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When Joss Met Matt By Ellie Cahill Liz Czukas,

  • Title: When Joss Met Matt
  • Author: Ellie Cahill Liz Czukas
  • ISBN: 9780553394511
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. FOUR SORBET SEX STARS ARC Provided by Random House Publishing Group via Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review BR with My Lovely Friend Alice Love was coming to my apartment on a Tuesday night so I could decorate for Christmas Love was calling in sick to work so I could get to the hospital when his father died Love was the best kisses I d ever had in my life, and the lazy, sleepy talks we had in bed.Jocelyn Kiehl and Matt Lehrer meet and become fast friends during their Freshman year of coll [...]

    2. FIVE LOVE ME MATT STARS One rule Don t fall in love Readers I can t tell you adequately enough how much I adored this friends to lovers book My absolute favourite trope was spectacularly showcased in this little diamond of a novel and I m hoping that this book gets all the credit it deserves for being the well written, wonderfully put together book that it is This book caught my eye when I noticed that a fellow book addict had loved it and after reading the blurb I almost instantly knew that thi [...]

    3. This was a unique spin on the friends with benefits idea A truly adorable story, the banter, friendship and chemistry between Joss and Matt was perfect, I really enjoyed this one It was fluffy and fun, which was a nice escape from some of the darker stories I tend to gravitate too Sorbet SexWhat is that you say Well, after Joss is dumped by her douche bag of a boyfriend, her college friend Matt gets an idea That idea being sorbet sex, a way to erase the bad feelings, or cleanse your palate of th [...]

    4. DNF about 150 pages in, after an endless cycle of both parties constantly hooking up with one idiot after another, immediately followed by automatic friends with benefits sex every time If a book is going to be based around a premise this iffy icky, you d better be convinced that these two are meant to be be together, or at least have fun living vicariously through their mindless hook ups As it was, I have no idea why they kept coming back to each other, on any level They barely seemed to be fri [...]

    5. 2.5 stars As a huge fan of friends to lovers romances, I really did go into this book with the lowest of low expectations and was just looking to be entertained I can t really pinpoint exactly where things started to go downhill but the gist of it is I was bored for the first half and extremely frustrated in the second half The author s writing was appealing, the banter was occasionally witty and fun, and the side characters were great, but these positives were completely overshadowed by the unc [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsMatt and Joss is a friends to lover story and I love these types of stories, so I couldn t wait to jump in The story is told from Joss s POV and begins in present day Joss has just received a call from her friend Matt that he wants to meet for dinner The story quickly changes to seven years prior and we get to see how Matt and Joss met Seven years prior Matt and Joss are just two college freshmen trying to find their way, fit in and survive the unknown Living in the same dorms they form [...]

    7. Ever So Mela Bloglovin Facebook Google ARC provided via NetGalley Much appreciation A unique take on the classic friends with benefits story.A fun, lighthearted story that had me smiling from beginning to end It takes us on a trip from from the spark that initiated a friendship to the simmering fire that enticed an attraction to the raging flames that led to love And I adored every second of it Sorbet sexWhat can you want What I enjoyed most was the absence of tropes We didn t see the virgin wi [...]

    8. 4 Clueless Stars Thanks for being here Of course What are friends for Not too many of them are for this These two were absolutely adorable Clueless as hell but adorable none the less Joss and Matt meet their freshman year of college when Joss and her roommate attend a kegger in Matt s dorm room Ahhh the memories An easy friendship forms between the two and the story s off and running When Joss s long distance boyfriend dumps her and confesses to cheating on her AFTER he s spent the weekend screw [...]

    9. This book s surprisingly a disappointment to medidn t know where and how to start my review because honestly,I got exhausted reading this Having read Henz s lovely review made me think that this one s a feel good read but,turned out friend s review is better than this novel.I wanted to like this book,because my friend liked it.d because I thought this is a story of good friends turned to loversbut really Where s the romance in here So the story went like thisa young woman,named Jocelyn Joss who [...]

