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A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005 By Annie Leibovitz,

  • Title: A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005
  • Author: Annie Leibovitz
  • ISBN: 9780224080637
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One of the most celebrated photographers of our time presents a selection of her work of the last fifteen years The material documents the arc of Leibovitz s relationship with her companion, Susan Sontag, who died in 2004 the birth of her three daughters and many events involving her large and robust family, including the death of her father The book is permeated withOne of the most celebrated photographers of our time presents a selection of her work of the last fifteen years The material documents the arc of Leibovitz s relationship with her companion, Susan Sontag, who died in 2004 the birth of her three daughters and many events involving her large and robust family, including the death of her father The book is permeated with strong emotions Leibovitz s passion for her family and friends is part of a larger passion that extends to the subjects of her professional work, and the two worlds meet thematically Portraits of public figures include the pregnant Demi Moore, Nelson Mandela in Soweto, Jack Nicholson on Mulholland Drive, Bill Clinton in the Oval Office, William Burroughs in Kansas, and Agnes Martin in Taos.Over 300 photographs are accompanied by an essay by Leibovitz that discusses the circumstances under which the work was made, both technically and logistically, and her relationships with and thoughts about many of the subjects.
    A Photographer s Life One of the most celebrated photographers of our time presents a selection of her work of the last fifteen years The material documents the arc of Leibovitz s relationship with her companion Susan Son

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    1. This book is huge and very heavy, but it has tons of pictures to flip through It s a great insight into the life of Annie Leibovitz s life We see photos from some of her regular paid jobs and then intimate photos from her personal life It was gripping to see photos of both her father and her partner, Susan Sontag s, deaths There are also some portraits of celebrities that were great Because I m studying photography right now, I really enjoyed this book.

    2. I probably found this book especially interesting because I read it after attending an exhibit by the same name at one of our local art museums.I ve always admired Leibovitz s photographs and I knew a little about her life, but I never realized how central family both hers and others are for her.I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the landscape photos I particularly enjoyed the photos of her family, and the stories behind them Perusing the text and viewing the photographs, it made me wish that [...]

    3. I have spent a lot of time in many small moments looking through and at single images in this huge book Originally 2 or three photograph s and a series caught my eye and prompted it being added to my collection I ve since found several photos that elevate this to a favorite book and it doesn t sit on the coffee table The death photos of Susan Sontag are gripping and somber.Political statements abound within this work but are mostly subtle and intense without being in your face.A.L had a rough y [...]

    4. I recently went through this book while at Strand Books in NY As previous reviewers have mentioned, it is heavy The title s sorta trite and misnomerical this isn t a true retrospective, it s just an overview of the climax and Annie is is still fairly absent aside from a few nude selfies and self taken family photos from that This is all perfectly fine, as I didn t read the book for its author, but one of its subjects Susan Sontag The memento mori style photos of her which drew much scrutiny from [...]

    5. I wish I liked this book , because I really like her work But the photos she chose for this personal memoir of her life included a lot of photos that were undoubtedly special to her, but to which the reader is clueless She doesn t explain much, which is fine it s a photography essay of sorts, and so her art should speak for herself but she traveled all over the world, and usually with Susan Sonntag her partner and rarely put really phenomenal shots of these places in the book only so so, semi su [...]

    6. An intimate portrait of the author s life, sprinkled bizarrely with celebrity photos A friend of mine criticized Leibovitz juxtaposition of the intimacy of her life with Susan Sontag, and Sontag s death, with her usual celebrity shots However, Leibovitz explains in the introduction that this was how her life is She moves constantly from intimate personal spaces into this other world that is her work In that context, I was okay with the mixture of photos The personal photos are VERY intimated it [...]

    7. These photographs must be read as a text The way, they appear in the book, reveals a true love life story and the book indeed is a very personal statement of Annie Leibovitz The beautiful surroundings in Jordan and Susan Sontag in Petra, the pictures of Annies dancing mum and her close up portrait, the appartements in New York and Paris, Susans 60th birthday and Susan lying on a couch in the pond house, Susan holding baby Sarah Cameron and the empty office in the pond house after Susans death Th [...]

    8. In comparison to the previous collection of Leibovitz s work that I read On Work this book has a much personal touch There are far fewer of her professional pieces famoous portraits, Vogue editorials, etc and instead we are given family photographs, travel montages, and candid shots which reveal the intimacy of her relationship with Susan Sontag While many of these images are similar in subject and style to those seen in any family album and are therefore not really a credit to Leibovitz s arti [...]

    9. while her celebrity portraits are well executed, always nailing the glam ones and intimate portraits alike it is her private photographs that give her the title as one of the best photographers of this century her ability to private candide moments of her family show that she was always working, even subconsciously one of my favorite photograph s of susan susan at the house on hedges lane, wainscott, long island, 1988

    10. this was a book i picked up and flipped through one night at friend s house after drinking too much wine i didn t expect annie l s book to be so personal with an unflinching eye she captured the erosion of her lover s health to cancer the photos of susan sontag s corpse were so incredibly painful to look at i was expecting to see photographs of her celebrity subjectsd i got than i bargained for in particular the photos of susan sontag receive chemotherapy and shaving her head made me cry it was [...]

