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You're My Favorite Client By Mike Monteiro Austin Kleon,

  • Title: You're My Favorite Client
  • Author: Mike Monteiro Austin Kleon
  • ISBN: 9781937557140
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whether you re a designer or not, you make design decisions every day.Successful design projects require equal participation from both the client and the designer Yet, the design process remains a mystery to the very people who buy it Design is not sausage You ll enjoy it even the better you understand how it s made Once again, Mike Monteiro demystifies the designWhether you re a designer or not, you make design decisions every day.Successful design projects require equal participation from both the client and the designer Yet, the design process remains a mystery to the very people who buy it Design is not sausage You ll enjoy it even the better you understand how it s made Once again, Mike Monteiro demystifies the design process and helps you prepare for your role Well informed clients make for smoother projects, that are run effectively and ultimately cost less Ensure you re asking the right questions, getting the right answers, and working with the right people and you ll have the confidence to hire people who will challenge you to make your product the best it can be.
    You re My Favorite Client Whether you re a designer or not you make design decisions every day Successful design projects require equal participation from both the client and the designer Yet the design process remains a mys

    One thought on “You're My Favorite Client”

    1. I m a rookie with client relations Although it s written to help the client, it helped me learn a little about what I m supposed to be doing and to have a little empathy for the client.

    2. This has some great, no nonsense concepts for feedback giving and working with design teams I enjoyed the joking tone at first, but it eventually got tiresome, and it felt somewhat repetitive or stretched out to get it long enough to call it a book.

    3. Concise, no nonsense and bullshit free guide to hiring and working with designers, written in Monteiro s trademark inimitable, acerbic tone.

    4. This is a great great book I m an animator by profession and the advice and guiding I got from this book is invaluable I feel this should be a basic whether you re a designer or creative professional in general or someone looking to hire the services from a creative professional.The tone is great, the pace of the book keeps you interested and the lessons are great Though many of the practices stressed by Mr Monteiro are what someone would call basic fundamental and sometimes obvious , I found my [...]

    5. I m a designer, but thought this would be a good read and I wasn t disappointed This was easy to read and really gave me some good reminders to a client s point of view and what to pay attention to so both sides are happy.

    6. Some good quotes A designer needs to extend their expertise to the client s brand and industry The design profession isn t about self expression.A designer needs to be able to answer Why did you do that If their reply is, I can change it, you re absolutely fucked.No word is useless in design context than the word like.When we hear, I like it, our minds go crazy and get filled with weird pheromones or something We want to hear it again It s human And designers are human too, so we start doing wo [...]

    7. I can see how this would be very helpful on the client side, and that s great because they are clearly the target audience for this book However being a designer it s mostly review of things you already know and have previously read in other places like Monteiro s previous excellent book Not to say there aren t some gems to be found in here, and fresh perspectives from the side of your clients There are You ll definitely take away a few things that you ll want to implement in your own process an [...]

    8. If you ve lead enough design projects in your career, you won t find any a ha moments in this book However, it is a great, concise collection of all things stated or unstated that you know go into making a project run successfully I can see myself returning to this book before every major project to refresh my memory If someone can suggest a way to give this book to clients without offending them, let me know It seems like it would be the equivalent of your mom gifting you a parenting book.

    9. A well written book with a lot of honesty, dark humor and sarcasm that will show a lot about the relationship between the profesional and the client.My new recommendation for everyone right next to Don t make me think.A delightful reading that although is written thinking on designer is also applies perfectly to developers and pretty much every professional in the majority of it s concepts.A must read for every design or technology profesional and anyone hiring them.I would easily even recommend [...]

    10. I first read his bookDesign Is A Joband loved his style He is a no nonsense guy who thoroughly understands the design process.You re My Favorite Clienthas the same kind of approach, but told from his experience with clients This book is about the dos and don t s of working with designers.Follow this advice if you want the designer you hired to perform their best I m recommending this book to all of my clients.I should note, that this book contains some coarse language so keep that in mind.

    11. To the point, very concise and easy to read The largest point I got from this great book is that a designer is a research based, conscientious decision maker that is part of a team and works with their client, not for them Seen as contrary to the belief that a designer is a creative artistic techie that has his work based on feelings Great to see what Monteiro had to say to executives as a designer myself.

    12. I found it very useful in terms of giving me a humorous lay of the land as I work on the design team from a non design background Maybe a lot of the stuff he is rehashing is common sense and there are no ah ha moments but I walked a way with a coherent philosophy about the phases of a design project and it was enjoyable to read.

    13. Some of the things you see will be right, some will be wrong It s important you tell me which is which The problem with like is that it places the emphasis on success on someone s subjective mood rather than quantifiable data A good client knows the difference between personal opinion and goal driven, informed evaluation.

    14. A good read on working with design stakeholders Reaffirmed things I had seen or suspected in my last 2.5 years in UX Liked the comedic style, and although it came off a little abrasive at times, like others mentioned, it didn t bother me much I d much rather it be real than buttoned up and dry.

    15. A great behind the scenes peek at the process of working with designers, how to communicate so things will go right and what to do if things go wrong There are some great tips here I wish I would have known years ago both from a client perspective and as a designer.

    16. The followup of Design is a Job For the same reasons, everybody that is serious about design should read this ASAP Also, this one gives awesome insight for design clients that want to understand better how a design project gets done.

    17. Good stuff Combines with Montiero s Design is a Job to tell the story of client services from two viewpoints Worth a read even if you aren t a client.

    18. It was really easily to read and understand what the author is trying to deliver with this book And the main idea that I understood is be well prepared and to choose your clients wisely.

    19. Some good info but not what I expected I m a designer and saw him speak at Adobe MAX and thought this was about design presentation.

    20. This book is so great I d recommend to other client based, small business owners It s a super smart book and it s well written and easy to read Can t recommend it enough.

    21. Boa geral sobre atendimento ao cliente, com excelentes lembretes Sempre bom ler algo assim de vez em quando.

    22. Better for clients than consultants designers, but still puts into words some important factors in the success of a client designer relationship

    23. An incredibly blunt, straightforward book that is worthwhile for both designers and their clients, especially if they re not clear what it is designers do, exactly.

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