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A History of Hitler's Empire (The Great Courses, #805) By Thomas Childers,

  • Title: A History of Hitler's Empire (The Great Courses, #805)
  • Author: Thomas Childers
  • ISBN: 9781565853850
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Know thy enemy That s what the wisdom of history teaches us And Adolf Hitler was surely the greatest enemy ever faced by modern civilization Over half a century later, the horror and fascination still linger.Professor Childers has designed this course to answer two burning questions that have nagged generations for decades, ever since Hitler and Nazism were destroyed.1 Know thy enemy That s what the wisdom of history teaches us And Adolf Hitler was surely the greatest enemy ever faced by modern civilization Over half a century later, the horror and fascination still linger.Professor Childers has designed this course to answer two burning questions that have nagged generations for decades, ever since Hitler and Nazism were destroyed.1 How could a man like Adolf Hitler and a movement like Nazism come to power in 20th century Germany An industrially developed country with a highly educated population, it lies within the very heart of Western Europe 2 How were the Nazis able to establish the foundations of a totalitarian regime in such a short time and hurl all of Europe and the world into a devastating war that would consume so many millions of lives
    A History of Hitler s Empire The Great Courses Know thy enemy That s what the wisdom of history teaches us And Adolf Hitler was surely the greatest enemy ever faced by modern civilization Over half a century later the horror and fascination still

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    1. This is a Great Courses lecture series It was packed with information Even after studying this topic for years, I still learned much These courses gave a clearer picture of how he infiltrated Near the end he honed in on some of the atrocities, but it was still just a small portion of what the man was responsible for.

    2. While the entire series was fascinating and enlightening, the last lecture was particularly chilling as Prof Childers reminds us that any time we allow one group of people to lose their rights, any time we look down at someone who might be different, we put all of us at risk A democracy does not prevent such atrocities as the Holocaust from happening Indeed, a democracy makes it even easier for such terrible events to occur again unless we remain vigilant and committed to the full rights of all [...]

    3. A very interesting look at the socio economic times that lead to the creation and rise of Hitler Well worth the time to read this one to see the perfect storm as to how it could have come to pass.

    4. Do not be put off by the course s price, many libraries have these available, which is how I was introduced to The Great Courses and to Modern Scholar which has been around a little longer and seems to be very popular, judging by the long wait periods.Thomas Childers is introduced in this course as an expert on World History, with many books published about WWII I enjoyed this course very much, but have little to compare it to by way of history I d never seen the history from the perspective of [...]

    5. I was disapointed with this one It was very short It doesn t try to cover all aspects of Germany through the World War II era It doesn t cover the war in detail It focuses instead on attempting to put the Nazi s rise to power in a bit of context What life was like during and after WWI What it was like through the 20s and the start of the Great Depression It does a good job of this For instance, I hadn t realized that the previous two Chancellor s had used the office s emergency powers quite freq [...]

    6. The purpose of studying Hitler s regime is to increase our awareness and vigilance for current civil and human right violations to prevent re occurrence of the atrocities and horrors of the collective WWII legacy With this in mind, this lecture series of Hitler and the Nazi party s rise to power through the fall of the Third Reich is very informative Context is established by reviewing the burden of the Versailles Treaty, along with the nationalistic and economic troubles riddling the Weimar Rep [...]

    7. Tom Childers is an expert on German voting patterns In this series he takes a wider view of the preconditions of the rise of the Nazi regime, the years in power and the war it is not a military history He provides a pretty up to date and useful introduction.

    8. Yes, I chose to listen to this series in reaction to the political environments around the world, not just that in my own backyard I wanted to get an idea of how on Earth such a thing as Hitler and the Holocaust could have come to be I still don t know, though I did learn a few things in the process 3.5 stars, losing half one because of that old nut about Hitler being a vegetarian and ha ha, I make sure to point that out to my vegetarian friends Hitler was not truly a vegetarian, but so what Sta [...]

    9. Absolutely amazing I read the comments of some others, but if you enjoy the classroom lecture style of presentation you will enjoy this production The material is covered efficiently, with background and application examples spot on and interesting I don t give many 5 stars This work was one of the few.

    10. So Audible UK was having an end of year sale, and I started looking through all the Great Courses stuff they have available, and I came across this series of lectures I was about to put it on my longlist of stuff to be read, but then I took a glance at the description, and this caught my eye How could a man like Hitler and a movement like Nazism come to power in 20th century Germany an industrially developed country with a highly educated population Because this is the exact same thing that is h [...]

