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The Trainer By Jamie Lake,

  • Title: The Trainer
  • Author: Jamie Lake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Inspired by a true story light BDSM scenes When Chris s ex boyfriend left him high and dry, he never thought he d love again He was young, he was successful, but his ex beat his spirit down until he thought he was nothing Then he met Mason who showed him that love and mind blowing sex can come from the most unlikely places, even your personal trainer.
    The Trainer Inspired by a true story light BDSM scenes When Chris s ex boyfriend left him high and dry he never thought he d love again He was young he was successful but his ex beat his spirit down until he t

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    1. Let me first say that I really enjoyed Boyfriend for Rent, this one not so much This book suffers, and justly so, because I d recently finished reading the superbly well done gay for you Handyman so the differences between that book and this one were glaringly obvious.I liked that this was set in Costa Rica and enjoyed hearing about everyday life with the heat and tropical fruits I m confused as to how Chris could have an assistant and housekeeper though It seemed like he was working on his firs [...]

    2. I never read short stories but had heard this was a good read so thought I would give it a go Jamie Lake writes beautifully, it was so easy to read this book The character development was great and I found it very easy to relate to the emotions that come with a relationship breaking down The chemistry between Mason and Chris was down to earth and honest, they certainly seemed like soul mates and I found myself plotting there life together I so wanted Chris to face his ex boyfriend looking super [...]

    3. great short readis is one of those books you pick up and don t put down till you ve finished was pretty fast paced but well explained with great characters I found myself able to relate to the main characters and completely disliking the exes can t wait for the next installment

    4. The Trainer The BeginningI read this book a while back and didn t review at that time, now I re read it knowing that we have a lot in store for us in this series This is one of the novels I first read that got me into MM Romance I guess you could say I was definitely intrigued because I have read all of Jamie s books and can t get enough This story is about a writer, a sweet, gay man named Chris that has been dumped by his ex, Tim, and now has a very low self esteem of himself and having a real [...]

    5. While I didn t enjoy this one as much as I did Boyfriend for Rent it was still quite enjoyable and I felt it deserved at least 4.5 stars but since it actually made me cry at one point I rounded it up to 5 wonderful stars Just like with Boyfriend for Rent one of the MC s is gay and was just dumped by an emotionally abusive boyfriend and the other MC is a straight ish man that has had his own relationship woes I felt the pace of the story was nice though I wish we could have experienced of their [...]

    6. What did I like Well, the story for sure Nothing too spectacular about it but we got some normal, real guys with everyday issues trying to make the best out of their situation in the foreign country that is currently their home.I loved Chris and Mason and since Mason had obviously experimented in the past, I had no problem bying into him switching teams I really hope there will be sequels We so need for Chris to get back at Tim and his asshole friends I know, wishing for revenge is a petty thing [...]

    7. 4.5 Loved this book Chris was such a sweet guy After a bad break up with someone who constantly put him down, Chris was left with very low self esteem and turned to food for comfort In an effort to get back into shape he meets Mason, who agrees to be his personal trainer Very sweet book It was nice to see Chris slowly learn to trust and open up to Mason.The author has a great way of portraying sweet, shy, vulnerable MC s Chris reminded me a little of Casey from Boyfriend For Rent, which I also l [...]

    8. Chris is almost completely broken, in spirit, by his ex boyfriend Tim at every opportunity after they have split up, Tim does what he can to belittle Christermined to pick himself up he works hard on his book and hires a personal fitness trainer Mason.The relationship that builds between the two men is gentlea friendship that Chris desperately needs but he can t help lusting after Mason.I really enjoyed this book Another great novel

    9. I really hate to give this only two stars however, I must Both Chris and Mason very likable, realistic characters and if I could break down the star rating to them I d give it 4 stars There are just way too many inconsistencies, abrupt POV switches, timeline issues and other things that kept me from actually liking the book A good, honest editor would help fix these issues and make this a great story.

    10. Took to long to get to the pointTo much repeated nonsense about Tim and not enough Mason Up till the last chapter was a waste and I found I kept skipping dialogue just to get to the point I was totally sick of hearing about TimTim this and Tim thatblah, blah blah blah blah

    11. Chris and Mason are so perfectly matched, but will Mason take the next step in order to truly be happy with Chris And I m glad that Chris is finally moving on and not pining over Tim any, he was an abusive, self centered dick I hate when a book ends and its clearly a part of a series, I m not a patient person and now I ll have to wait to see where they go from here, lol.

    12. This was a short book, but a really good read I am looking forward to reading the next in the series to see where these two lovely boys end up Can not go wrong with a Jamie Lake book, always an enjoyable read

    13. Great short story One of those stories you just need to finish before letting to book down Looking forward to the next book for sure

    14. 3.5 stars an enjoyable read I liked the premise, I felt the d s make up scene was a little out of place It felt rushed The ending was abrupt but definitely a HFN I d love to read a sequel.

    15. This book is hot, another great read from Jamie Lake I loved the dynamic between Chris and Mason, I really hope there is going to be a second book in this series.

    16. The Trainer The Trainer The Trainer is a great read you just never know we re love will show up when your down an out

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