    10. See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsWhen Joss Met Matt is not a type of book I d normally pick up at the bookstore I do not read much NA at all, due to several reasons One of them being that the majority of NA novels I ve encountered seem to follow the same recipe each time The same tropes, the same clich s you get the point Anyway, when I found out that this book was actually written by one of my favourite contemporary authors Liz Czukas under the pen name Ellie Cahill , I knew I had to take the c [...]

    11. Right of the bat, I m going to tell you guys that this book won t be for everybody The two main characters have a best friends with benefits relationship, and a few readers might not be comfortable with that.Now that I got that off my chest, I ll tell you why I personally thought that this was a fabulous read.1 There s some sassy and hilarious dialogue Like I ve mentioned before, Ellie Cahill better known as young adult author Liz Czukas , writes spot on when it comes to humor She writes such na [...]

    12. 2 24 15 Now Available This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.4 Stars I think that this is the first friends with benefits story that I have read even though I have seen quite a few movies based on that theme I will admit that I had a pretty good guess about where this story was going to go when I started because I have watched enough of those movies to figure a few things out Despite the fact that some parts of the book could be considered predictable, I loved the journey It was s [...]

    13. 4 Refreshing Stars Arc kindly provided by Netgalley What a lovely book this was, I always enjoy a best friends turn lovers story and this was was sweet, likable and very well written.Joss met Matt on her first semester of college, they hit it off on that first night and he even tried to kiss her, but Joss was dating her high school boyfriend and was very much in love with the boy from back home, so she turned Matt down College is in full swing and so is the friendship between these two kids who [...]

    14. This book is most assuredly the cutest and fluffiest thing in the realm of New Adult It has kittens and puppies coming out of its derri re The sad thing is that as I read the book, things kept popping up that made me see the flaws and weaknesses in the plot and character progression While reading it, I had the most fun I ve had reading a book in a long while I read it in one sitting, something that happens zero to never times Towards the end of the book, I was slapped in the face by how angry I [...]

    15. I ve been torn about the rating 2 stars 3 The actual rating is 2.5 stars, but I m going with 3 The story begins in the present Joss is going over to Matt s house to have dinner with him She believes she has finally gathered up some courage to tell him that she wants from their relationship So we re brought back to the moment they metWhen Joss met Matt, she had a boyfriend, Ben, so they ended up just friends After breaking up with her jerk boyfriend Ben, Joss wanted to hook up with a random guy [...]

    16. Some of you guys know that I was doing a readathon about the friends with benefits thingy reading When Joss met Matt was in a way unique because it s a whole different twist to the whole Friends with benefits concept Joss and Matt called it Sorbet sex, like sorbet when you re eating this course it s supposed to cleanse your palate Same as to this Sorbet sex they re doing The two of them do it every after they break up with a partner It s sort of a moving on sex to get the previous lover out of t [...]

    17. This was cute Review to comeRead this review and others over on my blog Between the Sheets and Covers Between the Sheets and Covers Between the Sheets and Covers Between the Sheets and Covers

    18. ARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 Adorable Stars This is a story about a couple of college mates who become best friends Joss Meets Matt during Freshman year in college The two hit it off and we re taken on thisdifferent roller coaster The two are obviously attracted to each other from the jump, but Joss has a boyfriend back home She loves him, and he loves her So friend zone it is.When said boyfriend comes to visit, they spend the [...]

    19. 3.5 Sorbet Sex StarsCan you keep having sex with a friend with no strings attached Joss and Matt met during freshman year of college After Joss dumped her son of a bitch of a boyfriend her and Matt created this solution, Sorbet Sex.Sorbet sex is cleaning your pallet from your last mistake sex.They re on and off with it, every time one of them end a relationship they Call the other This was a funny, refreshing story I really enjoyed it I loved Joss s friend Nellie she was kind of a badass Overall [...]

