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Росомаха By Chris Claremont,

  • Title: Росомаха
  • Author: Chris Claremont
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. My name s Wolverine Have you got that No Okay I shall tell you again My name s Wolverine This is my story My name is Wolverine and I m invincible My name is Wolverine and I have an adamantium skeleton I m Wolverine Okay That s my name Wolverine I can heal myself because I am called Wolverine It s my name, Wolverine that is Do I need to tell you again I m Wolverine I can t die, so there s no point reading this because there is no possibility that I will be defeated because my name is Wolverine Oh [...]

    2. I had an itch to revisit this one since the latest film version of Logan s adventures, The Wolverine, is inspired by and loosely based on it Check out my review of the movie on Shelf Inflicted While Logan is off in the wilderness dealing with a rogue grizzly and some dumb ass hunters, his girlfriend Mariko returns to Japan with no explanation Logan follows her to Tokyo where he is shocked to learn that Mariko s missing father Shingen has returned and set up an arranged marriage for her which she [...]

    3. I am Wolverine I am the best there is at what i do This edition covers Wolverine s very first limited series and two Uncanny X Men issues which cover the continuation of Wolverine s story arc.When Logan s sweetheart, Mariko Yashida ceases to reply to his letters, he takes the next flight out to japan to find her Soap opera fans gasp Like every broken hearted guy, Logan goes through the stages Denial, confrontation, bargaining, getting beaten up, getting drunk, picking up fights, rebound love and [...]

    4. This collects Wolverine 1 4 the limited series from 1982 plus Uncanny X Men 172 173 I m guessing from the same year It forms a cohesive whole, but the two X Men comics that conclude the story are the weak link In the first two thirds of the collection, the character focus is solely on Wolverine The last two issues collected here, although still dealing with the Wolverine storyline, spends a lot of time on the character of Storm and refers heavily to previous events surrounding Jean Grey Phoenix [...]

    5. This is one of those books where it doesn t even really matter how good it is This is the 4 issue mini series from 1982, perhaps the first solo issues Wolverine really had , six years before Wolverine finally got his own on going series If you are a Wolverine fan, it s required reading I don t even know why you re reading this Just pick up a copy.Maybe you want to hear about the two X Men issues included Fair enough The 4 issue series is very Wolverine focused of course , but the two X Men issue [...]

    6. It was so much fun to read the book Gave me a chance to sample the one of the most praised writters of comics, Chris Claremont and i liked his writting I will definetly try his X Men The story was very modern, it didn t feel dated but then again as far as i know 80s is the foundation of modern comics so it is being still good is not a big surprise.Wolverine and his history with Japan is amazing I love Japan I would love to see , like how he met with Mariko Yashida for the first time and all of h [...]

    7. 3.0 to 3.5 stars He s the best there is at what he does and what he does isn t very nice This omnibus collects the excellent four issue mini series by Frank Miller Recommended.

    8. KILL BILL image error Or at least that is what I think of when I read this story since both main characters Wolverine and the Bride had to go to Japan to fight off their rivals Brief Introduction When I was looking through the comic book boards and I wanted to know what the best Wolverine story was, many fans declared that Wolverine which was written by Chris Claremont along with artwork by Frank Miller was considered the best Wolverine story out there So, I went out and got this graphic novel a [...]

    9. Meh Frank Millers art was great in this as you could expect, but this comic was honestly just kinda boring

    10. This collection contains the original Wolverine series, released in late 1982, along with two follow up issues of the Uncanny X Men It was the inspiration behind the 2013 movie The Wolverine, which motivated me to pick it up Logan travels to Japan to confront his lady love, who is engaged to another man He becomes entangled in a complex Yakuza plot which he defuses with diplomatic class, skill, and grace by rampaging through half of Tokyo with his giant, adamantium claws Overall I really enjoyed [...]

    11. First read this a little over a year ago when Darren Aronofsky was attached to direct a film adaptation he s since abandoned it , just re read it I gave it 4 stars on my old review, and after letting it settle in for awhile, and then re reading it, I m convinced it s a 5 star comic It s not brilliant, it s not mind blowing, and I couldn t imagine too many people seeing this from my point of view, but this book is just right up my alley It feels like one of those old Shaw Bros kung fu movies, lik [...]

    12. Frank Miller has his fingerprints all over the last 30 years of comics, creating classics for Dark Horse, DC, and Marvel His resume includes Sin City, 300, some of the most notable Batman comics in recent memory, and a long run on Daredevil But besides those accomplishments, I had no idea he also did the first four issues of Wolverine s solo run And let me tell you, it holds up a lot better than I expected from a comic run circa 1982 It is set in Japan, with two intriguing and mysterious women i [...]

    13. This was almost perfect, the type of focused comic I was wrongly looking for in a group X Men comic I d give it 5 stars if not for the crappy ending and maybe Rogue s dialog Wolverine, a character with a very troubled past and plenty of color, somehow blends into the X Men as only a hot headed redneck dummy, which obviously isn t true And here that s not the case.Wolverine covers Logan s time in Japan, with shoguns, samurai, ninjas, the works Claremont seems to have really done his homework Wolv [...]

    14. Clearly I m missing something, based on the critical and popular reception of this book I remember when this collection first came out, but I was interested in Spider Man and Daredevil at the time, so I never read it until put it on sale for 1.99 I don t feel like I overpaid, but I don t feel like I got a bargain either.The story is fine It s nice to see another side of Wolverine, although I never figured out why he was so in love with this Japanese chick Maybe there s background in other Wolv [...]

