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Obsessed: Part Three By Deborah Bladon,

  • Title: Obsessed: Part Three
  • Author: Deborah Bladon
  • ISBN: 9780993721625
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ivy wanted Jax to be the man of her dreams After all the lies, the mysteries and the manipulations she was ready to start on the path towards a new beginning That all came to a crashing halt that blindsided them both The images that flashed across his computer screen are burned forever in her memory They re inescapable and the only way out of the darkness leads straighIvy wanted Jax to be the man of her dreams After all the lies, the mysteries and the manipulations she was ready to start on the path towards a new beginning That all came to a crashing halt that blindsided them both The images that flashed across his computer screen are burned forever in her memory They re inescapable and the only way out of the darkness leads straight back to him.She knows what she saw He knows what he believes Will his unending drive to possess her push her away forever As Ivy puts the pieces of her shattered life back together, she s confronted with a reality she never saw coming Is she strong enough to find her way to the truth And who will be waiting for her when she gets there
    Obsessed Part Three Ivy wanted Jax to be the man of her dreams After all the lies the mysteries and the manipulations she was ready to start on the path towards a new beginning That all came to a crashing halt that blin

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    1. This is a review of all three books I guess if you read enough of the short ones you re going to run into a clunker That is not to say that this was awful It was really good in the beginning and then it just got worse and worse with each book So much of it was just same story different book and then the rest of it was just ridiculous I was rolling my eyes so hard at one point that I was like okay let me just finish it so that I can say it s done with I definitely wouldn t read it again

    2. I was hoping for but still one great readI must admit after the highs I went through on the first and second book, I am now going through the lows That s what happens when I read a good trilogy I usually can t wait to get a hold of the next book and when I finally do, I then feel sad it has ended.Having raved about the first two books especially the 2nd, this 3rd and last book was not as exciting as the first two were, it lacked some heat and steam as far as Jax s emotions are concerned Somehow [...]

    3. Hoping for a little I m a bit disappointed in the final book I was hoping for a little in regards to Jax and Ivy s future Marriage, babies, what became of the investigation I guess that is where imagination will take over Still a good series though.

    4. Obsessed by Deborah Bladon The Obsessed Series part 3 No matter what he does or how mad she gets And all he can think isReallyPart 3 wasn t horrible, but it wasn t great It was just and useless drama I would not be surprised if there ends up being a part 4, because they are only safe for today.

    5. I luvd these books an this 1 was just as good as the others it had its ups an downs happy an sad parts but I really like the story an what happened I liked the characters I luv ivy she is great an jax is just gorgeous it was a great series xxx

    6. Nice short seriesThis was a good conclusion to this short series Although Ivy just ticks me off with her habit of not looking into things completely, lol Hope the next one has a good epilogue.

    7. I enjoyed this book but got sick of Jax cracking it and not trying to sort it out with Ivy, but in saying that Jax does have some very endearing qualities As with the previous books in the series which could have been 5 star if there was a little detail and not so rushed Don t get me wrong I did enjoy the book s but there are some story lines that needed further development that would have made this series great rather than good One book to go

    8. Would you look at that I swear I keep getting the wrong copies that are missing pages I refuse to believe, the structure and main characters in this novel, isn t an accident Ivy is annoying and feels sorry for herself way to much When she isn t feeling sorry for herself, she s bitter and trudging her way through a tug o war with her ex fiance and the new love of her life He claims he loves her too, but I think he loves his company Mark is such a rascal but I love him nonetheless At times, he re [...]

    9. Click here to read my entire review others from this series What I Loved This story picks up the minute Part Two left off, with Ivy s heart once again being shattered into a million pieces because of Jax s secrets Once again I sucked back into the crazy roller coaster of a relationship, and my heart just ached for Ivy who has to pick up the pieces of her life I probably for the first time in this series went into this book kind of hating Jax, you definitely have a sense that there is to the sto [...]

    10. Click here to read my entire review others from this series What I Loved Wow I thought the first story was dramatic, but damn this one blows the first one out of the water Once again we find ourselves plunged into Ivy Marlow s world, and her trying to put the puzzle pieces of Jax s relationship with her and with Mark s company The first story ended with a big cliff hanger, and this story picks up right where the first one left off I love that this story line isn t just a love story but also some [...]

    11. Review for the series total can be found here Still Obsessed You are the shining light of my life I love you than I ever thought it was possible to love someone You hold my heart in your hands It is yours That is forever I was heartbroken at the very beginning of the book view spoiler He falls to his knees in the doorway Don t do this His voice is breaking You can t leave me Watch me I turn to step into the hallway I love you, he whispers through sobs How dare you I turn back around to glare at [...]

    12. Obsessed Part Three is the continuation of the saga between Jax and Ivy I liked the story I wish that the book would have been sold as a whole unit as opposed to three shorts After reading all of the stories I liked the relationship between Jax and Ivy True Jax is a little controlling, but the author was able to convey a softer side of Jax, especially in this last installment Overall the book was a little like a kiddie rollercoaster ride There were twists and turns, but none where too severe I d [...]

    13. When I read a romance, I typically fall in the love with the man, but that wasn t the case with this story I didn t trust this man at all so the whole way through the story I questioned everything he did, whether it was genuine or whether there was some hidden agenda behind it In the second book I got very frustrated with Ivy and just wanted to smack her because she was so irrational and so much in denial that she wouldn t listen when people were trying to open her eyes to the truth This story w [...]

    14. Yet again Ivy Marlow finds herself caught in a web of lies Mark is no longer the reason for her anguish It is Jax that haunts her now The images of Jax and Brooke and their scheming, cheating, lying ways She thought she knew Jax Knew that he loved her, but just like Mark, all he wanted was her interest in their business Crushed and hurting, Ivy is determined to move on Except Jax is not ready to give up He will never be ready to give her up Struggling to convince Ivy of the truth, Jax will stop [...]

