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Saving Babe Ruth By Tom Swyers,

  • Title: Saving Babe Ruth
  • Author: Tom Swyers
  • ISBN: 9781941440001
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • The alternate cover edition for this book can be found here.When Civil War buff and burned out lawyer David Thompson fights to save a kids baseball league, he s launched on a thrill ride that threatens his family, his team, and his life Captivating characters lead double lives and keep secrets in this award winning page turner based on a true story.A cast of shady adultsThe alternate cover edition for this book can be found here.When Civil War buff and burned out lawyer David Thompson fights to save a kids baseball league, he s launched on a thrill ride that threatens his family, his team, and his life Captivating characters lead double lives and keep secrets in this award winning page turner based on a true story.A cast of shady adults and the high school baseball coaches hate David for trying to save it They ll do anything to wreck the league so that their elite travel teams can take over its beautiful ball field, even if it means going after David and his family.The harder David battles to save the league, the worse things get He s in way over his head and he s also stuck in a family catch 22 If he surrenders, he might lose his son s love along with his own self respect to say nothing of losing baseball for the sandlot kids in town Yet if he doesn t back down, he ll lose his marriage and his son will lose any chance to play on the high school team.To make things right, underdog David Thompson needs to know when to fold and when to fight He s being pushed and shoved to his breaking point and only one thing is for sure If he snaps, he s not planning on taking prisoners.David is on an emotional roller coaster and he can t get off He s fighting his own civil war as he struggles to make a difference in the town he cherishes without bringing harm to the family he loves An multiple category bestseller Gold Winner, Benjamin Franklin Award, 2015 Best First Book Fiction Silver Winner, Benjamin Franklin Award, 2015 Best Popular Fiction Readers Views, Best Regional Fiction 2014 2015 Northeast Finalist, Best New Fiction, 2014 USA Best Book Awards.
    Saving Babe Ruth The alternate cover edition for this book can be found here When Civil War buff and burned out lawyer David Thompson fights to save a kids baseball league he s launched on a thrill ride that threaten

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    1. As a life long baseball fan, I took my seat and was eagerly awaiting hours of entertainment with my Kindle as I imagined the smell of freshly cut grass, chalked foul lines, and sun warmed morning air Saving Babe Ruth by Tom Swyers sounded like it would be a pleasant break from the murderous, psychotic adrenaline rush I often get while reading thriller mysteries.Baseball is fun Base hits Amazing catches Double plays Perfectly executed bunts Those are the good times There are also the games where [...]

    2. This is a fascinating fictional journey through the oft unseen world of real life Babe Ruth baseball The story revolves around David Thompson, a lawyer and Civil War buff who becomes the commissioner for his town s Babe Ruth baseball program Thompson s thirteen year old son, Christy, plays for the town The setting is your average American town enjoying America s favorite summer pastime, when suddenly it becomes much than that.Rob Barkus has designs on the Babe Ruth players and their ball field [...]

    3. I won a copy on Firstreads.I haven t made it too far into this book yet I am only around page 80 So far, it has been hard to really get into it What I have gotten out of it is that local baseball free to play community program is good and the elite travel pay to play private program is bad The community program has the best field but is losing players to the travel league which wants to take over the best field The parents seem to feel if they pay for their kids to play, they have a better chanc [...]

    4. Book Review originally published here iheartreading book touIn Saving Babe Ruth, David Thompson is a lawyer who tries to save the local Babe Ruth baseball program, partially because his son, Christy, plays in the team Thompson believes the kids sohould play for the sake of the game, and to have fun, but promoters are trying to professionalize the boy s baseball league and the parents only care about winning so that their kids can get scholarships and the likes Thompson wants to have people play [...]

    5. It took me a little to get into this book, but once I did I found that I couldn t put it down I thought the book was very one sided towards rec ball and only gave the pit falls of travel ball Having been exposed to both in a town that encourages both and players that play both rec and travel ball, I found this attitude hard to accept However, having traveled with the travel ball team, I have seen coaches that epitomize Roy Backus and what he represented The sad thing is that this is based on a t [...]

    6. A rewarding jog outside my usual reading genre historical romance I downloaded this book for free I love baseball and feel very strongly that the expense of travel ball and the intense stress deriving from focusing on a kid s future potential for scholarship over fun and friendship now is putting baseball out of reach for the average to not so good player Actually, an excellent 10 year old player without a few thousand dollars a year for league fees, one on one coaching, and workshops baseball c [...]

    7. Saving Youth BaseballFive stars not enough, I would give it six if I could Having been a Babe Ruth coach, the story was of great interest to me I was looking forward to reading the book and the author and his story didn t disappoint But it s than a baseball story, it s a life story I highly recommend this book.

    8. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this story of one man s battle to preserve both his present and his past through Little League Baseball in Indigo Valley, NY I also managed to learn a considerable amount about the Battle of Gettysburg which was a nice bonus for a history buff like myself.

    9. I must confess I didn t read all of this book I read slogged the first one half and skimmed the second half to see if it would get any better It didn t seem to get better at all I don t understand why it has gotten awards and great ratings

    10. Reviewer note I received an ARC from the author As summer begins to wind down and Pennant races begin to tighten up in preparation for the Fall Classic, author Tom Swyers debuts with a novel that is truly one of a kind Saving Babe Ruth is a truly original story that possesses many great elements of story telling One of the things that makes Saving Babe Ruth an excellent read is its unpredictability While I will admit to having had a pretty good sense of how the book would end, I was never exactl [...]