    11. This audio course was interesting and mercifully short, only 6 CDs The first 10 lectures only went up to 1941 with the years 1941 1945 covered mainly in the final Lecture, 12 I learned about the Nazi Party and WW2 than I ever did in my abysmally poor education in middle school and high school in the USA I was lucky enough to have a year in Canada during which I was taught some history I wanted to listen to this course to fill in some of the many gaps in my knowledge base and it is a good overvi [...]

    12. Forewarned is forearmed These are the last words of this lecture series and it sums up perfectly why this lecture should be listened to In the course of 12 thirty minute lectures, Professor Thomas Childers of the University of Pennsylvania does an incredible job of explaining how the Nazi party rose to power in Germany Beginning with the catastrophe of World War I, he guides the listener through the terrible economic conditions which confronted Germany He then discusses how these abrupt changes [...]

    13. This is an audio lecture, comprised of twelve, 30 minute lectures with lecture summary notes.Dr Childers presents an overview of the rise to power of Adolph Hitler in the post WWI Germany This introductory course shows the transition from social activist to the most evil dictator history has ever recorded The lectures describe the series of events that culminated in his rise to chancellor in 1933, and ultimate leader Fuhrer in 1934 he, with his use of propaganda, convinced an already demoralized [...]

    14. This was one of the lesser interesting Great Courses I ve listened to, which is unfortunate, because I m deeply fascinated by the history of Hitler, the Nazi party, and the Holocaust This is probably my fault, however I went into this expecting to hear about the Holocaust itself and Hitler s reasoning behind wanting to exterminate the Jewish people and create a pure, Aryan Germany, even though the title clearly states the course would be discussing Hitler s rise to power as a whole I m not at a [...]

    15. The subject was fascinating So interesting how he was able to change the minds of people and how people ignored what was happening A priest of whom I don t have the name of right now, said that when Hitler attacked communist it wasn t great but it didn t affect him When Hitler started attacking the Jews that was still ok but when Hitler started attacking the church, it did affect this priest but by then it was do late.Do we hold that notion today in regards to big government and the type of peop [...]

    16. Virkilega flottir fyrirlestrar fluttir af Thomas Childers ar sem hann l sir a st unum sem ur u til ess a Hitler og nasistaflokkurinn komust til valda skalandi ri ja ratug s ustu aldar og valdat ma eirra Hann l sir vel hva var til ess a nasistunum t kst a n alr isvaldi rsk mmum t ma r tt fyrir a vera kosnir til valda l r isr ki og hvernig hugmyndafr i eirra orsaka i tr marb irnar og str sh rmungarnar etta eru stuttir fyrirlestrar og ekki kafa miki sm atri i auk ess sem str inu sj lfu er ekki miki [...]

    17. A very general overview of the Third Reich which mainly focuses on the politics of how Hitler and the Nazis managed to come to power, their ideology, their early diplomacy, and then how they went about perpetuating the Holocaust Early on, the professor addresses the disturbing question of whether such a disturbing phenomenon could happen again in a well educated and modern society and leaves it looming in the background Definitely not a military history, but certainly a solid and thoughtful intr [...]

    18. As a lecturer, Childers has some odd speech patterns that may put people off and I had the feeling his books may be better I just finished reading the lecture notes which were good at reinforcing the lectures Overall, I was not satisfied with the lectures but when I bought them, I thought that could happen as 12 lectures aren t enough for such an important time in history I learned a little but not a great deal On the other hand, I purchased them from Audible for something like 7.50 during a sal [...]

    19. Another excellent lecture series from the Great Courses Professor Childers does an outstanding job of summarizing Hitlers empire in a 6 hour block.I have yet to be disappointed by any of the lectures from these courses The Teaching Company does a nice job These lectures are highly recommended If you are a history buff, pick your topic and this company probably has a series related to it.

    20. I generally do not like audio books, but my attitude towards them is slowly changing I picked several from the Teaching Company Listener is given insight in to the political environment in Nazi Germany in several short lectures given by professor Childers The book is however very biased due too much American, meaning USA, point of view disrespecting European cultural environment.

    21. A very good lecture series by an excellent instructor, Thomas Childers This 12 part series focuses on the Nazi s rise to power in Germany and also covers their foreign and domestic policies It is a short but very informative set of lectures that I would recommend to anyone interested in gaining an understanding of pre WWII Germany and Hitler s rise to power.

    22. Still amazing to comprehend what happened Childers does good job of trying to understand how this could happen.

    23. Hitler isn t someone who can be ignored, and this is a great way to learn about him and the way his rise to power evolved.

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