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Mistress of Night and Dawn By Vina Jackson,

  • Title: Mistress of Night and Dawn
  • Author: Vina Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781480474277
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bared to You meets The Night Circus From international bestselling author Vina Jackson comes the seductive story of a love affair that spans the globe.Growing up, Aurelia was haunted by the mysterious death of her parents when she was very young, and she has always longed to know the truth about her past At eighteen, she meets a man who will change her life forever, and wBared to You meets The Night Circus From international bestselling author Vina Jackson comes the seductive story of a love affair that spans the globe.Growing up, Aurelia was haunted by the mysterious death of her parents when she was very young, and she has always longed to know the truth about her past At eighteen, she meets a man who will change her life forever, and when he disappears before she can learn his name, she vows to find him again Thanks to an unknown benefactor, Aurelia travels to America to continue her education There she comes across the existence of an exclusive ball that has been held every year for centuries The decadent celebration of the senses travels from country to country, cropping up in secret locations and including only a very selective list of guests Caught up in a world of passion and intrigue, Aurelia soon becomes one of the ball s star attractions But little does she know that as her involvement with the festivities increases, she is coming ever closer to discovering the truth about her mysterious benefactor, her own past, and the identity of the one man she has ever truly loved Vina Jackson is the pseudonym for two established writers working together One is a successful author the other a published writer who is also a financial professional in London.
    Mistress of Night and Dawn Bared to You meets The Night Circus From international bestselling author Vina Jackson comes the seductive story of a love affair that spans the globe Growing up Aurelia was haunted by the mysterious

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    1. The Mistress of Night and Dawn is an exquisite perversion, a vivid tale of a thing, rather than the people inhabiting the story The story is about Aurelia, the one destined to be the next Mistress of the Ball an annual celebration of hedonism and sex, held for those who are invited to indulge in its excesses, revelry and celebration of sexuality and humanity However, her story, and that of Andrei the Protector of the Ball, sent to find Aurelia, with whom she falls in love, is not really about he [...]

    2. Love Vina Jackson s books.The story line was great flitting between the present and some historical chapters about The Ball This appears to be a very hedonistic affair, which is full of music, love, men, women, food, drinking, the usual things which would happen at parties.The history of The Ball goes back to the 1700 s as per the historical chapters in the book, it gave great insight as to what had happened in the past and what is going to happen.We meet Aurelia just before her 18th birthday, s [...]

    3. The Ball is a festival that takes place annually, celebrating life, love, and sexuality Many desire to not only be a guest of the notorious Ball, but to be a participant in any way possible The food is unlike any other tasted The theatrics unlike any witnessed the women the most beautiful, the men the most handsome To be a part of the Ball is to participate in the most satisfying sexual experience of one s life All of this sensual foreplay leads up to the culmination of events before Dawn, when [...]

    4. Well this was a strange book for me to read First of all I don t really tend to read books that are set in the past tense as I don t understand a lot about history so I tend to find that type of book a bit confusing This book has two story s happening along side each other One in current tense and the other many hundreds of years ago The modern day bits I loved but the older parts of the story I did not enjoy very much I almost gave up on the book almost half way through as I was finding it quit [...]

    5. I think this is the strangest book I ve ever read but it was truly addictive and tantalizing, maybe because Mistress of Night and Dawn is a combination of romance, erotica, fantasy and magical realism, certainly not the kind of books you find everyday in the romance section of the bookstore I like how characters from their previous books i.e Lauralynn and Luba made an appearance here I don t think the epilogue spelled the end of this book but it s only a beginning for the next title in the expan [...]

    6. In the vein of The Sleeping Beauty trilogy Anne Rice writing as A.N Rolequare not sure if I spelled that correctly comes this sensual tale of a young woman s journey into a hidden world filled with timeless traditions steeped in eroticism and sexual exploration But don t be fooled into thinking this is just a spicy novel no, it is so much It has layers, just waiting to be peeled with each turn of the page Excellent read.

    7. DNF at page 80 I stopped at this page for a while, with the intention to go back to it someday, but then I realized, I didn t want to read this book This book is practically pornography Not my thing I m quite disappointed to be honest, cause I expected from it, I don t know why Won t be quoting anything Just too much.

