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Mutants Amok By Mark Grant,

  • Title: Mutants Amok
  • Author: Mark Grant
  • ISBN: 9780380760473
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
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    Mutants Amok None

    One thought on “Mutants Amok”

    1. For a fella that grew up loving late 80 s post apocalyptic cinema, Mutants Amok is a tip of the hat to all those late nights channel surfing cable TV for the perfect blend of boobs, gore, and sci garbage It s the great mix of corny raunch and table top roplayingesque characters and storyline that makes it a great decompression read Thought provoking it is not, but pleasantly mind numbing and sophomorically creative it surely is It s essentially a Lloyd Kaufman wet dream, and if you can dig that [...]

    2. This book could ve been called Horn Dogs Amok Yes there is Mutant action, but in the middle of this book it veers off a bit Our hero, Max Turkel watches, then teaches a human slave how to have oral sex All in a treehouse Don t get me wrong, I m not adverse to this kind of thing, but I was hoping for a little adventure.We learn about the fate of the humans in flashback as the story unfolds This makes the story flow a little better for me We don t get bogged down for half a book with back story M [...]

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