    15. Logan heads to Japan to be with his love, Mariko, only to find she s been married off by her drug lord father to a rich and powerful, but abusive, husband And someone s trying to kill Logan of course Cue extensive fight sequences involved ninja weapons, swords and snikt.Chris Claremont s story is pretty linear with Logan tussling with one group of foes before being knocked into another group and then being knocked back, etc etc This book showed that there are only so many silent fight scenes a r [...]

    16. 2.5 5Okay, even knowing this one is character arc important, I am not sure it really did anything to show anything new of who Logan is All it really does is Last Samurai him, in that he will always be noble enough for the sword of my family desu and better and stronger as a gaijin than we meek and noble people of Nippon desu racismThe breakdown Take a shot every time Logan compares himself to just about any animal or person, only better Yawn Take a shot for bad Romanization of Japanese words Tak [...]

    17. I d like to start off by saying that over all this is really a four star book, but it does suffer from some flaws First the good stuff.Chris Claremont and Frank Miller are great in this The writing is for the most part excellent and tells story that is, aside from the retractable claws and healing factor, crime thriller drama Its dark, gritty, and really develops the character of Logan Wolverine Miller does a great job penciling this shadowy yet colorful world with a sense of movement and life w [...]

    18. Wolverine in modern Japan fighting Ninjas, kicking ass and taking names In between he drinks beer, feels sorry for himself but gets over all that wussy cry baby garbage pretty quickly and talks like a bad imitation of Mike Hammer That s pretty much it It s not exactly deep material, but it works I ve owned my copies since 1987 Still thumb through them now and again Not a bad way to spend a little time.That is my entire review for let us be honest it s a comicbook Exactly how much can one say abo [...]

    19. Logan, la excelente pel cula de James Mangold, invita a recuperar las mejores historias del personaje Tengo muy recientes las magn ficas series de Mark Millar, pero las dos obras mayores de Lobezno estaban pidiendo una relectura Honor sigue funcionando tan bien como hace 35 a os y eso ya lo dice todo Una obra creada por dos colosos en su poca de esplendor Lobezno pasa en este c mic a ser para siempre Logan, un ser humano complejo, y, penosas etapas futuras aparte, jam s volver a ser visto como u [...]

    20. 4.5 5So, a japanese noir about Logan Count me in I wonder if Claremont took some advice from Frank Miller, while writing this story, tho because FRANK VIBE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE Despite some obvious missteps you know, some plot points just didn t survive the test of time it is a very, I repeat, very strong story with a glorious final battle An obvious must read for every Marvel neophite because old fans read it already, duh , , , , , Sony , .

    21. The title page says this is written by Chris Claremont I m calling shenanigans on that one since this bears all of the hallmarks of an early 80s Frank Miller story, who just happens to be the illustrator on this little X Men related gem of a comic Fast pacing, lots of action, ninjas and an introspective, brooding hero who narrates his way through what resembles a story but what looks a lot to me like one long well structured action scene.Because even when he s fast asleep Frank Miller can write [...]

    22. I ve never been emotionally attached to Wolverine as a character I ve always been interested in the Summers boys and their drama than anything else Wolverine wasn t anything to scoff at, though, and I thought his part in the X books was an absolute necessity So I don t love Wolverine But I like him a whole hell of a lot Over the years I guess it was easy to become less and less enchanted with Wolverine as the stories became convoluted Chris Claremont spent 17 years molding the X Men into the t [...]

    23. It is tough to read this objectively after decades of stories have been added to the Wolverine mythos if I may be so overblown as to call it such I suppose, at the time of its publication, Chris Claremont s Wolverine was a dive deep into uncharted territory Wolverine was previously a mysterious figure, and this was, so I gather, the first look at the motivations of the character, at the time it was probably quite provocative and illuminating.However, it doesn t really age well Wolverine s ham ha [...]

    24. This was my first comic foray into anything X Men related The story was not uber fantastical, it just felt like you were dropped into this part of Logan s life where he went to Japan chasing after his lady love and some shit went down I understand at the time it was written, however, that it was a big deal to have so much character time Nowadays it doesn t feel so unique That being said, there are a few frames in it that I really enjoyed I liked the old school feel to it too, especially in the a [...]

    25. Chris Claremont ai testi e Frank Miller ai disegni Il buon vecchio Frank, non l ombra del disegnatore che diventato negli ultimi lustri Entrambi sulla prima mini di Wolverine, personaggio portato al successo finalmente in avventure solitarie E quali avventure A distanza di quasi 25 anni dalla prima lettura questa storia riesce ancora a prendermi molto Molto iconica, come la miglior produzione di quei meravigliosi anni 80.

    26. One of the all time great Wolverine stories This is the one that pushed him into the super star category.It s basically a really cool kung fu movie, a bit heavy handed with the themes of honor , but makes up for it with tons of cool ninja action.One of marvel s very first mini series and one of the big stories from before Wolverine became a annoying character that got over used.

    27. I came into comics too late to read Wolverine right off the shelf, but man, did I know about it It was a grail title of mine, since I loved Wolverine s character, but it was always too expensive for me to buy to read At some point, I wound up with the first issue, but I never got any further than that with the story That first issue starts out strong, though, with an opening line as iconic as The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed I m the best there is at what I do, [...]

    28. Seeing that at this point I would consider myself very new to the comic book world, this particular series, Wolverine 1 4 and Uncanny X Men 172 173 was a great place to start, but only given the fact that I ve already watched just about every Marvel as well as DC feature film that has been released since the 90 s So, I am familiar with the character of Wolverine and that his bones are of indestructible adamantium metal due to a scientific experiment done to him by the shady Canadian government a [...]

    29. I am not very fond of the older stuff I hated the recap every issue about who Wolverine is and what s going on It was annoying and I quickly tired of it I didn t really like the story or the way characterization was handled either It felt like they were puppets instead of real characters.

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