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Stoneheart By Charlie Fletcher,

  • Title: Stoneheart
  • Author: Charlie Fletcher
  • ISBN: 9780340911631
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • A city has many lives and layers London has than most Not all the layers are underground, and not all the lives belong to the living Twelve year old George Chapman is about to find this out the hard way When, in a tiny act of rebellion, George breaks the head from a stone dragon outside the Natural History Museum, he awakes an ancient power This power has been doA city has many lives and layers London has than most Not all the layers are underground, and not all the lives belong to the living Twelve year old George Chapman is about to find this out the hard way When, in a tiny act of rebellion, George breaks the head from a stone dragon outside the Natural History Museum, he awakes an ancient power This power has been dormant for centuries but the results are instant and terrifying A stone Pterodactyl unpeels from the wall and starts chasing George He runs for his life but it seems that no one can see what he s running from No one, except Edie, who is also trapped in this strange world And this is just the beginning as the statues of London awake This is a story of statues coming to life of a struggle between those with souls and those without of how one boy who has been emotionally abandoned manages to find hope.
    Stoneheart A city has many lives and layers London has than most Not all the layers are underground and not all the lives belong to the living Twelve year old George Chapman is about to find this out the hard w

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    1. Stoneheart is one of those unusual fantasies and as a work of fiction goes to show that children s literature does not need to be insipid or uninspiring There is a kind of supremacy that I sense in literature that suggests that the only truly great literature is that which targets an adult audience In other words that literature which is dark, gritty, grim and full of blood and gore issues that children are far too innocent to deal with The problem I note here is that many people seem to believ [...]

    2. This book seems to have fallen into the same pattern that many other YA books fall into The first book is one long chase scene with little actual information being presented The Alchemyst and Percy Jackson are two other examples While I didn t mind the breakneck pace in those books, I did mind it here Percy finds out who and what he is, and so do the twins in The Alchemyst, the characters in this book have very little idea of what is going on other than some statues and good and some are bad We [...]

    3. I love the idea of the statues of London coming to life and enjoyed the transformation of George.The characters, human and otherwise are compelling, and you don t get hard and fast answers about whose side some of these characters are on This book can be dark and suspenseful not recommended for children who are prone to nightmares One of the bad guys enjoys eating children, to give one example.Ironhand, here I come

    4. from the first line I had very high expectations for this book I was very excited to read the story, and really interested in how the author would deal with a character who seemed determined to keep the world at a distance As I read, I waited patiently for some depth, some mystery that would finally grab my interest Unfortunately, I found the book flat not bad, or unbelievable or poorly written but just ordinary There was nothing unique about it, nothing that kept me anxiously turning pages, and [...]

    5. This was a real page turner You can t wait to read what will happen next However,it is a challenging book For one thing it is very British If you were going to use this with a group, it might help to prepare the students with some visuals of London Talk with them about even though English is spoken in London there are some main differences in what we mean when we say biscuit and what someone in London means by a biscuit For instance, the main character talks about not wanting to grass on another [...]

    6. 4.0 stars Very engaging fantasy with some excellent ideas It is always nice to come across a new idea that is well executed Could be the beginning of a very good series.

    7. I picked up this book a couple of years ago and for some reason never got past the first few chapters I don t remember it being bad, just not particularly sweeping me away I gave the book to my son who was twelvish at the time thinking he d enjoy it He did, as well as the two books following Recently, he decided to clear off his bookshelves and I decided to hold onto the series and give it another try SO GLAD I DID.I absolutely loved this book this time around Loved the main character, George, w [...]

    8. OkaaaaayThis was okay.The story has a lot of potenial but everything is just so confusing in this part.It s like you re only getting information but nothing is actually solved.That s why it was very hard for me to get into story of Stoneheart.The characters,on the other hand,are interesting,I really like George and Gunner.I hope that the sequel is better.There are three stages of reading this book 1 3 2 3 3 3 in this caseYou go,George Favourite quotes I did have a couple of quotes I really liked [...]

    9. Meh I don t know if it s just me and I wasn t paying enough attention or if this is as unformed, unmapped, unplanned, undeveloped, and unclear as I think it is Some parts were salient and resonated metaphysically But, for most of this book, it just felt like there was no real foundation What keeps coming to mind is that image of J K Rowling s comprehensive and exhaustive outline When reading Harry Potter, one could feel the cohesiveness because that blue print is in full effect Rowling is drawin [...]

    10. I have always loved sculptures I can remember visiting the museum with my parents as a little girl and being truly frightened by some of the monstrous images carved in stone, with their malicious smiles that exposed far too many teeth for my small child imagination I think deep down I was always afraid they were going to suddenly come alive In Stoneheart, that is exactly what happens to George Chapman, a 12 year old English boy who expresses his frustration in the wrong way at the wrong time.Ge [...]

    11. Really, really neat idea It was very well done for the first third of the book After that point either the author liked seeing ink on paper or the editor forgot to edit Too much telling, way too much description, too much pointless dialogue It felt like every noun was preceded by at least two adjectives Adjectives are good in moderation I read this to my family out loud so maybe I was extra sensitive to these faults Not only was I catching typos and subject verb agreement issues, I was literally [...]

    12. 2.5 stars I m rather conflicted by this book It had an extremely interesting premise, but then started using too many of the standard fantasy tropes for my liking, and then it seemed to drag I could not get invested with the characters, so the tension that the author was attempting to build didn t work to keep me interested However, it did get interesting in the middle, but then it started dragging again and never really got going again The chapters were incredibly short, and I m not certain if [...]