    11. This book is a trip through Annie Leibovitz s life through her photographs, some personal and some commissioned The first time I picked it up was in Barnes and Noble I found a comfy and chair and just started flipping through I sat there for over an hour looking at her images and was literally driven to tears in the middle of a bookstore Truly amazing that photographs can have that sort of power.

    12. The good stuff in here is really good The stuff I don t like as much I know was intended to make the book intimate and introspective one or two pictures of naked, pregnant Annie would have been than enough to get that across One or two pictures of Susan Sontag naked in the tub would have been than sufficient But there are lots Almost as though Annie couldn t make up her mind which one to put in .

    13. As a wannabe photographer, it s always a pleasure to spend time studying a good retrospective from one of the greats As expected, I liked the shots of our professional and Olympic athletes best, followed closely by those of distinctive pop culture artists I was also struck by the intimate portraits of her life partner, Susan Sontag I actually didn t know before reading the text that they were in a relationship, but it makes a lot of sense now What a power couple they must have been

    14. WOW this is my favorite photographer of all time the one who has inspired me to be a portrait photographer this book is Annie s picks on her favorite photographs that she has taken largely based of her family and her uncertain relationship w Susane s truly inspirational she has a way in capturing a moment, the light, the feeling.I wanna be like Annie p.s I m not sure picture books clasify as reading , but I love it still

    15. If you are interested in Photography, this is the Photographer to read about Her passion continues to inspire me to this day Everytime I look at her photographs, I remember why I became a photographer It isn t just about making the stars look beautiful with her, its about documenting her life including her partner, Susan Sontag passing, her children, and her family It s also about making a difference photographing people who matter to small groups of people.

    16. This book, besides being absolutely massive in size is one of the most personal and beautiful collections I have ever seen Annie Leibovitz has gone though some of the most personal and intimate times in her life and shared them with us, from the death of her partner and father, to the birth of her first child when she was 51 Deeply moving As a photographer I am just in awe of her talent and bravery.

    17. Overall, a wonderful retrospective the non celebrity photos are the most gripping, especially those that reveal the photographer self portraits portraits of Susan Sontag and the author s daughters Not a big fan of Leibovitz s pop culture layout the over size book and photosmething she also does in shows where photos are printed like posters on boards, often, instead of as fine prints, framed.

    18. An absolutely Fantastic Book Shows pictures from VAnity Fair as well as personal photos with Susan Sontag before her death also has shots of the World Trade Center burning which she took from her own New York apartment when she was pregnant I m amazed by how personal this book is, and always amazed by how she chooses to frame her subject matter.

    19. Annie Leibovitz has a very interesting story to tell Her idea of not distinguishing between personal and professional photographs in order to create a single history of her and Susan Sontag s life is very intriguing Some of the pictures I was blown away by some did not impress me much, but as a collection, I found it be captivating.

    20. Annie Leibovitz has lived an incredibly interesting life The people she s met, the things she s done, and the places she s gone are enough to fill three lifetimes, and she still has many things to do I find her life fascinating, and this book does a good job chronicling both her triumphs and her tragedies.

    21. Fascinating and beautiful A story told only in images However, I m only giving it a four because whoever thought it was ok to spread photographs across two pages so that the emotional visual center of the image was lost deep down in the crease deserves a kick in the shin Multiple beautiful I assume pictures were totally ruined that way.

    22. While Leibovitz s portrait and commercial work are well known, it her personal work that really stirs me in this book She chronicles the death of her partner, Susan Sontag, and her father Very emotional and quite the departure of her career work The lack of 5 stars in only because I am not a huge fan of her commercial work and there is still too much of that here for me.

    23. This was a book that lets you into the life of a well known photographer whose life has been iconic Upon finishing it, I got the feeling that her life has the ups and downs, trials and tribulations of a regular person who does the job she loves and carries on the best she can I love the sense of family she imparts.

    24. Revealing look at the personal life of Annie Leibovitz one could sense the tenderness and commitment to her long time partner, Susan Sontag.had no idea about Sontag before reading this bookd what a pair the two of them were their mutual love of photography and it s history really made each other even better artists fascinating images

    25. This book is huge I have seen many people stand in front of this book, losing themselves into the photos of which I am guilty also I didn t care for the art show version of the book, but the PBS special biography of Leibowitz and this book make up for it It s a beautiful book and one that I love look at to inspired.

    26. This was a look inside the mind of a great photographer I have been intrigued by some of the covers and photos she has taken over the years and often wondered where did she get that idea This book attempts to share some of her thinking, although I found it a bit lacking Still, it was fun to look at some of her favorite photos with her commentary.

    27. I read this immediately after reading her 1970 1990 collection and was disappointed Her earlier celebrity portraits had edge and heart than those in this latter collection Obviously she is a master of technique, but much of the work collected here is without soul The exception to this would be some of the photographs of her family particularly those of her mother.

    28. She is a genius Some of the most beautiful and moving photography I ve ever seen I received this gorgeous collection as a completely unexpected birthday gift one year, and squealed like a five year old when I unwrapped it.

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