    8. This is not even remotely what I d usually pick up and read but I did pick it up and read it and I don t really regret it I guess It s just not my type of book I don t remember where I got this book but it was collecting dust on my bookshelf so I decided to pick it up and read it without reading anything about it before I read it because I like a good surprise I haven t read anything else from this author before this so I am not sure about her other books but I didn t really like this book, it w [...]

    9. Saw this book in the library as I d read the rest of this series enjoyed them, thought it would be nice to read this one It is classed as erotic fiction To be honest, I found the storyline confusing a very strange read, until chapter 8, when the story suddenly starts to make sense pick up slightly I didn t think it much of a story anyway a fair bit of repetitive explaining, which grew boring It certainly doesn t match up to the rest of the series which came before this book Personally I wouldn t [...]

    10. Inhalt Aurelia f hrt ein ganz normales Leben bis sie an ihrem 18 Geburtstag erf hrt, dass ein unbekannter ein G nner einen Treuhandfonds f r sie angelegt hat Die Bedingungen daf r, das Geld zu erhalten, sind so simpel wie kontrovers sie muss studieren und darf nicht bis zu einem bestimmten Alter heiraten Da sie gerade keine Heiratspl ne hat und ihr bisher eh nie ein Mann gerecht werden konnte, stimmt sie kurzerhand zu Nichts ahnend, wohin sie diese Entscheidung f hren wirdEigene Meinung 80 Days [...]

    11. I read this book because I was intrigued by it Intrigued doesn t always turn into a good read Often it s a WTF read This wasn t quite that, and in fact I read it quite quickly because it held my interest, but I m not really sure if I know how to review it.Aurelia s never really fit in She s an American orphan who was raised outside London by godparents She s never met a guy who s interested her until an unknown stranger kisses her at a fun fair and it feels like it s meant to be They meet again [...]

    12. Vina Jackson is back with something new and wildly different Mistress of Night and Dawn is less like the books in the Eighty Days series and reminiscent of the erotic Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice but without the darkness This is truly an example of fantasy erotica, as opposed to the realistic style of the other books by the Jackson duo If you are familiar with the other titles but felt that they were lacking in quantity of sex scenes, Mistress will be right up your alley Still well wri [...]

    13. I ve read the other Vina Jackson books and so when started reading this one I assumed it would be a similar genre Unlike the other books I felt there was of a fantasy element in this one, not something I usually enjoy I found the book slow to start and it wasn t until about 15% read when we are given details about the history of the Ball that my interest was sparked A mysterious, erotic, secret ball which is a celebration not just of sexuality but also of humanity , hundreds of years old, maybe [...]

    14. C est plut t trange comme roman J aurais tendance le qualifier de fantastique, tellement ce que s y passe exsude une ambiance onirique et fantasmagorique C est trange, c est inspir et a a un c t d licieusement pervers et d bordant de cr ativit.Les seuls liens avec les tomes pr c dents sont les personnages de Lauralynn et de Luba et Summer, m me si elle n est pas nomm e , qui apparaissent tr s secondairement et tr s fugacement, et a n est pas g nant de ne pas avoir lu les pr c dents Au final, on [...]

    15. I ve not read any others in this series I was given this book so I had no idea what to expect I thought at first it was YA and so not going to be my thing the protags were in their teens and I m beyond being interested in that BUT it was an intriguing premise that kept me reading I hadn t expected the eroticism there was no warning on the back but it was nicely written My problem was lack of character detail there was plenty of other detail and very good detail at that But I didn t care about Au [...]

    16. Aurelia always wondered about her parents mysterious death She goes to a ball and meets a man who she is intrigued by He will change her life forever He disappears before she can even learn his name, she wants him Theref, she vows to find him again.There is a lot of passion, mystery and intrigue Aurelia is coming ever so close to discovering the truth about her mysterious benefactor, her own past, and the identity of the one man she has ever truly loved What will she choose when she discovers al [...]

