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Looking for Easter By Dori Chaconas Margie Moore,

  • Title: Looking for Easter
  • Author: Dori Chaconas Margie Moore
  • ISBN: 9780807547496
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Little Bunny searches for Easter among the signs of spring in the forest.
    Looking for Easter Little Bunny searches for Easter among the signs of spring in the forest

    One thought on “Looking for Easter”

    1. Oh, I felt all soft and warm and fuzzy as I read this This book is appropriate for the youngest child and, most importantly, children who come from families that normally celebrate Easter and those who do not I read it because I d read it was a vegan friendly Easter book no animal milk chocolate bunnies, eggs for human consumption, etc and I was delighted to find that was true Easter is new life and that is compatible with Christianity but also appropriate for non Christians I love the emphasis [...]

    2. An absolutely adorable story of a little bunny who goes looking for Easter What is Easter, exactly Is it a grass basket, sweet berries, an egg or is it perhaps all of these things, and even As bunny carries on his search and helps his super cute meadow friends, he comes to find Easter in his own special way.I love this book The story and illustrations are so warm and cozy and hold such a sweet meaning without being didactic or cloying It s a wonderful celebration of spring, and of the idea of n [...]

    3. The pictures and the story were sweet but I didn t agree with the message Easter is not babies being born that s spring Easter, if you really want to find it, is with Jesus s resurrection So maybe just tell your kids it s a spring story Ages 3 6 easter spring Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enab [...]

    4. I really thought this story was well done I love how the rabbit went to several friends as he learned about what Easter was He slowly gets the basket figured out and then so generously gives it up to help a bird make a home for his babies The best part is at the end he is led back to his friends to see new birth of many babies The moral of the story was that the meaning of Easter isn t baskets and candys the celebration of new birth.

    5. Out of all of the books that I read today, this one was most likely my favorite I know that Children have these sorts of questions as well, just like Little Bunny has questions I think that it is told in such as way as to be easily understood and that children would find the pictures very pleasant, just like I did A fun little Easter Tale.

    6. In the story the little bunny is looking for Easter In his search he ends up helping all of his friends by collecting branches, digging holes, collecting berries, and in the end she gave her basket away to Robin as a next We learned in the story that Easter comes with new life, it is new life Children would have fun learning how animals lived in the wild and what they need to survive.

    7. The author seems to have left out that Easter is a religious holiday If someone would introduce the poor bunny to Jesus then he could stop looking for Easter because he would understand its true meaning.which isn t about baskets, babies, sweets or springtime weather A cute story but a definite miss.

    8. I think this book should be titled, Looking for Spring because it wasn t a typical Easter book Most kids know about the Easter Bunny so it seems strange that this bunny doesn t even know what Easter is That being said, I thought it had a great message about helping others.

    9. I loved this book and so did my little girl What a sweet story about a little bunny searching for Easter and the wonder he discovers It is a great Easter book for children who are too young understand fully the REAL Easter story.

    10. Great book about the meaning of Easter that you can use in a classroom You can t incorporate Jesus but this book tells the purpose of celebrating Easter and shows that doing good and serving others is the best way to celebrate that renewal of self and life Great teaching opportunities.

    11. This book is an adorable way to teach the real meaning of the Spring season and the idea that Easter means new life It s a wonderful story to read aloud to children We ve borrowed this book a few times from the library.

    12. Faith Friends 2016 What does Easter smell, feel, and taste like Great book to use for a jumping off place into the true meaning of Easter

    13. Adorable It is a book about spring than anything A non religious look at the Easter season and spring for little ones.

    14. Such a sweet and innocent story about the moral of Easter and new life It resembles Christ without talking about Him.

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