    13. Only got to page 30 The writing was not the best A ton of passive voice, with fragmented sentences and concepts that made it difficult to get into the scenes I was going to try to push through Then I came to this gem of action writing BLAM.The thing stopped.BLAM The thing looked surprisedASH.Something else landed in front of George.Something with steel tacks on its boots.Something with a gun Someone.At that point, I decided I was done.

    14. 3 1 2 stars.My son said this was a good read, so I gave it a chance.While I was a little confused about how the layers of London interacted and effected each other, the seeming and slight inconsistencies weren t enough to stop me.It s a fun, fleshed out world that Flethcer has created, and while the ending left me feeling a little flat, Really, after all that, that s how it ends I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

    15. The book itself is probably a 3 star book 3 stars isn t bad it means I liked it HOWEVER the audio version is narrated by Jim Dale so that upped the rating Jim Dale can turn an average book into something very entertaining.iamareadernotawriter.

    16. Personal Response This book is a well written book, but it is slightly confusing I had issues with some parts, and in some places I think it is too detailed It seems to just run on, but it also a good read I pushed through the confusing parts and tried to make sense of them, and it worked itself out in the end.Plot George breaks a stone dragon head off a wall in anger, and causes the statues in London to come to life unseen by others He runs into the Gunner, who is a statue who helps him out Whi [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this one and I love the idea of statues coming to life George has done a very bad thing and the taints and spits are about to go to war But they re starting by hunting him down I love the characters of George, Edie and the Gunner just to name a few To say that this is children s literature it has a very unique world to it It s so imaginative that I can t wait to read the next two in the series George has to find a stone heart to make amends for what he s done and once he s done [...]

    18. I was pleasantly surprised by this book actually Not that I went into it with any expectations or anything I just wanted an audio book that would entertain me on my loooonnnnggg commute to and from work and had decided that I wanted to listen to one narrated by Jim Dale, as I so enjoy his narration on the Harry Potter series.So I was happy to have a familiar voice lending his expertise to another story but I was quite taken by the story itself I really wasn t kidding when I said it was like read [...]

    19. First of all, I love the idea of the story very much Statues that come to life I think that s super cool and thrilling Thanks to this book, I ll have to look twice at all the statues I walk past now among the city laughs I had some trouble getting into the story at first, mostly because I was confused what was going on I often had to look back at the past 4 16 pages I ve read, and re read it again with the hopes I ll understand the plot better, hahaha.The character that I got attached to the mos [...]

    20. This book has some similarities with the Harry Potter series kids on an adventure in the vicinity of London in a parallel world which overlaps our familiar one Also, the main character gets a scar which indicates he s special in some way But it s definitely not a copy cat novel, these similarities are only superficial This work is original and creative and has nothing to do with magic This story is about the lore and mythology of this alternate world in which the protagonist has accidentally fa [...]

    21. The Stoneheart Trilogy ROCKS no pun intended I couldn t put this series down just like the Harry Potter books Although completely differentese books really pull you in I read it via audio books performed by the fantastic Jim Dale who also read the HP books and it was fabulous The way it is written is completely refreshing.ead of writing the status was big and looked like it was breathing the author describes the scene in such a way as to tell the same sentence but to never use the same mundane w [...]

    22. George is on a school field trip when he gets angry and smashes the head off a stone statue Suddenly the statues are coming to life and chasing him, but no one else can see them until he runs into Edie, a glint With the help of a soldier statue called Gunner, they are now on a quest among the living statues of London to find the Stone Heart and avoid a terrible fate.I didn t hate this enough to rate it 2 stars but this was just barely 3 I found myself skimming a lot of it I had this misconceptio [...]

    23. I read this book about a year ago, maybe year and a half I re read it this weekend and, just like the last time, I thought it was an okay book The idea of the statues coming to life is great, but the written execution is not up to it.Even though the story is enjoyable, there s way too much description of irrelevant things taxis passing by, unrelated buildings, etc , the dialogues are bland, and in my opinion there aren t enough action scenes, and the few ones the story has are descriptive than [...]

    24. This isn t a bad book, and while it certainly isn t anywhere near the best YA Youth novel I ve read listened to, it s also far from the worst It struggled a few times to hold my interest as I followed the young people around London learning about Taints and Spits , but it was okay.I ll also say that Jim Dale probably helped I listened to the audio version.I plan to get the the other 2 from the library.

    25. I really enjoyed this book The premise is interesting, the characters feel real, and the writing is good I will say, though, that listening to the audiobook read by the incomparable Jim Dale might skew my judgement, but I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys YA fantasy fiction.

    26. Short and quick review before I re read and re review at a later date I remember a few things, and the abiding memory is that I enjoyed it as a piece of quick escapism Been meaning to get on with the rest of the series, I think, too

    27. This a great intro volume to a trilogy Two twelve year olds on the loose in London, dealing with animated stone, bronze and other metal figures both good and bad Delightful tale.

    28. took me a long time to get moving on this book just didn t grab me and suck me in from the beginning though i was interested towards the end that said, i ll give the second one a try.

    29. Okay, so it s like a 3.5 The only thing I didn t really like about it was the human characters I enjoyed the idea of the story line and plot, but the characters really irked me.

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