    17. A really peculiar bookbut magical It was really different from eighty days, all of them, but it was really good I liked the story about Aurelia and Siv, even though at the beginning I was not really into it took me a while to get into the story, but once it got to the part of Aurelia s involvement I found it much easierIt was a strange world, yet there was something that made me think of fairy tales, not exactly what I would expect from the Ball, just an enchanted place where everything could ha [...]

    18. I received a copy of this book for an honest review And that s what I intend to give This is a great book When I read the blurb for it, the fact that it was compared to The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern caught my eye And there are some definite similarities in the way the story flows and the concept I loved Aurelia s character and felt that she was beautifully written The story flowed well and kept me intrigued and interested all the while entertained That s what I look for in a book The want [...]

    19. unbrindelecture 2014 1Un sixi me tome surprenant qui prend les lecteurs contre pied par rapport ce qu ils avaient rencontr s jusque l La sensualit et des sc nes torrides pimentent toujours la lecture mais la magie fait son apparition et donne une dimension totalement diff rente ce r cit Aur lia est une jeune femme tonnante qui va se m tamorphos e au fil des pages et qui va s panouir dans une sensualit torride, d brid e et r serv e un lectorat averti Dernier tome de cette saga, je n h siterai pas [...]

    20. When this book first caught my attention, it was due to the comparisons to the night circus I didn t realise it was erotica I don t have anything against erotica it s just not generally the kind of thing I d read However, the reviews I read convinced me I should read it anyway I m glad I did This is an excellent work of magical realism, with an interesting plot It would definitely appeal to fans of The Night Circus as well as fans of Angela Carter and Neil Gaiman, assuming they don t mind the fr [...]

    21. As a fantasy story I suppose it wasn t too bad, but as a romantic liaison NO I found the whole thing pretty unbelievable and i m sorry but the use of some of the language just not necessary I abhor the use of the C word at the best of times and although it was only used sporadically I found it completely unnecessary It didn t add to the story in any way and a different word could have been used I guess this type of book just isn t for me, and I will not be returning to this partnership for any [...]

    22. I liked the interesting aspects of this book It is definitely an X adult read Yet it is not what I would consider a dirty book I will say that it jumped around a lot and I always felt like I had to catch up again I enjoyed the characters as they were mostly helpful to others although I thought one would cause all kinds of trouble near the end You have to read to see what happens If you enjoy BDSM you should enjoy this book If you read vanilla then pass right over this book Enjoy either way.

    23. This book was different for me I have not read any previous book from the author and I didn t know what to expect It has a unique storyline with timelines showing what happened at previous Balls erotic celebrations from 1788 to 1847, to help you understand Auerlia s destiny It definitely has a fantasy feel and at times I thought it was a little slow paced, but I think it was well written with a lot of details.

    24. I won this book through a giveaway I have to admit that it was surprising I ve never read anything quite like it and I enjoyed it than I thought I would The story is not terribly complex, but I was still drawn in I enjoyed the concept of the book and I think the author could have done to deepen the character development Overall, I highly suggest this book if you want something easy and diverting to read maybe over summer vacation.

    25. I have received this book for free through First Reads.This book was a bit unusual, though not in a bad way, it was very original and unique with the story line and how the timelines showed what happened in the previous balls from the years such as 1788 in France to Venice in 1847 The story itself was masterfully written, well paced, in much detail to make someone like me not so well read in this genre blush.

    26. Oh dear I picked this up expecting Night Circus then sex circus The Ball plot has so much promise and could be amazing, but I feel the sex just made it shallow and boring No I m not been prudish, in honesty the sex was bland I d opt for Ball plot and less vanilla.I found the characters boring and weak except Siv, she was cool.All in all, I finished in the hope of and was left unsatisfied.

    27. This book was so very different from the other parts of the novel series It has a magical core and because of that it doesn t fit very well into the rest.Also, I couldn t quite understand Aurelia s rapid change of personality, but perhaps that s just me Nevertheless, it s a pretty light read and I m sure fans of Vina Jackson will have much fun with it

    28. This books gets a low grade from me mostly because of how utterly flat, boring and uninteresting the female protagonist, Aurelia, is Apparently having a strong, interesting, well written heroin these days is almost impossible It seems like that the only important thing is throwing into the mix a dark mysterious man and all is done Very superficial and lame if you ask me.

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