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Pray The Gay Away By Sara York,

  • Title: Pray The Gay Away
  • Author: Sara York
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 1 of A Southern Thing series.Star football player, Jack Miller, had it all The perfect family, looks, girls hanging on his every word, and the respect of most people in his town But one thing was missing a man to be his own.When Andrew Collins showed up in small town, conservative Sweet, Georgia, he looked scrawny mutt than high school senior Andrew s plan waBook 1 of A Southern Thing series.Star football player, Jack Miller, had it all The perfect family, looks, girls hanging on his every word, and the respect of most people in his town But one thing was missing a man to be his own.When Andrew Collins showed up in small town, conservative Sweet, Georgia, he looked scrawny mutt than high school senior Andrew s plan was to keep his head down and graduate high school, leaving his family behind to start his real life.When he meets Andrew, Jack thinks he s found heaven, but reality holds him in check until one night when his lips gently slide across Andrew s and fireworks go off.As lust and something a little deeper brings them together, compelling them to take chances, people start to notice Then the unthinkable happens, and Jack s parents find out he likes guys The battle lines are drawn and they vow to pray the gay away.Don t miss out, read all four book in the series.Book 1 Pray The Gay AwayBook 2 Sending Jack Off To JesusBook 3 My Big Fat Southern Gay WeddingBook 4 Billy
    Pray The Gay Away Book of A Southern Thing series Star football player Jack Miller had it all The perfect family looks girls hanging on his every word and the respect of most people in his town But one thing was

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    1. There is a WHOLE lot of this.Self righteousness bible beating bullsh t And, from what I read in the next book blurb, there will beMORE SICK TWISTED SH % TO COME Due to the TO BE CONTINUED ENDING So now I know this series is not for me, because I do not like to be dragged around in the mud, on a leash by this author looking to read two or three books close to 300 pages each, to finally get my HEA No thank you very much And, honestly, I hate money making ploy s of selling RIDICULOUSLY INCOMPLETE b [...]

    2. DNF 46%I tried, I really did, but I couldn t make myself read any further This book is poorly written with terrible dialogue, unbelievable scenarios, and instalove If I had to guess, I d say it was written by a 16 year old girl, though I know that s unlikely.

    3. Pray the Gay Away is the first book in the A Southern Thing series and it s the story that we, the supporters of LGBTQ rights fight against You know the story, the one about young kids who are told they are wrong just because of who they love and or their identity It s the story we never want to hear again and the story that we hope will become a distant memory.Now as for the MCs, they re both very likeable Both are lovely guys 18yo with good heads on their shoulders They re both caring, respons [...]

    4. Audible DNFI ve already noticed that I m much less critical with audio books than with my ebooks.But I still have my limits.

    5. I don t know what to make of this book It was a good read and I enjoyed it, but still something bothers me On one side we have Jack, the son of a minister who knows he is gay but not out On the other side we have Andrew who was caught by his parents kissing a boy and forced to move They meet and within 24 hours Jack asks him to be his boyfriend and he says yes And from there on they quickly fall in love Hard to understand, but it could happen.But whats up with all the crap about constantly being [...]

    6. Terrible book It didn t even have an actual ending DO NOT READ I got through it and promptly returned it for a refund kindle version Sequels are okay but to just stop writing and say, Read the next one is just crap.

    7. 2.5 stars Lots of cliched characterisations, mediocre writing, but there is still something intriguing enough to keep me reading.

    8. If there is one explosive combination that guarantees frayed tempers, ranting, unbelievable diatribes and preposterous rhetoric then it must be religion and homosexuality Basically a potential minefield of bigotry and hate Sara York s Pray The Gay Away navigates these stormy waters on a subject that affects many and magnificently deals with an extremely sensitive issue.Jack is the son of the local minister for Sweet and is the shining star and example for his high school football team I mean ser [...]

