    16. I really wanted to like this book but the I read, the it sounded like a storyline from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Glory While there were some differences, the basic premise was the same Half human half demon, living in the same body, vying for control It had some great action scenes and the angst was well done My Rating 3.5 stars

    17. This book had me captivated from the very first page Well, actually, it had my attention from the synopsis but upon reading the first page, I almost instantly knew that this was going to be a good read, and boy was I not disappointed The concept of a girl with multiple personalities is such a unique story and the way that it is then executed in the book is just so interesting I really enjoyed getting to know both Lucky and Liora and loved reading what they got up to and how their lives were goin [...]

    18. My favorite thing aboutA Demon Made Me Do Itwas that I couldn t call what was going to happen Especially with the love triangle square pentagon heck, we could throw in a countless number of sides, I suppose It was nice to not know precisely who was going to end up with who I love that readers get a prophecy pretty early on in the novel, but that it doesn t really give away the future, just muddles it and provides possibilities like a good prophecy should.OK, actually, my favorite thing might hav [...]

    19. I loved this book beyond words In a way, this surprised me since I don t normally read fantasy, much less demon oriented books, but King does such a masterful job at creating a world and characters that capture your attention, I couldn t put it down Sure, teen angst has been done a million times But never like this King s unusual take on the struggles of navigating the teenage years is absolutely refreshing.Liora Greyson would like nothing than to live a normal life, but that seems to be imposs [...]

    20. As always I need to thank the R2R guys and the author for giving me a copy of this book to read for review There are some days when I m just so happy to be part of this group, for without them I would have never found some of the best books Like this one I can t say enough how much I LOVED this book On point, it s got great characters and a wonderful plot, and fantastic names with some of the best writing I ve come across With that said, I d like to go into discussion of the characters LUCKY I r [...]

    21. This book was way better than I expected I thought it would be a really dark and eerie demon slaying kind of book, but it was actually a tale of acceptance, facing your fears, and coming into terms with who you really are, even the ugly bits that you hate about yourself.Whenever I read a book with characters with different personalities I always end up loathing at least one of them, but that didn t happen with this book I loved all the characters, both demons and humans They all had their own ch [...]

    22. A Solid 4 Stars I love the concept of this book Liora, who s human, must share her body with Lucky, a demon during the night It s like she s living a double life The author is able to portray this idea in a believable and entertaining way, shaping the plot with its own share of peaks and exciting turns.The relationships between the characters are also quite complex Take Bones for example he s clearly romantically interested in Lucky, but acts as an older brother towards Liora Meanwhile, Liora, w [...]

    23. Liora has a secret She shares her body with a demon, Lucky During daylight, Liora has her time, but once darkness falls, Lucky takes over She is a justice demon and travels through the demon portal to hand out that justice Liora is a sweet, pleasant girl who wouldn t harm a fly while Lucky has a bad attitude and is constantly angry and seeking revenge on the demons who killed her two best friends and split her soul in two And then they both meet and fall for, the handsome Kieron From the first p [...]

    24. Overall I found this novel a slow read that being said, I still enjoyed it Liora is the type of girl that just wants to blend in, sort of be invisible and Lucky is the type of chick that stands out and attracts attention where ever she goes They are exactly the opposite even though their actually one person Yes, that does sound super confusing Liora and Lucky went through a great tragedy when they were younger and live with the memories everyday I can only imagine what it must feel like to lose [...]

    25. This book will grab your attention and not let it go This is my first time reading anything by Penelope King, and I was not disappointed She delivers with a vivid, fast paced adventure into the different worlds of humans and demons.Liora Greyson is not like most other seventeen year old girls, because she shares her body with a demon She is human during the day struggling to finish her last year in high school, and at night, she is a demon driven by the need of vengeance against the Amazea demon [...]

    26. Wowa half demon half human cursed so each half is a different personality Total schizo type thing without the crazy Very interesting story with great character development The demon half, Lucky, is trying to find the demons that killed her friends and put the curse on her while the human half, Liora, wants nothing to do with demons and is trying to have a normal life Liora is unable to participate in anything but school since during the day she is the human and during the night she is the demon, [...]

    27. Liora Greyson is a high school senior at Dove Creek High School She s not like everyone else because she s part human and part demion She is human during the day and at night she splits into her demion half Lucky It s Lucky s job to torment humans and collect payments from demons and demions Lucky s best friend Bones who is part hellhound and incubus ever since the tragedy five years ago Liora meets Kieron Ambrose and her world and life are not the same Kieron rescues Lucky from a pair of demons [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book I can t wait to read the next one and find out if Lucky Liora get to merge themselves back together The girls are existing in two different worlds Neither one likes the other s world They are both interested in the same guy and don t want to share The book leaves you wanting to find out the rest of the story A very good read The author does an excellent job in developing the characters It s interesting to see things through both Liora s and Lucky s eyes Of course, Kier [...]

    29. I was fortunate to receive this book to review by the Shut Up Read Group s, Read it Reap it, and since it s my first ever through this group, I must say I am not disappointed at all I will not give any spoilers as to what goes on or even to things that happen you will need to read this to find out for yourself I will however say that the two poems recited in the middle of the book by Kieron I thought were perfect Once you read it you will understand.Anyone who is a fan of YA paranormal will trul [...]

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