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The Wake By Scott Snyder Sean Gordon Murphy,

  • Title: The Wake
  • Author: Scott Snyder Sean Gordon Murphy
  • ISBN: 9781401245238
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New York Times bestselling author, Scott Snyder American Vampire, Batman, Swamp Thing and artist Sean Murphy Punk Rock Jesus, Joe The Barbarian , the incredible team behind the miniseries American Vampire Survival of the Fittest, are reuniting for the powerful miniseries THE WAKE When Marine Biologist Lee Archer is approached by the Department of Homeland Security foNew York Times bestselling author, Scott Snyder American Vampire, Batman, Swamp Thing and artist Sean Murphy Punk Rock Jesus, Joe The Barbarian , the incredible team behind the miniseries American Vampire Survival of the Fittest, are reuniting for the powerful miniseries THE WAKE When Marine Biologist Lee Archer is approached by the Department of Homeland Security for help with a new threat, she declines, but quickly realizes they won t take no for an answer Soon she is plunging to the depths of the Arctic Circle to a secret, underwater oil rig filled with roughnecks and scientists on the brink of an incredible discovery But when things go horribly wrong, this scientific safe haven will turn into a house of horrors at the bottom of the ocean Collects THE WAKE 1 10.
    The Wake New York Times bestselling author Scott Snyder American Vampire Batman Swamp Thing and artist Sean Murphy Punk Rock Jesus Joe The Barbarian the incredible team behind the miniseries American Vam

    One thought on “The Wake”

    1. I was pretty invested in the story for the majority of this book.It kind of ran off the rails toward the finish line, and in my opinion never really recovered the momentum it had during the first half.The ending I m not even sure what the hell happenedSo, it starts off in present day or the past, depending on how you look at it with a cetologist whale dolphin porpoise expert named Lee Archer She gets an offer she can t refuse from a government agentish guy, to help them with something they ve di [...]

    2. This book is divided into two parts the comic book s present and the comic book s future.The present section reads like The Incredible Mr Limpet meets The Creature From the Black Lagoon Not too bad.The future reads likeWaterworld meets The Abyss and features my least favorite comic character Talky von Talkerson So Talky, this is a comic book, essentially a visual medium, what brings you here Well, Jeff, it seems that Scott Snyder wanted to include a ginormous amount of background material and th [...]

    3. Rethinking Genre ConventionsSnyder and Murphy deliriously experiment with a bunch of sci fi, horror and pirate tropes, deconstructing and then reassembling them in different, courageous and holistic ways.The moral of the story brings to mind something legendary film director Stanley Kubrick once said The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent, but if we can come to terms with this indifference, then our existence as a species can have genuin [...]

    4. I read and reviewed The Wake Part One collecting 1 5 in November 2013 and read Part Two collecting 6 10 recently so I ve compiled both reviews into this one for the complete 10 issue collected edition I know, a bad Scott Snyder comic Well, it had to happen eventually The Wake Part One ReviewDr Lee Archer is a cetologist and a single mother who s approached by a shady government agent to take part in a secret underwater operation to identify the source of a strange sound off the Alaskan coast The [...]

    5. WARNING Some spoilers may be at work 2.5 5 StarsFor me, the only thing confusing about The Cabin in the Woods was why the bureaucrat in charge of feeding teenagers to the elder gods gave a flying fuck about Mermen Of all the monsters and mutants and demons and kaiju stalking the ten thousand sub levels of the Cabin, the multitude of archetypal horrors that have dwelled in The Darkness Beyond The Fire s Glow since the Paleolithic why a fucking Merman Mermaids and Mermen are the least interesting [...]

    6. OK I m still on indiesp.So, Scott Snyder, pretty darn good writer, never embarrasses himself, always seems to have things thought out 5 steps ahead, much like his Batmanwell I am here to tell you amigosMr Scott done gone and fell upon his ass here.Something can be great, really interesting, suspenseful, and have you wanting The Wake did that It was like the best parts of The Abyss and Alien mashed up I loved that the strong main character was female, kudos for that for sure I liked the idea, ya [...]

