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The Killing Room By PeterMay,

  • Title: The Killing Room
  • Author: PeterMay
  • ISBN: 9780312364656
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Peter May s thrilling new China novel brings together Beijing detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell for the third time.When the mutilated and dismembered bodies of eighteen women are discovered in a mass grave in Shanghai, Li is sent to establish if the corpses are related to an unsolved murder in Beijing, and he finds the most horrifying catalog of kPeter May s thrilling new China novel brings together Beijing detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell for the third time.When the mutilated and dismembered bodies of eighteen women are discovered in a mass grave in Shanghai, Li is sent to establish if the corpses are related to an unsolved murder in Beijing, and he finds the most horrifying catalog of killings ever uncovered in the Middle Kingdom.Once , Margaret is unsure of her mercurial relationship with Li, and if it will threaten their professional collaboration Having just suffered the heartbreak of burying her father, she arrives in Shanghai to find any partnership with Li threatened by another woman named Mei Ling Born in the Year of the Tiger, Mei Ling seems to have her claws firmly fixed in Li How can Margaret, a mere foreign devil, compete with Mei Ling, the deputy head of Shanghai s serious crime squad Faced with the grisly proposition that the murdered women have been subjected to live autopsies, the three soon realize they are tracking a monster of inhuman capacity The closer they get to this ruthlessly cold blooded killer, the closer they come to realizing their own personal nightmares.Peter May combines edge of the seat suspense and a brilliantly evoked picture of modern China to create an unstoppable thriller.
    The Killing Room Peter May s thrilling new China novel brings together Beijing detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell for the third time When the mutilated and dismembered bodies of eighteen women

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    1. This is the 3rd book in the China Thrillers by Peter May.I am a great admirer of Peter May s novels and enjoyed the first two books in this series so it was no big surprise to me that I enjoyed this one also I especially enjoy book series as it gives the characters plenty of time to develop and allows for sub plots to be carried over to the next book This series is steadily improving and the two main characters Beijing detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell are becoming fam [...]

    2. Book 3 of the China Thrillers by Peter May and featuring Dr Margaret Campbell and Deputy Section Chief Li Yan I have to give a shout out to Gary for recommending the first book to me and now I am hooked into reading about these characters.In this edition Dr Campbell is back in the United States In China, specifically Shanghei, 18 bodies are uncovered at a construction site and Deputy Section Chief Li Yan is brought into the case from Bejing to help his counterpart in Shanghei, Nien Mei Ling Chie [...]

    3. V p edchoz ch d lech P n ohn a tvrt ob byla detektivn z pletka dost pr hledn Tentokr t ale Peter May p inesl komplikovan p pad masov ch vra d N kter motivy a vztahy na pozad jsem sice uhodla, ale a daleko v druh polovin knihy a toho, kdo je za ty stra liv zlo iny zodpov dn a pro vlastn n kdo pitval nevinn eny za iva, jsem nep i la Nezb v tud ne potvrdit, e Peter May zraje jako v no a S l smrti je zat m nejlep m a nejpropracovan j m d lem ze s rie nsk ch thriller.Celou recenzi si m ete p e st zde [...]

    4. A promising start mauled by stupid relationship drama and an anti abortion agenda.I really like Li Yan as a character and I really like the setting, so I ve kept reading the China Thrillers even though I don t really like Margaret Campbell or the ridiculous back and forth misunderstandings between Li Yan and Margaret Seriously, I feel like I was better at relationships than these two when I was in high school and I was CRAP at relationships in high school and still am It s like the same three mi [...]

    5. T et d l nsk ch thriller je t v ce klade d raz na vztahy mezi ob ma hlavn mi hrdiny a slu n p itvrzuje, co se detail vra d t k N sil se tak dost v a p mo do ivota hlavn ch hrdin nep ipom n v m to s rii s jak msi Cormoranem Strikem Op t se do k me nadpr m rn ho p b hu i kdy geniality Lewisk trilogie nedos hne , exotick ch realit, nsk politiky jako v p edch zej c ch dvou d lech Jen t ch mrtvol je zde jak u Kulh nka a policie nejd ve nezn jejich toto nost P jemnou zm nou je i to, e se p b h p esouv [...]

    6. A wonderful taste of China, a nice, tightly plotted mystery, but a truly annoying female protagonist After all, if you re going to live in China, how bright is it to deliberately antagonize public officials Doing everything you can to alienate people isn t feisty, or independent, it s aggressive, annoying, and in a foreign country where you haven t bothered to learn even the simplest of phrases in the language, it s criminally stupid.This is one of those books where the reader is screaming at th [...]

    7. Byla zlevn n , tak jsem ji koupila Tuhle Mayovu adu jsem po d odkl dala, necht lo se mi st nic, co se odehr v v n A op t chyba Sice jsem za ala zprost ed ady, ale v bec to nevadilo U za tek byl nap nav A nap t nezmizelo a do konce Hromadn hrob, vy inut medik, nsk kultura, politika jednoho d t te, Vlastn , jednu chybku to mo n m lo esk p eklad a sklo ov n jm na Li Mysl m, e by se m lo kat Liovi a ne Limu, nap klad To m p i etb trochu ru ilo.

