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Lost and Found By Lori L. Otto Christi Allen Curtis,

  • Title: Lost and Found
  • Author: Lori L. Otto Christi Allen Curtis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emi Lost Found series Winner of the Best Happily Ever After of 2013 HEA Bookshelf There was true depth to the story and the characters that moved me and emotionally gutted me I was so taken by Nate and Emi s love for each other It s the kind of love that few have and many desire but never get to experience Megan, Reading Books Like a Boss Independent and sEmi Lost Found series Winner of the Best Happily Ever After of 2013 HEA Bookshelf There was true depth to the story and the characters that moved me and emotionally gutted me I was so taken by Nate and Emi s love for each other It s the kind of love that few have and many desire but never get to experience Megan, Reading Books Like a Boss Independent and sensitive, idealistic and hopeful, Emi Hennigan lives her life with optimism and an open mind Between sharing a tiny Manhattan apartment with her fun loving roommate and spending most of her free time with her heart breaker friend, Emi s seen enough failed relationships to know what to avoid in her quest to find her true love Not only that, but a single moment from her past lingers in her mind, setting high expectations for every man she dates Emi s best friend, artist and hopeless romantic Nate Wilson, has been her closest companion all of their adult lives After swearing off love with Emi in a silly high school pact, Nate has been seeing other women in hopes of finding one that evokes stronger feelings than the ones he s been harboring for Emi since he was a teen Over the span of a year, boundaries are crossed, feelings are confessed, and their unique friendship begins to blossom into something Through Nate s eyes, an atypical romance unfolds, disrupting the comfortable safe haven their friendship has provided With a promising future ahead of them both, fate intervenes to bring two soul mates together Photography and cover design by Christi Allen Curtis, assisted by Katrina Boone
    Lost and Found Emi Lost Found series Winner of the Best Happily Ever After of HEA Bookshelf There was true depth to the story and the characters that moved me and emotionally gutted me I was so taken by Nate an

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    1. WTF Is this a new trend in books these days It better not become one This was a FANTASTIC story right up until the end, and I CAN T EVEN TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED because it s a big ss spoiler It s not that it s a cliffhanger ending, either Well, it is, but I have all three books But.but.WHY Why, Lori L Otto, would you do this to me To them TO NATE Gah I ran to start book two, hoping against hope that I was wrong, and the author nearly gave me heart failure at the beginning of book two I ugly cried [...]

    2. 4 STARS First half is 3.5Second half is 4.5 This review will be short because I m in a hurry to start the next book but first I need to say that the prequel is now a must read before this first book I ll be honest, without having read the prequel first, there s a very good chance I would ve put down this book You really do see how events that happened when Emi and Nate were younger impacted the decisions they made in this book so if you haven t read it yet, just stop and go grab your FREE copy o [...]

    3. What do I think I think this is a 5 star book that was reduced to 3 stars because of one damn 4 letter word Natewith an exclamation point Nate My response was also a 4 letter wordwith emphasisd multiple exclamation points Fuuuuuuuck This book should have been entitled Blindsided because that s how it hit me in the end.5 star proThis was an angst driven, page turning, can t put it down until it s over story about Nate Emi friends for 13 years who are looking for love in all the wrong places until [...]

    4. OMG WTF did I just readI am at a loss for words I literally slept 2 hours because of this book I got through pretty much 70% of it before I had to take a break from readingI could tell something was going to happen It was such a sweet, sad, wonderful, romantic story with so many ups and downs I honestly wanted to shake Emi and Nate at some points and tell them to wake up I couldn t believe that they couldn t see it I don t care if Emi thinks this guy she kissed once is the one Nate is wonderful [...]

    5. I am putting this in BOLD, to remind anyone who decides to read this series, please don t read the reviews, some of them ruin the whole storyline for you, I really feel spoilers should be outlawed I am not going to do a detail review, just simply say, this is a Hidden Treasure, and needs to be read, I loved every bit of it, 110% Team Nate If I could give this book than 5 stars I would, it deserves PUSH it up on your TBR list, I hardly ever ever say that either, gotta PLEASE read this, but this [...]