    11. Rating 4 of 5 stars excellent Review When I was provided a copy of this book to review by the author, the title made me think it was about Babe Ruth another biography of the Great Bambino Then I saw the cover and was intrigued with the gun being held instead of a baseball bat After that, I started reading and was hooked from the opening passage.In the upstate New York town of Indigo Valley, a lawyer who has had trouble finding cases to handle is the volunteer commissioner of the town s Babe Ruth [...]

    12. Saving Babe Ruth By Tom Swyers is a book that deserves than a passing glance The saying don t judge a book by it s cover certainly applies for this piece of literature on many levels Some may snatch it up in anticipation because it includes the name Babe Ruth which is synonymous with baseball The reader should know Babe Ruth is not a character in this book, but recognized as the baseball great he was as community and youth baseball teams joined leagues named in his honor Most readers will see t [...]

    13. If you have read the complete synopsis of Saving Babe Ruth by following the link to , you have a good idea of the main characters and plot as Tom Swyers has developed both However, one central and motivating element stood out as I read this book I want to focus on that today.At the heart of Saving Babe Ruth is its main character, David Thompson Husband, father, and lawyer, David is passionate about his family, Civil War history and art, and the Babe Ruth recreational baseball league in his homet [...]

    14. Saving Babe Ruth starts off just like one of my all time favorite novels Straight Man by Richard Russo A middle aged father is dealing with a major problem In their respective stories, both Russo and Swyers introduce the problem with humor and meaning Russo s lead character is dealing with a career crisis Swyers is trying to save a youth hometown baseball league from the insanity of elite baseball and those who misuse it for their own selfish and or misguided purposes.While this book is about yo [...]

    15. To begin I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of this book through the First Reads give away program Also this is my first book review so I hope it is helpful since I am new to being a book reviewer.At first glance I saw this as a book of interest having grown up playing in a small town community league I didn t know exactly what to expect but I was blown away at the quality of the book as I am usually hesitant to test the waters with authors I ve never read.The book begins by givi [...]

    16. Swing and a miss I initially set this book aside after two chapters because the author couldn t help but use every baseball cliche imaginable I only picked it up again when I was on a train and had no internet access to download another book I trudged through a couple chapters and got hooked, but only because it was so bad I wanted to see where the author went with it The characters weren t believable, and the plot seemed like it was something a child might imagine adult life is like The protag [...]

    17. I was very curious to see what Mr Swyers had in store after receiving the Kindle version of the book Having grown up playing in house baseball and family members who played a lot of elite travel ball, I figured the story would be right up my alley I was not disappointed Swyers writes from a very authentic point of view that comes from years in the trenches dealing with real life adult battles over youth baseball leagues Some of the ridiculous situations that the adults get themselves come across [...]

    18. Based on a true story, Tom Swyers has crafted a baseball tale that is both laugh out loud funny and touching David Thompson, a Civil war buff and 50 year old elder lawyer, is watching his clients pass away while struggling in his own marriage When he learns that the youth league in his hometown of Indigo Valley is shutting down, he starts coming up with plans to save the team The Babe Ruth baseball program is important to his eighth grade son, Christy and to all of Christy s friends The idea of [...]

    19. I truly enjoyed this one I m usually a romance reader and only once in a while read other genres, although I do enjoy them I chose to read and review this one because of my love of baseball I have to say, for a debut novel, Mr Swyers has done a remarkable jog I found myself involved and yelling and cheering and laughing and angry, etc You get the idea Mr Swyers has written a tale that encompasses so many emotions The story of his fight to save the Babe Ruth youth baseball program is one that enc [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book and it does a good job of pulling at the heart strings once you are settled in The real strength in this novel are the characters and their ability to help you fully immerse and suspend disbelief for a while The whole America s pastime nostalgia factor also work their magic on the reader Two minor criticism s I have would be that I think the length could be shortened up for dramatic effect and the villain can be a little on the nose at times Once again though, very mi [...]

    21. The premise of Tom Swyers book Saving Babe Ruth was to tell the story of a father and little league volunteer who took on almost a whole town in a desperate attempt to save the local Babe Ruth league from extinction The events and personalities in the book are close to believable but the dialog in the story seems trite and exaggerated The book would be much better with some serious editing It s okay though for people who ve been through the little league experience and can relate to the politics [...]

    22. I GOT THIS FROM A GIVEAWAY I found this book very interesting The story is very original But my complaints are is that it does not grip the reader I sometimes tried to find an excuse to not read it Too many details At first I liked it, but then it was too much This book easily be 290 pages I think Jacob Golder was unnecessary Those are my only complaints

    23. About the only thing REAL interesting about this book was the title and the front cover I read the entire thing because I do like baseball.but prolly the last half was speed reading It was a lot of legal rhetoric about different youth baseball leagues fighting over status and recognition And most of it just didn t read very fluently.

    24. This book was a little hard to understand at first it was very slow in the beginning it didn t really get to the point it got to the point at like the end of the book then the book started to get good and I enjoyed it.

    25. I hate sports, especially baseball But parts of Saving Babe Ruth made me want to stand up and cheer It would make a great movie This is my town and everything he said about the sports and educational establishments is absolutely true Thank you Tom Swyers for writing this book.

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