    7. Well that was a confusing mess of an ending The Wake does NOT live up to its promise and in the end we get a jumbled half assed sci fi story that makes absolutely no sense the way it is explained The ending felt like Snyder was doing drugs and it made perfect sense to him in his mind but he couldn t translate it into meaning when sober I m not saying Snyder does drugs, I m saying maybe if I did enough drugs the whole story would make sense First half issues 1 5 A little horror story of some expe [...]

    8. This was brilliant I feel like Snyder can do no wrong This blends old school deep sea horror with post apocalyptic sci fi and mythology folklore I was intrigued the entire way, with connections constantly being made throughout The ending is solid if purposefully ambiguous It takes some hard thinking to figure out but I believe Snyder does this so it s interpretive and not painfully obvious Just to make sense of it in my own head, I ll sum it up quickly Dr Lee Archer studies whales and dolphins S [...]

    9. Seriously, couldn t these Mer creatures deliver a message through I dunno, a courier or something Why do they have to do these great deal of destruction and damage to the dry lands just to make a point I know Snyder have explained it in something like they do this flood deluge thing so that we won t forget where we came from , but yeah, I don t buy their way of giving a message The Mer could hallucinate their way through our hearts and let the humans find a way peacefully to that twist in the en [...]

    10. In my life, I consciously attempt to channel Elizabeth Bennet over Lady Catherine de Bourgh, but in certain situations, Lady Catherine s snarky, tactless, and overbearing statements just feel right I ve been having a really horrid week, and the books I ve finished haven t improved my mood I am most seriously displeased, indeed.I should just stop looking forward to books The ones I wish were amazing end up being meh or worse, bad The latest to fall from grace The Wake by Scott Snyder And so it go [...]

    11. Very disappointing series that starts off strong and gets worse and worse as it goes on The first part is primarily a survival horror story involving a group of people stranded on a secret underwater drilling station base, while mer men mer creatures attack It was fairly effective and had me wondering what was going to happen next But then big surprise , the story leaps ahead about two hundred years into a dystopian future, after the mer creatures have somehow managed to melt the polar ice caps [...]

    12. Strong female main characters, including a cetologist whale scientist trying to save the world We re fighting sea monsters, in what is a basically all sea adventure story with some huge environmental implications, finally though climate change is not the culprit here sorry, fellow environmentalists Sam Quixote says the first half is Synder s take on The Abyss, the second half his take on Water World, which is smart and funny and about right, I think Snyder says he got the idea for it from an art [...]

    13. The ending of the book reminds us that it s all an adventure It doesn t specifically refer to the book itself, butwhat an adventure it was Snyder has sufficiently impressed with American Vampire before, but this is a thoroughly original story and he really spins it The art is amazing too, but the plot is really star here Snyder destroys and entire world and then creates an entire world, all with great panache and imagination And then he throws in seriously horrifying sea creatures, mythology, pi [...]

    14. 3.5 out of 5 starsDamn really liked this horror book right up to the ending which was um pretty bad a a complete cop out in my opinion I d recommend this one for horror and Snyder fans and folks that like weak ends.

    15. I am going to keep this review extremely brief because I had to read this graphic novel for school and while I loved the first half of the book I was extremely furious and disappointed with the second half and the pathetic ending I am sorry I cannot give a proper review because I want to forget that I read this graphic novel and not retain any of the details because I felt like I sincerely wasted my time on this epic failure I read this months ago and yet I did not want to write a review for thi [...]

    16. I have become a huge Scott Snyder fan His work on American Vampire has filled the emptiness in graphic novel horror stories that was left over by end of 30 days of Night So it was some fanboy eagerness that I picked up the graphic novel collection of The Wake which compiles issues 1 10.Marine Biologist Lee Archer is offered an opportunity to study a new threat at the deepest depths of the Artic Circle At the bottom of the ocean, aboard a ghost rig, a creature is captured A mer man But Archer and [...]