    6. I want to thank Ms Lori Otto for a signed copy of this book, and as well as to my book gf, Camille for making it happened I ve been wanting to read this for a very long time, and I must say this is a great series to start This book is about Emi Hennigan and Nate Wilson, who were best friends since high school They swore off not to fall in love with each other though deep down, their feelings are undeniably evident Things are very complicated with these two Emi s failed relationships and Nate dat [...]

    7. So I m 99.99% sure that this series is going to reduce me to a sobbing wreck but I really want to read them BLURB When artist Nate Wilson falls in love, he falls hard The problem is, he s only been in love once, and the girl of his affections is his best friend, Emi Hennigan In high school, the two bonded over painful breakups, and swore off a relationship to save their friendship Thirteen years later, Nate has had than his share of emotionally unfulfilling, sexual relationships with beautiful [...]

    8. 2 Stars I just couldn t get into this book, I finished it by sheer will I was driven mad by the characters and their story didn t connect with me I have to say this is the most negative review I have written and that does make me sad.1 Emi is crappy person, she treated Nate like shit majority of the time Constantly being hot and cold, being rude one minute and sweet the nextor just not even talking to him at all for days, weeks Not once, did I like her not one single moment did I think she was l [...]

    9. Oh my God I could not tear through this book fast enough It s been on my radar forever, and I know lots of you have already read and loved it But wow am I glad I finally dove in.A friend and I planned to do a buddy read, but she wasn t going to be able to dive in until today I started without her, intending to read just a few chapters Hours later, I was finished and in love.It could have been a standalone The story could have been wrapped up in a neat little bow, and I could have gone on with my [...]

    10. I am still debating with myself for the stars.It is well worth 5stars.but broke my heart and I am kind of hurting right now1 15 12I am actually re reading it.I am supposed to be studying today but after finishing the third book I felt the need to start overI need to be around Nate as as possible,she made it,she moved on but I can t Love ya Nate Love ya Emi

    11. Let me start off by first saying that this review probably stands out the most to me for a couple of reasons.1 These books were not gifted to me nor did I read an ARC in exchange for an honest review but rather I felt the need to review it because of what this series has done to both my literary life and life in general2 These books and the author I believe are unfairly and undeservingly underrated which leaves both Michelle and I and I m sure many other fans bewildered and quite frankly, angryS [...]

    12. It s always been her It s not possible for it to be love for anyone else because any form of love I ve felt for other women has been a mere fraction of how I feel about Emi I love it when a book takes me completely by surprise Like I have said before, I knew nothing about the Emi Lost Found series before I took the plunge and started You guys, I was not prepared for this book Not prepared at all I was even told by some of my book friends that I was in for a shock I was thinking, What I ve read i [...]

    13. This book was agonizing for me to read I wanted to scan myself into my computer, search out the Kindle app, and beat the crap out of the narrator, Nate, for being an idiot For than a decade, he s been in love with his best friend, Emi He knows she feels strongly for him, too, but they are both afraid to risk their friendship by taking the next step.So Nate dates a series of disposable girlfriends, up to Kiersten, a successful, strong attorney, whose only real requirement of Nate is that he ceas [...]

    14. Nate Wilson is a spoiled, rich, artsy, playboy who has always gotten what he wanted Everything but the one girl he s in love with, his best friend, Emi Hennigan They ve been best friends since high school Nate is an accomplished artist and a musician Emi inspires him to write and paint like no one else ever has She seems to bring out the best in him even though she has never wanted anything than friendship Trying to get over Emi, Nate tries to fill the empty spot in his heart with other women L [...]

    15. 4.5 is one will stay in my heart forever Oh my gosh you guys, read this series Nate and Emi Haikus Giraffes Friendship Believable love.

    16. Oh my goodness Afte reading the prequel and now Lost and Found I am hooked The angst, the emotion of it all Lost and Found ends on a cliffhanger and my heart is breaking thinking about what may be to come I am in love with this series Nate and Emi have been best friends for 13 years No friends with benefits just friends They have both had relationships with other people, but they are the one constant in each others lives Until things start to change Nate has loved Emi for 13 years He knows she w [...]

