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Special A, Vol. 04 By Maki Minami,

  • Title: Special A, Vol. 04
  • Author: Maki Minami
  • ISBN: 9781421515694
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • After finding out about Hikari s date with Tadashi, Kei is driven to distraction and kidnaps Hikari However, Kei soon develops a high fever and collapses, and Hikari finds herself nursing him Will Kei s love finally reach the thickheaded Hikari
    Special A Vol After finding out about Hikari s date with Tadashi Kei is driven to distraction and kidnaps Hikari However Kei soon develops a high fever and collapses and Hikari finds herself nursing him Will Kei

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    1. Special A, Vol 4 Special A, 4 , Maki Minami After finding out about Hikari s date with Tadashi, Kei is driven to distraction and kidnaps Hikari However, Kei soon develops a high fever and collapses, and Hikari finds herself nursing him Will Kei s love finally reach the thickheaded Hikari

    2. Come check out my book blog Teenage BookaholicSYNOPSIS Please note that this is a review for the entire series, comprised of 17 books Hikari Hanazono is not your typical high school girl While she comes from a modest background, she strives to do her best at anything and everything to top her rival After losing an impromptu wrestling match as a child, Hikari made it her life s goal to beat Kei Takishima, a wealthy child who is destined to work for the family business, any way possible She is so [...]

    3. I love Tadashi He is my favourite character Tadashi DSo this review is for the overall series I give the overall series 5 stars because it was raelly good.Funny at times, romantic at times, cute at times, sad at times Also, I really loved the art It s true I have some saved pictures from things in the book I would like to say that Hikari is SOOOOOOOO dense I mean like crazy I m not even joking I m not going to tell you why but I want to say that when she said that and Takishima was all surprised [...]

    4. The rating and review are conclusion for all of the volumes Except for the synopsis.Okay, where do I begin The first volume is not that bad A bit like warming up As the story goes on, it gets interesting and funnier I love the ending It s totally cute view spoiler I don t know why but I really ship Megumi and Yahiro And I m a bit annoyed with Akira s character Seriously And OMG NOT TO FORGET THE PROPOSAL I so did not see that coming Hahaha Kei is just, man I don t know perfect I guess hide spoi [...]

    5. Hikari was kidnapped by Kei when he found out that Hikari was on a date with Tadashi During the plane ride Kei got sick over the stress of his father s company Hikari decided to care for him until he got better When he comes around Kei kisses Hikari on the lips and leaves her with a lot of feelings, but when Hikari tries to find out what type of girl Kei likes for Sakura Kei s match she can t bring herself to say it Does she have feelings for Kei This book reminds me of twilight because Kei acte [...]

    6. I enjoye this series It always makes me laugh In this volume Kei comes down with a fever and Hikari there to help him out Somehow they end up deciding to go out on Sunday I loved the part where he gives her a quick kiss since she is so bothered about what happened in Hawaii Also in the volume Special A class going to another school and being split up in classes for a week Then there is the chapter with the date with Kei and Hikari This was such an enjoyable volume.

    7. Note This review is a series review, not really a volume specific review.One of my favorite mangas An excellent shoujo meaning it is a comic aimed at teenage girls story about Hikari whose life mission is to beat Kei She goes to a very expensive school one that her family can barely afford for the sole purpose of trying to beat Kei Poor Hikari is a clueless and loving girl who is always 2 in everything while Kei is 1 A good mix of drama, hilarity, and sweetness.

    8. Series Review Special A is a interesting and cute manga that I really enjoyed It was funny and entertaining plot and character wise I most enjoyed the dynamic between the characters I recommend giving this manga a try.

    9. This series was amazing Hikari and Kai s relationship is so comedic and heartwarming I got through this series so fast and I just wanted to keep reading All the characters are fun and this series is very entertaining.If you liked Ouran High School Host Club I would recommend this series.

    10. Omg Hikari s so cute while dating Kei too bad his dad and Sakura disturbed them I wish to see of their matches and lovey dovey moments heehee I don t really like Yahiro I wish I could just throw him outer space

    11. This was another great volume, I love the vibe and the characters are lovely and hilarious It was a bit different as we learn about Akira s story and two of the chapters are focussed on her instead of Hikari And I liked it So yea, loved it and can t wait to grab the next volume

    12. I adore this series Although sometimes it can be confusing at first Normally by the end of the book I understand everything and have all the warm fuzzy feelings and the need for the next book Now.

    13. This one just felt meh Maybe that was because I was yearning to go back to watching the Boys Over Flowers Korean drama My bad, my bad.

    14. This series was hilarious I found myself laughing out loud ever so often as I eagerly read the story This author s work is just remarkable

    15. Hikari is so earnest in everything she does and so clueless Sakura and Jun LOL This is a really nice slice of life series

    16. This one was a bit melodramatic with all the story behind Akira s past and also Yahiro s, who was innocent after all But as always, the scenes between Hikari and Kei are extremely funny.

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