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Special Delivery By Lia Fairchild,

  • Title: Special Delivery
  • Author: Lia Fairchild
  • ISBN: 9781458038883
  • Page: 242
  • Format: ebook
  • Free flowers every month for a year Recently widowed Amy was delighted to find that she had won Flowers have always been a big part of her life But delivery driver Dave brings than just bouquets Can he help Amy find happiness again Will Amy get even than she bargained for Special Delivery is included in the Seasons of Love boxed set.
    Special Delivery Free flowers every month for a year Recently widowed Amy was delighted to find that she had won Flowers have always been a big part of her life But delivery driver Dave brings than just bouquets Can h

    One thought on “Special Delivery”

    1. All my reviews can be found at jessicasreadingroom I really enjoyed this short story by Lia Fairchild It reminds me of the movie Bed of Roses starring Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson, which I haven t seen in years Special Delivery is like a fantasy most girls have receiving flowers every month for a year And it helps when the delivery guy is good looking too.Amy receives a bouquet of flowers every month because of a contest she won I very quickly identified with Amy I am the same age [...]

    2. This was a very very very short read but also very cute Amy was delighted to know she has won flowers to be delivered once a month for a year It came at a time when she lost her husband so they did cheer her up Dave delivers the flowers to Amy each month he also looks forward to seeing her As time goes on Amy and Dave enjoys each others company until the last month of her delivery At the end of the delivery period Amy discovers a secret.This was so cute, I would probably read this each time on v [...]

    3. A wonderful, fully realized short story Amy is a young widow trying to find her way Dave delivers a boquet of flowers to her each month Slowly, a connection builds Can they find love Sit down with a cup of tea and savor this short story.

    4. Special Delivery is a touching short story by Lia Fairchild about a widow who finds that in the year following her husband s death her life remains full of the flowers he so often presented her with Amy wins a competition to have a bouquet delivered every month for a year and in the aftermath of her husband s untimely death finds comfort in the regular deliveries, not only in the form of the flowers but also in caring delivery man Dave.The story intersects the point at which Amy s year of flower [...]

    5. Special Delivery , de Lia Fairchild, ador vel Trata se de uma pequena hist ria que aborda quest es como a continua o da vida ap s a perda de um ente querido Ultrapassar essa dor por vezes complicado, mas a personagem Amy Johnson ir conseguir faz lo atrav s das flores A verdade que n o s o apenas as flores que a trazem de volta vida e ao campo dos sentimentos, mas tamb m Dave, o homem das entregas Se fosse uma hist ria um pouco mais longa, creio que teria resultado na perfei o e iria l la certame [...]

    6. A few months after the untimely death of her husband, Mike, the first lower delivery inexplicably arrives at the door of his grieving widow Seeing the bouquet for the first time took me by surprise and brought back fond memories of Mike proposing at a quaint picnic spot near a fountain surrounded by flowers I truly appreciate how the author weaves this story Its brief scope is deceivingly simple Lia Fairchild does it with the honest tone of a first person narration, and with a skillful, tender t [...]

    7. This popped up in my feed and two things sold it in the review I read It was a romance and it was short Normally I like my romances longer, developing over time, but this one changed my mind Special Delivery is just beautiful I m sure some would say it s predictable, but so what I think reading this and what I hoped to be the case and having it actually happen made me love it even So predictable maybe, but done oh so right It was magical Beautiful and man, what woman in their right mind wouldn [...]

    8. I read two books by Lia this February and both were GREAT choices for Feb Valentine reads This story is fun, sweet, touching, and short what could a reader want from a romantic, short story Something that equally struck and impressed me while reading this story is the ability of a romance writer to take something different, something that in real life might even seem weird and make it romantic and cute Lia does that in this story and I think it takes a talented writer and great imagination to b [...]

    9. Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity John RuskinSpecial Delivery is about a 39 year old woman coming to terms with the death of her husband and entertaining the possibility of welcoming someone new in her life this short story by Lia Fairchild is sweet and poignant with a surprise twist at the end i loved it

    10. This was a perfect Saturday afternoon read I love a sweet romantic read and I m a big fan of short stories This was a quick, feel good read that I thoroughly enjoyed Can t wait to read from this author

    11. Quick sweet readThis took me less than 30 minutes to read and it was a assert read Amy was devastated after losing her husband, Mike, when she found out she had won a contest to receive a bouquet of flowers for a year Unbeknownst to her, she received much than flowers

    12. This was a delightful and heartwarming short love story Make that a very short love story, and I actually wanted it to continue Love the characters and the gentle way the author drew you into the emotional framework of the story in such a short amount of time I would definitely recommend

    13. This,was a wonderful short read that had me wishing such a thing would happen to me Ms Fairchild knows how to write a story no matter how short or long that makes you want the story to keep on going Thank you

    14. Cute short love story about loss, taking time for oneself, and opening up again Beautifully written and a HEA.

    15. CuteThis is a sweet, clean short romance I really enjoyed the story I highly recommend this book to all who live good, clean romance.

    16. This is the first book of Lia Fairchild s I ve read, and I loved every moment of it It s a fast read sweet, with a happily ever after that sometimes you just need I absolutely recommend it.

    17. This is such a beautiful and touching story Exactly what romance should be Sweet, melting chocolate, where s my Kleenex kinda love story What a daydream I really enjoyed it.

    18. Adorable heartwarming short storyWhile it was a quick read, it was adorable I m glad it all worked out It really was heartwarming I would definitely recommend as a novella

    19. I enjoyed this story It s about a woman who s husband passed away A year after his passing the flower shop her husband frequented starts delivering a very expensive looking bouquet to her on the same day, every month, for a year She s told they are from a contest she won but, is that where they are really coming form or, is it something much bigger than that This is a very sweet story It is a short story but, it s still nice.

    20. I Love Books Reviewif your looking for a quick sweet read then look no further It took me only about twenty minutes to finish this short story It would be perfect for reading while waiting at a doctor s office or on a lunch break or just a quick read before bed Lia write such sweet wonderful stories and I just loved her full length book In Search of Lucy If you like clean love stories than Lia is the perfect author for you.

    21. Very good storyI enjoyed the emotion of this story Anyone who has experienced butterflies, fear, doubt, hope, or romantic dreams can relate to this story It s well written and relatable It s another terrific piece by a terrific author.

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