    17. I just finished the first book For the last 24 hours I have been wrapped up in Nate Emi and all the events Nate s women haha that finally lead them to really be with each other Only to I read the preview and comments about book 2I am not sure I can bring myself to read it, knowing what happens to Nate I don t think I can deal with it, each time I am ready download book 2, I feel my chest tighten This is the third book in the last week that I have read where boy meets girl, they fall in love, boy [...]

    18. Errrm Yeah No I m not reading any of this series I love angst as much as the next girl, honestly, I am a fully paid up member of the Angsthoors club, I hold a platinum card , butd this is a big BUT I can t do this kind of angst I don t care where this series goes from the end of this instalment it s not to a place I m gonna follow I really enjoyed the interaction of these two characters and rooted for Nat from the beginning poor faltering male that he isEmi, annoying and slightly stereotypical, [...]

    19. I wasn t going to review each book individually I thought my review of the complete series would be satisfying, but it s not These characters and this story WILL NOT LET ME GO I m going to apologize for the rambling and possible incoherence in advance It probably won t be in any sort of order just my thoughts and feelings as I think them There also may be some spoilers in the mix, so beware Where to begin I guess I ll start with Nate It wasn t immediate love for me, but it also didn t take long [...]

    20. Seriously Seriously I was gonna give it 5 goddamn stars there might be spoilers here I knew something bad was gonna happen I just knew.FUCK I already know what s gonna happen so I won t even bother reading the next books.I will probably will cause I m a freaking masochistic.Why did that have to happen YOU ruined a perfectly good story I hate this book.This is shit.I love this piece of shit.This is so unfair.This is wrong.Children are dying in Africa and I m here crying over a freaking fictional [...]

    21. WHAT JUST HAPPENED view spoiler Where do I begin This book was super emotional Its about two best friends, Nate and Emi, and their journey to finding their HEA with each otheror so was it Aside from the first chapter, the book was written all in Nate s perspective He s been best friends with Emi for the past thirteen years Of course, both deny their true feelings for each other for their own personal reasons Nate s reason He feels that he isn t worthy of Emi Emi s reason She simply thinks he wil [...]

    22. 4.50 Stars Lori Otto had my attention from the start Emi Lost Found is a page turner Although this series is centered around Emi Hennigan, most of this novel is told from Nate Wilson s point of view Nate and Emi have been the very best of friends since high school The two of them decided early in their friendship that they would keep their relationship platonic, but it has become difficult with passing time It has now been 11 years since they became friends, and both are now are plagued with un [...]

    23. Arrgggghhhh This book frustrated me to the very end and beyond You know that feeling when you reading a bookat I am not going to like what happens next feeling Yeah, that one Well this book is full of them And you CAN T STOP READING Emily and Nate keep circling each other, hurting each other Then when things are going welley do it again I knew at about 97% that the author was going to a screw with my head AGAIN I could just feel it coming on Now I have to get the second one and have another roll [...]

    24. I HATED the ending I started reading a sample of the next book and yep I still hate the ending I don t understand NOOOOO

    25. 1 13 13Ok I ve thought about it and decided on two stars I was thinking about giving it one star, but thought that might be too harsh ok, and maybe even 2 stars is too harsh , and then realized that if I ve had such a visceral reaction to Nate and his story, then it must have meant something to me right I think what bothered me so much about Nate that I couldn t reconcile in my mind is how he would choose other women over Emi And I get it, he was trying to get over her, but I cannot understand h [...]

    26. Oh, I just love books that make me smile Even though I spent a lot of the time I was reading this book mad at Nate There were some parts that had my heart jumping up and down This first book introduces you to Emi and Nate s friendship, which is clearly than just that, although they just won t admit it They laugh and they fight, but they always find their way to each other, thank God because I died a little every time they had a fight My thoughts on their relationship is that, sure, it s not eas [...]

    27. So where do I even start I just read this book for the second time I did not leave a review the first time ONLY because I read straight through the whole series and didn t stop until I was done I was left BREATHLESS, my heart had been shattered into a million tiny pieces and then put back together again, one piece at a time I didn t want to write review until I could sit down and really invest time into it then I could never really find the right words to even describe what I had experienced, I [...]

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