    8. Ano Peter May se kone n na el poprv vyd no v roce 2001.Kniha je od po tku velmi tiv , ke konci moc p kn graduje, p edv datelnost se postupem asu sni uje, hlavn z por k se nep izn a nesp ch sebevra du to za n j zvl dne n kdo jin a a na p r drobn ch chybek se zkr tka jedn o velmi vyda en d lo.

    9. V t inou d v m lep m detektivk m 3 hv zdi ky, hor m dv , ale zas tak moc m thrillery a podobn neberou V t hle knize m bavilo, jak autor poutav popisuje nsk j dla a stejn poutav , a to bije do o , popisuje pr ce na pitevn Ale jo, docela m to bavilo.

    10. Sice po d z st v m u t hv zdi ek, ale i tak se May v t to nsk ad po d zlep uje A nsk re lie m dost bav , co je u m neobvykl Ono hodn t ch re li souvis s j dlem, tak to mo n bude t m.

    11. s ria nskych trilerov od Petra Maya je skvel S l smrti je proste super milujem na tejto s rii nske prostredie, zauj mav kult rne odli nosti, v S le smrti je skvel detekt vna z pletka, nap tie a z rove aj osobn vz ahy medzi hlavn mi postavami proste skvel mix v etk ho, spr vne nad vkovan a e te k tomu s absol tne n dhern mi ob lkami

    12. This was an amazing book when you consider that Peter May is Scottish and he is writing a Chinese thriller and he does it very well I learned a lot about the cultural and social elements in China through the experiences of Margaret as she works as a forensic pathologist.The characters are well developed and the story gets intense as Margaret and Mei Ling battle for Li Yan s attention The plot centers around the Chinese law of one child per family and the consequences of many Chinese women as the [...]

    13. I am mostly enjoying this series, although I am growing very weary of the constant romantic tension between the two main characters Hopefully this will be scaled back in the next book, although I have my doubts.

    14. Boek 1 en 2 van deze reeks vond ik geweldig, dus boek 3 kon niet ontbreken Het verhaal start stevig en spannend maar er komt al snel voor mij te veel relatie drama tussen Li en Margaret bij kijken, wat de rest van het verhaal nogal voorspelbaar maakte Toch nog een sterk eind maar al bij al minder goed dan de eerste 2 Nummer kocht ik vorig jaar al dus die lees ik binnenkort ook nog wel.

    15. As a fan of Peter May I had not read his China Thrillers I do most of my travelling by detective book and it was great to travel to China and to meet the enigmatic policeman of this series Now need to go back and read 1 2.

    16. Though the China series doesn t have the haunting beauty of May s island books, the storytelling is still superb.

    17. 3.5 stars Set in Shanghai Li and Campbell are involved in the murder and dismemberment of 44 women Forensic science plays a large part in solving this mystery.

    18. Meget underholdende, men let gennemskuelig, da der kun bliver pr senteret en h ndfuld nye personer hver gang, og en af dem m jo s v re morderen

    19. This started brilliant but then got a bit boring halfway through The ending was very long and drawn out too hence the reason for 3 stars It didn t grip me as well as his other books Now on to the next one see if that s any better

    20. This book is brilliantly written as you are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions The characters are portrayed great Highly recommend.

    21. Ce que j aime avec les challenges, c est de d couvrir des auteurs vers lesquels je n irai pas autrement Cryssilda nous a propos en juillet de lire Peter May, ce n est qu la biblioth que que j ai su qu il crivait des polars Une lecture plaisante mais sans plus.Le commissaire Li est envoy Shanghai pour une d couverte macabre Des morceaux de femmes ont t retrouv s sur un chantier Il est accompagn de Mei Ling et de Margaret, sa compagne et coll gue Pendant que ces trois l forment un trio conflictuel [...]

    22. I really enjoy Peter May s China based mysteries They re a great mixture of basic procedural tactics, the strong personalities of the investigators, a little romance, Chinese investigative techniques, and forensic science The writing is very simple and straightforward, which is actually welcome since the complexities of Chinese ways, names, and places are often difficult enough to keep straight The plot of The Killing Room is pretty yukky several bodies and body parts are discovered mixed in the [...]

    23. Sorry, I can t finish this Reasons view spoiler Book 1, Li Yan and Margaret fall in love etc.Book 2, Margaret s been spurned by him, so she finds another love interest.Book 3 current book , Margaret has to go back to the USA, so Li Yan finds another love interest hide spoiler How fickle ARE these people And how transparent is the author s plan here I kept on with it, though, because I thought the narrator might just rescue the book and give me a reason to carry on listening love the Scots accent [...]

    24. THE KILLING ROOM Police Proc Li Yan Margaret Campbell China Cont VGMay, Peter 3rd in seriesCoronet Books Hodder Stoughton, 2000, UK Paperback ISBN 0340768657First Sentence The rain, like tears, streaks his view of the world from the back seat of his limousine.Beijing detective Li Yan is working on a case where a woman s body has been found It appears the victim had undergone an autopsy while alive, organs removed and her body cut into pieces Now Yan is sent to Shanghai to oversee the investigati [...]

    25. I am a huge fan of Peter May and would list his Lewis trilogy among my favourite top three crime fiction reads of recent years, so I was excited to take on a new crime series from this author.The Killing Room is the third in the China thriller series, and in my opinion the most gruesome yet The opening scene was brutal and the discovery of a mass grave in Shanghai was brilliantly written The investigation focuses on the hunt for a serial killer of women, but the crimes are even disturbing than [...]

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