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Goons 'n' Roses By Donna Joy Usher,

  • Title: Goons 'n' Roses
  • Author: Donna Joy Usher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Another novel by the award winning author Donna Joy Usher Please note this is a light hearted, humorous, chicklit, female sleuth novel in the style of Janet Evanovich If you are looking for a literary masterpiece with a deep meaning this is probably not the book for you It s been 3 months since Chanel s world fell apart and now she s ready for a vacation UnfortunatelAnother novel by the award winning author Donna Joy Usher Please note this is a light hearted, humorous, chicklit, female sleuth novel in the style of Janet Evanovich If you are looking for a literary masterpiece with a deep meaning this is probably not the book for you It s been 3 months since Chanel s world fell apart and now she s ready for a vacation Unfortunately, her all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas is not turning out as she had hoped Within hours of arriving her mum, Lorraine, is kidnapped Then Trent, her boss and Lorraine s boyfriend, disappears but not before he imparts information about an Interpol investigation into missing girls in Las Vegas When Chanel hooks up with local bad boy, the seriously sexy Billy, in a bid to get information, things only start to get worse As she and Martine search for answers they are thwarted by obstacles and pursued by ruthless killers Who really kidnapped Lorraine What happened to the missing girls Can the delicious Billy be trusted These are all questions that she needs to find the answers to, before the answers find her.
    Goons n Roses Another novel by the award winning author Donna Joy Usher Please note this is a light hearted humorous chicklit female sleuth novel in the style of Janet Evanovich If you are looking for a literary

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    1. Chanel is still recovering from her injuries She goes with her mom and the girls to Las Vegas for the drag queen competition She is learning so many new things about her mom What she doesn t know is why was her mom kidnapped I love this series These characters are fun and I cannot wait to see what they will do Again I laughed so hard as I read while Chanel and Martine work to find Lorraine Tess You need to read these stories in order so you do not ruin the surprises in them This second book is a [...]

    2. Donna joy usher goon n rosesThis author rocks, the storyline is very good that I actually do not know where to begin this author is rated in my opinion up there with my other favorite authors evanovich fern michaels etc a few others i will not give the story away it continue to be of a policewoman channel and her gang of off the wall friends including bike leader Billy and his gang then throw in some drag queens with professional clowns and kidnapping of her mother and boyfriend and you got a wo [...]

    3. For sheer foolishness read this It s a good mystery to solve except for one thing this character is a cop, yet never asks questions or gathers information I get why the author does this to allow for extra foolishness to occur This could be a really great story it it didn t turn into a Abbott and Costello type story Such unbelievable nonsense occurs you have to laugh So if you enjoy that this was cute.

    4. Funny book a little to funny for even a cozy mystery Even so, it was a fun read and a real pressure release from gritty crime and adventure books I will finish the series, but save them for when I need another fun read Learned a bit about Chanel and her Mum in this book Like Deborah Coonts you will like this bookW This may be chicklit female sleuth book, but I am no chick 72 year old retired heterosexual male.

    5. This was better written than book one, however, I miss the comedy that was in the 1st book The story was fine if you like something with a little crazy in it in a Janet Evanovitch style, however a book like this I expect to laugh a lot and I really didn t It was a bit too serious for a book with craziness in it I expression I did not like the ending.

    6. Another great book from Donna Joy Usher It brings together several different plot lines very skillfully, without the jarring changes from one to another, and finishes very satisfactorily for a rousing final chorus I m definitely going to read of her books.

    7. Drag queens, bikers, clowns, and mafia This author has a way of bringing these things together with so much humor I literally laughed out loud Then, later, couldn t stop laughing when I was relaying it to my husband Fun read.

    8. All kinds of funTake a slightly ditzy blonde female cop, add a drag queen and a frumpy housewife turned bombshell, throw in a hunk and a few other crazy characters and you ve got the makings of a pretty good story Tons of fun and excitement make this one a real page turner.

    9. More of Chanel although not Coco in another great mix of comedy and crime The story is well written, the pace is fast, and you ll find yourself wondering how Chanel will get out of a fix one minute and laughing at how it happened the next This is a really fun series.