    17. This story started awesome and then turned weird And not the good kind of weird with like, I don t know, aliens that look like huge ballsacks Weird where you kind of don t know what s going on, and kind of don t care I found myself reading the ending, knowing that I didn t really understand what was happening, but also not giving a hot damn You could just feel it was one of those endings that s like, Look, I wrote myself into a bit of a corner, but it s the journey, not the destination, right We [...]

    18. I read this because it sounded like it was going to be some badass, underwater, science fiction, survivors in a sardine can, horror story And it did start out that way After the first few issues, I m thinking to myself, man I love Leviathan This is gonna be like Leviathan, but in comicbook form Then all of a sudden it wasn t It wasn t that at all The rug was pulled out from under me The shift was abrupt and jarring It took all I had to keep reading But okay, fine, Waterworld isn t nearly as awes [...]

    19. This started off fantastic but ended up confusing the hell outa me towards the end The artwork is nice and I love the story itself except for the confusing ending The end was too rushed This could have been a few chapters longer and not have one page full of rushed, confusing answers I was going to give this 2 stars but raised it to 3 because I loved how unique and creepy the mermaids are.

    20. Arkada tavsiyelerini dinlemenin nemi adl bir retide, evet, uyan ile alakal olumsuz tavsiye alm t m ara olarak kullan labilir belki Bunun d nda bir ey ifade etmedi i gibi, iyi bir izgi roman okumas da sunmad.

    21. The setup is strong, but then The Wake covers way too much ground far too quickly Each half of the series has its own world building and exposition, which made an otherwise good story a little tedious.

    22. I was not sure what to expect and I got nicely surprised All along the story things happen that are unexpected and it s hard to see where Scott Snyder wants to take us but in the end the ride is well worth it You just have to let yourself be carried away and be ready for a few crazy things I did not see the end coming at all.The art is good and it s nice to see Sean Murphy paired again with Scott Snyder after their previous American Vampire Survival of the Fittest collaboration.One comment The s [...]

    23. Okay like WHAT In the beginning I was all like hell yes The middle I was like hmmmm I need help figuring this shit out The ending My brain hurts However the beginning was amazing The artwork was amazing So 3 stars.

    24. I have read the first few story arcs that Scott Snyder has done for Batman I liked them, they were a lot of fun and I enjoyed his story telling well enough.The thing isI m not a real big superhero guy Don t get me wrong, I keep up on them, and follow my favorites, but Marvel and DC are kinda like candy for me The real meat and potatoes I get from creator owned work and the Indie side of comics.Its just always been my cup of tea.So, of course, I was excited when I first heard about The Wake Not [...]

    25. Looking at my Original scores for the single issues this would have been a 4 5 But I can t that ending was one of the most far fetched, confusing, complicated and let down endings I have read So far in a comic It Just started off as a Nice horror book But then it got all scifi and complicated as They never really gave a proper explanation for the pirates or the mercs, too much complicated dialogue

    26. Skoj serie, ventyr, myter och lite action Sj jungfru legenden ber ttad ganska m rkt Jag hade gett den full pott om den hade h llit ihop b ttre Men man beh vde tv eller tre genoml sningar f r att allt skulle falla p plats Allt faller lite l st p plats och jag hade g rna sett saker lite tydligare ber ttat.Sk nt att den inte r ongoing, utan den kommer till ett slut Dock skulle jag g rna sett lite mer n 10 issues Efter f rsta fem issues f r vi flytta oss fram t i tiden och f r f lja en ny karakt r D [...]

    27. This graphic novel is like none I have read before It is not an easy read, but so worth the effort.There are two story lines, separated by two hundred years or so I am not sure what genre this belongs in, there are so many covered, but maybe the overarching genre is a dystopian one The art is strangely compelling, and fits wonderfully with this fairytale monster story I loved that the protagonists of both story lines were women Dr Lee Archer and Leeward, and the myths folklore ancient stories in [...]

    28. izimler b y leyici.Hikaye k t de il ama akla yatk n olmayan noktalar var ve sonu biraz aceleye gelmi gibi Hen z ayr m na varamad m nedenlerden t r kan m s nd bu kitaba Filmi ekilse g zel olur Elektro Yunus Dash i sevdim.

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