    20. Claim This is my book When I first read the synopsis for When Joss Meets Matt a couple months ago, I knew it was for me I stayed up until 4am reading it, and then had to be up less an hour later Yeah, that was a rough day But I seriously could not stop I love it so much, but partly for reasons I ll never share with you Unless you beg.I love the whole sorbet sex with a friend idea, but was honestly expecting the same ol run of the mill friends with benefits type thing Uh no The main characters an [...]

    21. 4.5 SORBET HEARTS ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group Ballantine via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book surprisingly kept my interest throughout I thought this was going to be another same ole friends with benefits book, but I like that it didn t have all the drama and it worked for Joss and Matt When Joss finds out her long time boyfriend cheated on her while she is away at college she has one mission in mindhave rebound sex and get him out of her system When Joss att [...]

    22. 5 starsOne of my favorite author discoveries in 2014 has to be Liz Czukas I loved Ask Again Later and Top Ten Clues You re Clueless so when she announced a new adult book under a pen name, it was pretty much at the TOP of my wishlist When Joss Met Matt is banterfluffy perfection, with plenty of swoony sexiness, which all made for the best refreshingly addictive read.So When Joss Met Matt is the quintessential friends with benefits romance Joss and Matt meet in college, and after Joss gets dumped [...]

    23. Initial Impressions 12 5 14 IS WAS AMAZING I LOVED IT I either want to be friends with Joss Matt or be Joss Matt CAN T STOP CAPSLOCKING I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING Everything was so perfect and realistic Yes Perfect All the stars This is what new adult should be Give me all the Liz Czukas books Ellie Cahill books and no one gets hurt Full review posted HERE on The Book Addict s Guide 1 19 15 I love Liz Czukas sorry, I mean Ellie Cahill wink and so I knew I would love When Joss Met Matt but I didn t [...]

    24. I try really hard to formulate eloquent reviews for really great books But sometimes I just have to throw all etiquette to the side and just SQUEEEEEEE This book oh my, this book all the feels all the yummy See Incoherent blabbering But, how desperately do we hope to be left feeling that way after reading a great book Just over the moon happy that you found that kind of story The holy grail of romances This book is that I love the premise behind this story It s than just a romance, it s a comin [...]

    25. I m a huge fan of Liz Czukas, she does light hearted and fun in such an amazing way, so when I knew she was releasing a New Adult title, I knew I was going to enjoy it the only question was how much.As the title suggests, this is about when Joss met Matt and their ensuing relationship friendship from that day forward Cahill Czukas tells this story in flashbacks in current time, Joss is getting ready to head over to Matt s house and let him know that she can t continue on in the kind of relations [...]

    26. I hate that the two main mcs dated different people over the course of several years and didn t realize their love for one another until the end even though they ve been boinking each other for 7 years already i don t know maybe it s just me i for one wouldn t boink someone i m not even slightly interested in and joss kept on saying matt isnt her type so yeah why i love you liz czukas but maybe i d just rather read your YA books I STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH xoxo3 stars because i love Liz Czukas I obv [...]

    27. I haven t had the best of luck with NA books, so I ve always been a little wary when going into an NA read, however with the steady trickle of praising reviews for when Joss met Matt and the fact that it was written by Liz Czukas, an author whose debut I adored, I went into this book with some hope that I would finally have an NA read which I would adore and I m glad that this was the case.Joss had been in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Ben, but when he dumps her saying he has met s [...]

    28. I received an e arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.When Joss Met Matt was a really, really good New Adult contemporary It was fun, romantic, and oh, so addicting I read it in one day without even meaning too I started reading and couldn t pull myself away for very long It sucked me in that much.I LOVE friends with benefits type stories They just instantly draw me in This one had a fun twist, and that made the whole thing even better Looking back, I m not surprised that this one s [...]

    29. 4 This has bad plan written all over it Stars This is my first book from Ellie Cahill, and I enjoyed every second of it It reminded me of a good old Rom Com film, and whilst reading it, that s how Joss and Matt s story played through my head, this book would really transfer to the medium of film with ease Its one of those books that is like a warm hug on a cold day This must be why angels and devils don t mix The story spans seven years, formative years, from college to adulthood, and how a frie [...]

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