    9. I don t know about this one I m conflicted The story itself wasn t bad, but it did suffer from insta love and cheesy dialog This story is about Jack, a high school football star and son of the local minister He lives in ultra conservative Sweet, Georgia with his family, including 9 siblings Jack is secretly gay Andrew s family moves to town after his parents find him kissing another boy They believe that the church can help Andrew see the error of his ways and set him on a path to being straight [...]

    10. This ended so abruptly that I nearly threw my Kindle across the room not a good idea I hate it when an author brings a novel to a cliff hanger ending in the expectation that you will fork out even money just to find out what happen I have no idea who this is aimed at YA or adults, but I didn t enjoy it The whole religion punishment homophobic thing was creepy beyond belief.

    11. platypire j hooligan pI picked this book up a bit ago, when I saw it was free I ve been meaning to read it for a while, but the RT signing coming up in Houston is what gave me the final push to start it.Before I say anything else, I want it known that I did enjoy most of what I read It was an interesting story, and I m glad the author decided to write this topic It brings up a lot of important issues that children of closed minded parents come up against.I really wanted to love this book, but th [...]

    12. My biggest issue with this book is that I don t want to be told how to feel, and that s what the author did here It was quite preachy but it didn t allow me to draw my own conclusions and it was also one dimensional.Jack Miller was the son of a small Georgia town s preacher and also the star of the high school football team He had everything, except the freedom to love who he wanted It seems that his father had noticed some traits that were sinful about Jack, so his father really pushed him to b [...]

    13. I really struggled to finish this book I only kept reading to get to the HEA Unfortunately, there isn t one It is to be continued but not by me This was poorly written and overly dramatic I didn t feel much of a connection with the characters and all of them were seriously cliched and over the top This book dragged and needs a good bit of editing The author needs practice with writing She had a good story idea, but maybe needs a writer to take the idea and run with it Over all I wish I hadn t s [...]

    14. If I hear the word faggot or fag just once , I ll scream this house down I HATE that word and won t listen to any of this garbage, I know people like these bigots exist in the US and elsewhere, but I won t be party to their narrow mindedness and hatred I normally like Jason s narration, but even HE can only work with what he s given I ve returned the audio book to Audible for a refund AVOID at all costs

    15. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEThis book gave me anger issues I seriously wanted to kill someone Why does anybody have to live like these poor boys How can parents I use that term very loosely treat their children this way How can a human being treat another this way This book left me angry and frustrated The author has done such a fantastic job giving Jack and Andrew their story but omg what a story it is The heart ache and abuse they have to suffer for something as simple as falling in love i [...]

    16. I managed to get to 40% somehow, probably because I was skimming, but like no I can t Cannot finish This book is too poorly written The narrative s dull, the author tells and never shows, almost nothing is believable, and the dialog is stupid It s about as good as the crappiest fanfiction I wrote when I was 14 It s a very black and white picture of homosexuality vs homophobia I mean, granted, I do think the issue at hand s pretty black and white anyway I see no reason whatsoever for anyone to be [...]

    17. Religion gone amuck, justifying beatings, withholding food, and threats of murder to cure young men and boys of their evil What happened to Love Thy Neighbor and Do Unto Others Forgotten apparently Prepare to be angry that this truly happens in our world.Andrew and Jack were so sweet together, but both sets of parents were appalled to think their sons might be gay and made their life miserable The book ends on a promising note, but it is far from an HEA or even a HFN Both young men are simply de [...]

    18. I tried to like it, but this was not what I was expecting I was hoping for a deeper story, maybe a little internal struggle Not omg babe I wanna do it and luuuv you insert cute emoji For someone so closeted, that was a foolish risk to come out to a total stranger and ask him out within a day And the other football player who comes out Just a contrite plot twist I hate saying I don t like a book, but I has trouble finishing it Sorry.

    19. Ummm I finally gave up when one of the 18 yr old MCs started getting into red women s underwear because the other MC found that to be all kinds of hot.

