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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: New Rules, Part 1 By Christos Gage Rebekah Isaacs Joss Whedon,

  • Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: New Rules, Part 1
  • Author: Christos Gage Rebekah Isaacs Joss Whedon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 245
  • Format: None
  • New season New rules The age old battle of Slayer vs vampire is the focus of Buffy s life once again it s downright nostalgic But with all the toying with magic she s done lately, this girl should know it s time for another game change Shouldn t she Executive produced by Joss Whedon Next month, Angel Faith returns
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer New Rules Part New season New rules The age old battle of Slayer vs vampire is the focus of Buffy s life once again it s downright nostalgic But with all the toying with magic she s done lately this girl should kno

    One thought on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: New Rules, Part 1”

    1. What I continue to love about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics is how true they stay to the characters and the world of Buffy Season ten is no exception to this Even with the world changing around them Buffy and the gang continue to be their selves, even when it might be hard to do so I can t wait to see where this season goes

    2. References to old times were tiring and enhanced vampires gave me the feeling that this series better be close to a permanent ending, because it seems there isn t going to be much inspiration there Let s see what the future holds.

    3. The art is consistent The characters mostly look like their TV counterparts Spike has his balls Everyone s behaviour is in line with his her personality What is this witchcraft The letters section mentions that this season opener is handled by the same folks who did such an outstanding job with Angel and Faith we re ignoring the Horny Spike detour It was a perfect choice as this issue despite feeling short packs in a hell of a lot of action and emotion It s a great launching point for the rest o [...]

    4. I m so confused Also, Oh My God That reunion justOh My God I m a little miffed about the shortness of this issue It s the same length as all the others but it feels like nothing s really happened I m really impatient for the next one.The other thing is I don t think the drawings really look much like the original characters In the short part about Faith and Kennedy s gang army they got faith down really well It looked exactly like her but Buffy and all the others.t so much.Also Oh My God view sp [...]

    5. Oh my, such a good start to the new season I m super pleased that Christos and Rebekah have switched over to the main title, as AF was awesome last year So much better than Buffy Of course, this does leave the small issue of how SF will be this year, and if it ll suffer from a change in creative staff Still, we shall see soon Really looking forward to seeing where these new rules lead

    6. This is the debut of a new season and great way to start of a new season I thought the artwork was much better than last year The characters had much of a likeness to the real people and I wasn t guessing who is that character The new storyline for this season has piqued my interest and I am curious why things are what they are What made this issue was the reunion scene Who knew that I would get emotional over a comic

    7. Season 9 left a lot to be desired for me and I enjoyed AF much last year With that being said, I LOVED this issue The reunion gave me a big, happy grin and I was so happy they did it in the first issue I was also glad to see Faith and the ghost of a familiar face was a pleasant surprise Bring on issue 2

    8. The scoobies are back, everybody is happy or sort of and we have new rules to play with What could go wrong right.This feels so much like classic Buffy is beautiful Also, the art is very good and the covers are formidable.

    9. Basically everything I ever wanted a Buffy comic to be They got the personalities perfectly, the dialogue is sharp, SPOILER Anya makes a ghostly appearance and GILES SPOILER So excited to keep up with this season

    10. I think this was a great start to the season It was great to see basically the entire gang back together doing what they do best, fighting vamps Definitely excited to see how this is going to pan out

    11. A completely wonderful start to the new season So relieved at the changes in the creative team and looking forward to the season.

    12. Whoah, season 10 I thought Buffy couldn t get any interesting, but season 10 is turning out to be preeetty surprising

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