    15. I am not rating just this novella but the whole series an overall 3.5ish starsHere are some side thoughts The connection between Jax and Ivy seemed forced at times There was an insta love that had me WTFing Ivy was a complicated mess at times I loved her character and thought she was very classy chick while other times I just thought she was a moronThe secondary cast was lacking I never understood why Jax was so obsessed As with all my reviews I always keep in mind when rating how much the book [...]

    16. This book begins with ivy distraught over seeing the beginning of a video that is the grounds for her ending the relationship with the man she loves.He begs her over and over to watch the whole video because she doesn t understand what really happened.She flat out refuses to get the whole story despite her trusted friend and legal counsel advising her to do so.I HATE BOOKS ABOUT WOMEN WHO ARE TSTL Too stupid to live This is how this book starts 46 130 Im already pissed Not holding out much hope [...]

    17. Part three of Ivy and Jax s story Even though has been written about them in Still Obsessed this could have been left as an ending to their story Though it seems obvious you do need to read part one and part two to follow this story Deborah Bladon also has a Reading Order as I told past characters appear in future books Well what can we say, after being left at another cliffhanger we finally get the answers we wanted I think all three parts could have easily been put together in one novel and i [...]

    18. What a crazy ride this series waster everything I have to say I was a little disappointed in how it ended and would have liked to get an epilogue but overall, a quick enjoyable read.My thoughts Quick hook or slow starter 5 after book 2 s cliff, dived right into this one Character development 4Level of Romance between characters 4Passion Heat level 4 hot sex for these two Angst Heartbreak 4 a lot of misunderstandings to work out in this one Cliffhanger Nope, this is the end for Ivy and Jax altho [...]

    19. I loved it All the twist and drama going on in this was just too good to stop reading I felt it was kind of rushed at the point when it jumped to Mark confessing but it didn t matter I really wanted to see Jax open up and the two of them make it a couple days together without breaking up The ending was great if it is not the last we read of them For him to just drop everything with nothing planned screams for a fresh start in another story of these two together I was really surprised that someon [...]

    20. 3.5 stars Well at least Ivy came to her senses She really annoyed me in this one Her insecurities were truly annoying It was almost like she had faith in him before she knew the truth Then once she had the truth she lost all faith She let everything Mark did manipulate everything she felt with Jax I seriously didn t get why she s was annoyed with Jax at the end when he wanted to go after Marks portion of the company Mark deserved to lose everything Although I was happy they ended up together, i [...]

    21. I find the storyline a bit over the top In my option, the fixation of Jax on Ivy is not believable I guess I don t believe in love at first sight Lust at first sight yes I am not sure how you can fall in love with someone you don t even know Jax does his research and he learns what he can on Ivy He does surprise her But I guess I am just a doubting ThomasOverall the storyline is good and there are twists and turns The title is fitting but I get the willies with how Jax is almost stalkerish infat [...]

    22. One has to admire the persistence of an author who makes it to four books what could perfectly well fit in one Jax and Ivy finally make up, he confesses his undying love and well, hadn t he before and she hops from the apartment the former cheating boyfriend paid for her to a jewelry store this other one gave her Honestly, feminists are probably setting up a fire as we speak with her name on it, regardless of allusions to how talented she is as a jeweler She s a complete moron in everything else [...]

    23. I loved the series but book 3 could ve been better Ivy was annoying at times Her confidence from Book 1 didn t follow over I loved the letter at the end and wished we could ve seen of those feelings and that commitment to her way before the end Unanswered questions Where is Brooks What s Mark going to do since he had a heads up What happened to Ivy s secretary friend she talked it up with in book 1 In the end, did Jax really have to go that extreme to prove his love Couldn t he just dial back a [...]

    24. 5 awesome stars for Ivy and Jax story Now all the lies has been out and the truth always saved the day I just wish the ending, I wanted than the ending that I just read A of this and a a that, hopefully But then again I m super happy how their relationship continues and Jax is truly a a change man because ofhis Ivy.Great job Deborah Part 2 and Part 3 I read it on the same day Because I m dying to know about what happen to Mark, Brooke and Liz All the lies, betrayal, greedy and meaningless se [...]

    25. Great conclusion to the series This series was great from the beginning Deborah Bladon created an amazing story with these characters The intrigue of lies, secrets, and deceit had me skeptical of how the series would end I must say, I was not disappointed by the end of the series I actually hope to see of Jax and Ivy in the future These two characters were mesmerizing It was a rocky road, but they smoothed the way.

    26. I really enjoyed this series of books It was well written and the characters were strong and likeable There was plenty of suspense regarding who you could trust or believe with so much betrayal and so many lies from all those around Ivy I must say that I loved Ivy s neighbour Mrs Adams, she was a sweet old lady but very wise A much recommended series.

    27. The stupidest fucking thing Is it just me or is there something very 80s about the current romantic up session with business and businessmen who do business without any further explanation Business At least this 26 year old billionaire isn t self made Anyway, a failure as a romance, a thriller, some kind of corporate mystery Business

    28. JAXWell he finally got his head out of his ass I love Jax but how single minded could he be Screw Mark he will get his meanwhile it appeared Jax wasn t going to gain anything and loose it all Ivy started catching on, not quite so naive, and it appears there will be a happy ending On to the next story.

    29. Overall i did like this entire series The endings for book 1 2 made me want to purchase the next book to find out what happened next However, i must say I was a little disappointed in the ending for the final book It seemed a little rushed and I guess I was looking for something a little .

    30. I m writing this review because I was not sure about reading it Most of the reviews I read said there was a lot of loose ends to me there was closure to the story and was a great series for what it was worth.

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