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Balladyna By Juliusz Słowacki,

  • Title: Balladyna
  • Author: Juliusz Słowacki
  • ISBN: 9788361237525
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dramat S owackiego to opowie o dzy w adzy i niepohamowanych ambicjach, kt re popychaj do najokrutniejszych post pk w, to historia wielkiej nami tno ci i nieoczekiwanej zdrady.
    Balladyna Dramat S owackiego to opowie o dzy w adzy i niepohamowanych ambicjach kt re popychaj do najokrutniejszych post pk w to historia wielkiej nami tno ci i nieoczekiwanej zdrady

    One thought on “Balladyna”

    1. I had to read this play for school and I don t really know what to think of it Even though this tragedy is in Polish, and I m pretty sure there is no English version of it, it s a primary example of classic Polish dramatic work, and you never know when this kinda knowledge might come in handy Saying this, would you guys be interested in reading a review in English, of course for this play

    2. Except for a portion of Act 2, most of this Polish classic is a confused mess The psychology is not subtle in the extreme The malevolent heroine is an embodiment of evil whose actions especially after Act 2 make no sense except as doing whatever could be most despicable in any situation She is a kind of murder is fun character.OK, it is meant as a kind of fairy tale, but it is not really a very cogent one.Why did Slowacki write this play Is it perhaps a parody of romantic drama The epilogue migh [...]

    3. Ksi ka by a moj 3 lektur w tym roku szkolnym Zaczyna am j chyba 4 razy a w ko cu przeczyta am Ksi ka jest wed ug mnie napisana przez nudny i trudny j zyk Balladyna wed ug mnie jest osob , kt ra po prostu zgubi a si w swoich czynach Ka de wydarzenie mia o na celu zatuszowania poprzedniego zdarzenia Gdyby nasza bohaterka nie by aby tak egoistyczna to wszystko by si nie wydarzy o Mo na by pomy le nawet, e Balladyna po pierwszych wydarzeniach zapomnia a o tym co to zdrowy rozs dek albo po prostu tak [...]

    4. The lady who would do anything to get the crown, and gets struck down by lightning as punishment for her crimes, especially for the sheer neglect of her mother It s the classic story of how she, as the second born, must wait her turn to get married while her mother finds a husband for her older sister But, of course, the knight in arms turns out to love Balladyna After negotiation with the mother, the two sisters are challenged to go into the woods The first one to fill her jug full of fruit win [...]

    5. It can be compared to William Shakespeare s Macbeth The want of power, passion and murder It would be good if I didn t have to read it at school and then answer stupid question about it.

    6. it wasn t that great I was expecting something powerful from this author, but I sadly didn t get that feeling I wanted

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