    10. Well written , but it astounds me how dense Chanel is The ending was no real surprise, but some of the stupid things she did were.

    11. Chanel can t catch a break in this second book right from the beginning when she s threatened to get kicked off the force and it just escalates from there Run ins with different mafia of Las Vegas is the LEAST of her problems and this time Chanel is making friends with very odd characters to help her along the way At times it can be a bit of a slow read, but overall it keeps you reading to find out what happens to Chanel next I won t ruin the ending or anything, but be prepared for a whirlwind o [...]

    12. I really enjoyed book two in the adventures of Chanel although I missed Cocoa The humor was good hello, orangutan, and clowns, and wax museum scenes and I absolutely loved Martine in this book I was a little confused over the whole kidnapping scene, it felt rushed and it seemed something was left out I guess some of the plot lines, but was surprised by other ones Also, will Chanel ever find a guy that she can actually be with And once again, Usher left me wanting to read again, I was surprised [...]

    13. More mindless fluff, but this one was fun to read than the first book, and at this point, I ll likely finish the series just because off the cliffhangers at the end.Chanel is still slightly ditzy and makes dubious choices without thinking things through, but at least this time the reader didn t have to suffer through her unlikely work as a police officer In Goons n Roses, Chanel is a hapless tourist in Las Vegas and accidentally gets tangled up with the mob and an unlikely band of revenge seeki [...]

    14. Totally lost between chapters 3 and 4 It s as if a chapter or a section or something is missing I even went back and forth in my eBook looking for something I missed.Okay, I m done now Lots of funny bits which I love but the ending sucked Big time It was abrupt Chanel is unlucky at love yet again I was waiting for the zinger saying he was adopted or something and it never came The book just.ended

    15. If you have read Cocoa and Chanel, then you will want to keep right on with Goons n Roses I enjoyed the first book, but this one was even better The interaction with Chanel and Martine keeps me laughing I love all of the disastrous situations they seem to find themselves in I also found this book much easier to follow than the first one The story is enjoyable and the characters are quirky and entertaining I highly recommend this series for a fun, quick read.

    16. This is the second in this series and after reading the first I wondered if this could be as good Yes, it could.Loved it A good enjoyable f un book to relax with and have a good chuckle along the way.I certainly recommend it.

    17. Another quick, lighthearted read from Donna Joy Usher While a bit predictable and outrageous let s be real, a magician would have to be doing real magic to repeatedly pull live animals from his hat , Goons n Roses continues the hilarity and variety of characters started by Cocoa and Chanel.

    18. I really liked this book until the last few pages Not only did it end abruptly, but happiness was ruined once again for Chanel I m only giving it the 3 star rating because I liked the rest of the book If I were to rate it on just the ending, it would have zero stars.

    19. I have just discovered Donna Joy Usher This is fluff, but it is delicious FLUFF The only sad thing is I might be through all of them by the end of the week Chanel is a bad luck magnet And it is pure bliss from there

    20. SecondSecond in a series Funny Not as good as the first book but that is usually true for most series, what is funny at first gets boring after being repeated Still it is a fun read.

    21. Another entertaining bookThe second book in the Chanel series is as funny as the first I truly hope there will be in this series Lots of funny characters and lots of nonsense twist and turns A fast fun read for a beach or rainy day.

    22. HumorousI laughed so hard as Chanel s story continues So goes from police academy to Las Vegas has some crazy adventures along the way You re going to meet some even shadier people and some nuttier ones on this new caper

    23. The first mystery in this series was original, quirky, and funny This one was slapstick with very little logic or cohesive plot to hold it together Chanel started out as being gutsy and determined but ended up being airheaded, man crazy and one dimensional.

    24. I need 4.5 stars view spoiler P.S I think Billy and Chanel should end up together regardless hide spoiler

    25. GoodGoodthis is a story all about the two different moffae Russian moffa is one mesable pecie of worke good people win.

    26. This book was great I laughed and smiled through the whole thing I highly recommend it to lift your spirits.

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