    20. I was really disappointed in this book and gave it 2.5 stars overall I ve read a number of books by Sara York in the past and enjoyed them I was expecting of the same here and just didn t find what I was looking for This felt like all the gay religious stereotypes you could ever meet It all makes me shudder Add in that this book has a severe case of insta love and I m cringing Even by the end of the book I couldn t tell why Jack and Andrew were so in love with each other It s like the met the f [...]

    21. I love Sara York and her books I do From the title of this first book in the series I was expecting some religious bigotry, but this was way extreme And that s not the only thing.First of all, the instalove made me shake my head in disbelief Here is Andrew, a new boy in town, with evil parents and he doesn t know anybody He hears in toilet stalls that Jack is probably planning something bad to do to him, but when Jack expresses his feelings toward him and asks him to be his boyfriend, his answer [...]

    22. Oh my gosh I loved this book Sara York you are AAMAZZING This book was packed full of raw emotions and so very real to the core You see, this book is a very close look at what it means to be a southern preacher s son and Gay There were some points in this book that had me thinking yep I can totally relate to these views I am a southern girl to the core and this story is so true around here The characters of Jack and Andrew will have you begging them to just hold out til the end of the school yea [...]

    23. 4.5 Zealot StarsNothing against church Well, nothing against most churches But some are a little over the top for my taste That s wrongey are a LOT over the top for my tastes This is the story of one of those churches that gives church a bad name Jack is the son a preacher One who preaches hell, fire, and hatred Jack is a senior football player who is pretty sure he is gay But if he is, then his dad hates will hate him He s pretty sure dad already hates him At school, it would be called bullying [...]

    24. This is a truly amazing emotional story I don t normally read m m stories I m not really sure why that is as I m a pretty open minded person I m thinking it s because I never came across a m m read in paperback before I had my kindle This will certainly be changing after reading this brilliant book Jack is a pastors son Jack is gay and his dad abhors gays Andrew is also from a family that doesn t accept gays Both these young men are from Christian backgrounds This is the truly remarkable story a [...]

    25. DNF I tried and tried but this book has few to no redeeming qualities.While I thought it was interesting that this book addressed things like gay teens approaching sex for the first time and admitting apprehension about it, I found the instant love between Andrew and Jack hard to believe Other than being the only gay boys in their town, they really have nothing in common except religious, overbearing parents They don t know each other at all, and Andrew even admits this while Jack is planning th [...]

    26. I found this book through the Apple book store in the free books and I thought I would give it a shot It was not the best written book I have ever read The book was a bit flat in that these two boys meet and then become boyfriends and planning a future all within days weeks of meeting each other It was also hard to read through sections describing Andrew s punishments from his parents just for being caught kissing another boy While I am interested to see what happens with Jack and Andrew, I do n [...]

    27. I very rarely do this but I ve DNF at 49% I couldn t handle the insta love The way the MCs behaved, it was like they are tweenagers rather than 18 year old lads.I loved the idea of the book, but the writing needed work for me.

    28. Original Blog Post multitaskingmommas 201A friend recommended this but it took me a bit of time to finally pick this series up Once I did though, all I could do was just read I expected a really dramatic YA story, something that would leave me with a heavy heart even when the HEA is reached This is an HEA, but it takes the author until the third book to tell the story of Jack and Andrew.Jack and Andrew s story, as told in this series, is kind of a fairy tale It is written lightly, it is easy to [...]

    29. So, Jason Frazier I listened to the audio samples of this series I don t know how many times until I caved in an got the audiobooks.Frazier s voice I couldn t not get the audio.And I am so very glad I did.I have listened to Jason Frazier do Fun Blame It on the Mistletoe PWP The Full Ride Bottom Boys Get Play Romance As You AreThis series does have romance but not just the harmless rainbow and unicorns sweetness There are some nasty topics in here And Jason Frazier delivers his best performance y [...]

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